The Europe Magic Wand – What is it?

By Isabelle Uren / September 21, 2021

What do IKEA, Vikings, and the Europe Magic Wand all have in common? Sorry to get your hopes up, IKEA hasn’t released a Viking-themed vibrator range. No, all three originate from Scandinavia.

The magic wand vibrator just got a Scandinavian makeover, and it looks pretty good! Europe Magic Wand recently released their version of the wand vibrator with some fantastic additions.

Their mission:

“We help women lead a healthier and happier life – one orgasm at a time.”

Now, that’s something I can definitely get on board with!

The European Magic Wand (EMW) was born out of a struggle to find a safe, high-quality, well-designed magic wand on the European market. Even better, the team was led by a female engineer from Denmark, meaning they are closing the orgasm gap and the gender gap in the tech industry!

It has even been given the seal of approval by the fairy godmother of female orgasms, the acclaimed sex educator and Ph.D. sexologist, Betty Dodson.

What Sets the European Magic Wand Apart From the Original Magic Wand?

European magic wand full

At first glance, the EMW looks pretty similar to the original Magic Wand produced by Hitachi, but there are some innovative improvements designed to make your experience safer and more pleasurable.

More Power Levels

While the Magic Wand Original has two, pretty wild intensity levels of 5,000 or 6,000 RPM to choose from, the EMW has six, starting at a gentle 2850 RPM and going all the way up to 5980 RPM. This is ideal if you find the Original Magic Wand too intense, like our sex toy expert Edwina, who compared it to a Richter 5 earthquake. Sure is a very powerful vibrator. Want a wand that is a little less earthquake like? Go with a mini wand massager.

 Easier Cleaning

The Original Magic Wand was intended to be used as a massager for aching muscles and therefore wasn’t designed with bodily fluids and lube in mind! Unfortunately, this means it’s difficult to clean, as the heads cannot be removed. Not to mention, it comes with a whole load of warnings against getting it wet. The EMW, on the other hand, has removable heads that are made with silicone, making it easy to clean.

Quieter for More Discreet Play

The EMW reaches just 40 decibels, or about the same noise level as a library. That is just a comparison and not a recommendation of where to use it!

Other Features of the European Magic Wand

European magic wand internal
Internal Aluminium Head
  • High-quality materials. The EMW is BPA and phthalate-free. The head is made from painted cast aluminum, making it more durable than plastic models. The cap attachments are made with silicone (three are 100 % silicone and the Vintage Touch Cap has an additional EVA foam lining)
  • Deep, powerful vibrations. The EMW plugs into a wall outlet for maximum power. It also has a built-in switch, so you can easily enjoy it in the US or Europe because you should never be without your favorite vibrator!
  • It’s safe. The EMW meets the CE safety criteria.
  • 236 cm long cord, meaning you can move around freely and not worry about being bungeed back towards your power outlet mid-session. There are many corded vibrators like it.

Additional Accessories

Like all good wand vibrators, the EMW has a range of magic wand accessories and attachments to transform the vibrator and allow you to explore different types of stimulation.

The Genio Cap

Genio attachment

This cap has a range of textures, shapes, and edges designed to provide varying sensations in different areas. You can switch it up from broad to pinpoint stimulation to get exactly the stimulation you desire.

The Genius Cap

Genius attachment

This g-spot pleasing attachment also features two grooves and a ridge to stimulate your labia and clitoris all at the same time. Similar to a g-spot vibrator. It’s also perfect for nipple stimulation.

Silky Touch and Vintage Touch Caps

Silky touch attachment
Silky Touch

The EMW comes with the vintage cap, which is very lightly textured and padded with EVA foam for a softer experience. You can also buy the silky touch cap, which is completely smooth and made from 100% silicone.

Where Can I Buy A European Magic Wand?

The European Magic Wand sounds like a pretty great addition to any bedside stand, but, unfortunately, it isn’t available in the US at the moment. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep you updated and let you know as soon as you get your hands on one!