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Rating: Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips was rated 100 out of 100, which means it is designed absolutely incredible.

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Rating: Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips was rated 100 out of 100, which means it is extremely easy to use and worked very well.

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Rating: Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips was rated 70 out of 100, which means it is very good quality.

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Rating: Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips was rated 1 out of 5, which means it is affordable compared to other undefined.

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Intermediate: Tailored for individuals who have some familiarity with sex toys and are looking to explore further. These products offer a balance between comfort and new sensations, allowing you to expand your horizons and discover new pleasures. Ideal for those ready to take the next step in their journey.


Advanced: Designed for the experienced and adventurous. These products cater to those who are well-acquainted with sex toys and are seeking more intense or diverse sensations. If you're looking to push boundaries and explore the depths of pleasure, these items are crafted just for you.

My Verdict

The Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips ignited my confidence and awakened the Dominatrix inside of me. They tantalized the senses with a tormenting tease and were gentle enough for absolute beginners. The soft alloy adjusted easily, while still being sturdy enough to resist breaking. These rings may not be as durable as stainless steel, but it's hard to beat 5 elegant claws for just $15. Just be aware that they may not work for those with long nails, and that mine arrived dirty.

Buy, if you...

  1. Love non-impact sensory play
  2. Want an elegant, but sexy aesthetic
  3. Desire a black or rose gold accessory
  4. Enjoy tickling and soft scraping sensations

Don't buy, if you...

  1. Want stainless steel rings
  2. Have long nails
  3. Dislike tickling/being tickled
  4. Prefer rough sensory play

About The Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips

If you're looking for a seductive accessory to don during domination, look no further than the Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips. Pleasure your partner with textured caresses or tickle them into submission. These adjustable sensory rings can form to any finger and remain in place during the sauciest sessions. So, get ready to enchant the senses and look like a medieval sorceress in the process!


  • Inexpensive
  • Elegantly designed
  • Available in rose gold and black
  • Perfect for gentle sensation play
  • Fashioned from metal


  • Difficult to wear with long nails
  • Mine arrived a little dirty
  • Metal may catch hangnails

Personal Experience

My Personal Experiences with Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips

Claws and Conceit

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips. They looked pretty online, but the suspiciously humble price tag left me, well… suspicious. However, I was delighted when the gleaming claws toppled into my palm. They felt lightweight, yet sturdy; and they were just as elegant in-person as they appeared online. I immediately slipped them over my fingertips and felt like the sexiest goblin in the shire. Yes, goblins can be sexy! And yes, I did type “Hillshire,” before running to google for validation. Fun fact: a Hillshire is very different than a shire (according to Urban Dictionary), but I digress. These rings did more for my confidence than they did for sensation; that’s saying a lot, because they felt lovely.

Kitty Play

I began exploring the sensations each ridge and bump had to offer. These are only 3.25-inches long and 0.75-inches wide, but the design offers a variety of textures. Since one ring is basically a curved sheet, the tip forms a u-shape rather than a sharp point; they’re comfortable and gentle enough to tickle all over. There’s a smooth ridge where the adjustable edges join, which makes comfortable contact while being grasped and stroked. Finally, the studded straps offer more nuance than simple sliding. After ending my session, I tried to squeeze the edges to their original size. However, they just flexed right back open. They were significantly compressed by the next day, but never completely returned to their out-of-box state. Lesson learned: don’t extend the rings beyond what you can fit.


Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips Design

Wearing these feels like adorning the fingertips in strappy, metallic bondage. The design features geometric cutouts for an Art Deco-esque pattern. Studded straps enhance visual interest, as well as texture. Rose gold finish adds an air of elegance, while the black version evokes sultry defiance. The sturdy metallic cage envelops the fingers like armor, exposing flesh for a sexy peak-a-boo effect. I love these enough to wear as jewelry, and I do.

Ease of Use

Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips Ease of Use

These fingertips couldn't have been easier to figure out. The closure spread as my fingertips slid inside and remained firmly clasped upon my flesh. They're advertised as being adjustable to fit any size, and that's likely true. There was no discomfort, even after long sessions of play. The straps left the design impressed upon my skin, but it faded after a few minutes. That being said, they'd be difficult to wear with long or square nails. My only caution is to those with hangnails, since the skin could potentially get caught in the metal framework.


Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips Quality

The Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips are composed of Manganese/Iron Alloy. This makes them durable, yet flexible enough to bend with intent. They won't break or crack during normal use. That being said, mine arrived somewhat grimy. There was some black crust on a fairly large portion of one of the rings, which I was able to scratch off. A different ring had a peach-colored crust on the tip. It looked like a thick glob of concealer but was dried on like heavy-duty paint. It still remains on the ring.


Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips Price

You can sink your claws into these Sensory Fingertips for only $15 at that's five rings in a parcel, $3 each. For comparison, sells a single DOMINIX Deluxe Cat Claw Skin Scratcher for $24.99. Additionally, Master Series Clawed 5-Piece Sensational Fingertip Play Rings retail for $40.99 at Although they are fashioned from stainless steel, the price is more than double that of the Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips. In my opinion, this product is well worth the price.


Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips Performance

These performed like a dream. I worried that the tips would be sharp, but they weren't pointy at all. The metallic coating glided smoothly across the skin, without scraping. They were gentle enough to graze the most sensitive regions_ even the throat. Not to mention, different sections offered varying sensations; the tips imparted tantalizing tickles, while the edges provided satisfying scratches. This product won't be sharp enough for bloodplay, but I'd advise against that anyway.


Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips Packaging

These fingertips arrived in a cardboard box, sturdy enough to protect the product during transit. All writing on the package was large, easy to read, and simple to understand. The 5 metal finger caps were incased in a tiny, plastic baggie. Though quite flimsy, I'm still using the bag for compact storage. There's no user guide, but the woman sensually rubbing herself on the box is about all the demonstration one needs. Overall, the packaging was quite sufficient.

Materials and care

Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips Materials and care

As mentioned, these are composed of Manganese/Iron Alloy. This material can rust on its own, but the finish protects it from corrosion. They're softer than stainless steel, so be sure to store them in a safe place. Don't apply excessive pressure or heat to the rings. Try not to stretch them larger than necessary, since they don't return to their smallest state. Treat them with the same care as one would treat delicate jewelry.

Specifications and features

Length3.25 inches
Width0.75 inches
MaterialsManganese/Iron Alloy 
Storage Bag IncludedYes 
Colors AvailableRose Gold, Black 

Comparing Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips with alternatives

Compare Sex and Mischief Brat Sensory FingertipsSex and Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips
Overall score4.5 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.7 / 5.0
Bedbible rating4.2 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.2 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0
User rating4.7 / 5.0
from 3 users
4.5 / 5.0
from 83 users
4.4 / 5.0
from 133 users
4.7 / 5.0
from 48 users
4.6 / 5.0
from 55 users
4.8 / 5.0
from 4 users
PriceCheap Cheap Affordable Moderate Affordable Premium
Design100 / 100 100 / 100 82 / 100 90 / 100 90 / 100 80 / 100
Ease of use100 / 100 100 / 100 90 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 40 / 100
Quality70 / 100 100 / 100 85 / 100 80 / 100 100 / 100 95 / 100
Length3.25 inches7.5 inches21 inches7.5” inches26.5 inches-
Width0.75 inches----4 9/16 x 3 1/32 x1 1/2 inches
MaterialsManganese/Iron Alloy Stainless steel Crop: PVC, Feathers: Marabou, Fabric: Polyester Polished Metal Leather, Borosilicate Glass 2 TENS Connection Cables, 2 Conductive Rubber Loops, Medium Electro Egg, 4 Self Adhesive Electrode Pads, PP3 Battery, Quick Guide, User Manual, Carry Case
AdjustableYes ----Adjustable loops
Storage Bag IncludedYes No -Yes No Yes
Colors AvailableRose Gold, Black ---Clear Black
Allergies-Nickel-free ----
Insertable length----6.75 inches-
Diameter----1.5 inches-
Waterproof----Glass: Yes, Falls: No -
Remote Controls-----Two control dials for intensity levels
Rechargeable-----No, uses 1x 9V battery
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