The Best Sex Swing Accessories

Once you’ve got your sex swing set up and have taken it for a test drive, you might find that you need a little extra support here and there. Or maybe you want to transform your swing into bondage wonderland!

Today, we’re looking at the all the amazing sex swing accessories you can use to elevate your swinging sex new heights! Here’s what we’ll cover:

Sex Swing Stands

Sex Swing Stands are a great alternative to installing a ceiling hook, as you don’t need to drill into your ceiling! They can be put up and taken down easily and can be stored away for discretion. Plus they are portable, so you can take them with you for a spicy weekend away!

When shopping for a frame, you need to make sure it is compatible with your swing. Some frames are compatible with single hook swings, some with double hook swings, and some can accommodate both. If you have a sex sling, you will need a frame with four mounting points.

Here are the best frames for each type of swing:

Best single and dual hook frame — The Screamer Sex Swing Stand


The Screamer Sex Swing Stand is a sturdy frame that you can use with a single or dual hook sex swing. Here’s why we love it:

  • It’s quick and easy to assemble and can be put together by one person.
  • The frame has 12 extra mounting points for adding more straps or restraints.
  • It is very sturdy and doesn’t move or tip when in use.
  • You get a free bag for storage or transport.

Best Stand for Sex Slings — Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand
Trinity Vibes Frame

The Ultimate Sex Swing Stand from Trinity Vibes has four mounting points, making sex sling compatible, but it can also be used with single hook swings as well!

If you want to be able to switch between different swing styles, this is the frame for you! Here are some of its best features:

  • The universal design means you can use it with different types of sex swing.
  • The frame is strong and stable.
  • Each leg has rubber floor protectors.
  • It can support up to 400 lbs in weight.

Extra Straps and Supports

Once you get a feel for your sex swing, you might find that you need a little extra support here and there or certain positions require a different strap. The good news is they are easy to get your hands on and not too expensive!

Here are some of the best sex swing strap accessories for even better swing sex!


Screamer Squatting Attachment

If you love bouncing up and down on top of your partner but aren’t a big fan of leg day, these squatting attachments will save your tired legs!

The stretchy straps combine with straps from your sex swing to give you more support and bounce in squatting positions so you can go for even longer!

They are compatible with the straps from these swings:

Screamer Universal Headrest

Screamer Universal Headrest

If your swing doesn’t come with a headrest, this headrest from Screamer is an absolute must have sex swing accessory!

Having to hold your head up gets tiring quickly and can be a real distraction!

Once you’ve got your head rest in place, you can lie back and fully enjoy your sex swing adventures!

*The sex swing experts at know just how important a headrest is, so they’ll give you a free one with any sex swing purchase!

Screamer Universal Handle Set

Screamer Universal Handle Set

Having handles to hold onto gives you a lot more support and stability and means you can explore more positions.

If your swing didn’t come with any, this handle set from Screamer will be a great addition and are compatible with pretty much all swings!

They also make a leg stirrup set if you need a little extra support!

Kink Essentials Over the Door Mount

Kink Essentials Over the Door Mount

If you want to take your sex swing on holiday but don’t have space to pack a frame, these door mounts from Kink Essentials are fantastic!

They lock into place behind a closed door to give you two mounting points to transform any dual hook swing into a door sex swing!

Kink Essentials Beam Mount (2 pack)

Kink Essentials Beam Mount (2 pack)

If you are lucky enough to have exposed beams, you mount your sex swing using nothing more than a strap or two! No need to drill into the ceiling or set up a frame!

This Beam Mount set from Kink Essentials comes with two straps, so you can hang either a single hook or double hook swing.

Bondage Sex Swing Accessories

Sex swings are like BDSM playgrounds. Being suspended at your partner’s mercy really adds to the power dynamics. Not to mention it gives your partner easy access to tease your body in new ways!


Screamer Leather Cuff Set

If you don’t have a bondage ready swing, like the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing, this leather cuff set from Screamer is perfect for keeping your partner exactly where you want them!

Once they are secured in place, you can go to town with all your favorite BDSM toys to tickle, tease and torture – consensually, of course!

Hooks and Hardware Sex Swing Accessories

Some sex swings and sex slings come with everything you need to get up and swinging, but with others, you will need to purchase chains or hooks separately.

Always check what your sex swing comes with and make sure to buy another extra chains or hardware you might need. You won’t want to have to wait a minute longer than necessary to play with your new toy!

Kink Essentials Swivel Hook

Kink Essentials Swivel Hook

If you have a single hook swing, you can transform it into a spinning sex swing with this swivel hook!

Now you can easily spin your partner round to from oral to vaginal or anal penetration!

Kink Essentials Sex Sling Chain Kit

Kink Essentials Sex Sling Chain Kit

Many sex slings, like these luxurious leather slings, are sold as the sling only and don’t come with the chains needed to suspend it.

To get your sling up and swinging, this Kink Essentials Sex Sling Chain Kit comes with four strong chains, four carabiners, and four quick links.

chain, zinc-plated steel

Zinc-Plated Steel Chain

If you need a custom length chain for hanging your swing or sling, Stockroom have you covered with this Zinc-Plated Steel Chain!

This medium-weight, straight-link chain can be bought in different lengths so you can get exactly the right length for your needs.