The Best Magic Wand Attachments and Accessories for Every Stimulation Need

Magic wand vibrators, be they the original Hitachi massage wand or any of its many contemporaries, are beloved by vulva owners across the globe for their super intense vibrations and incredible orgasm-inducing powers.

Their only catch? Well, they’re sort of one-trick ponies – great for broad clitoral vibes but not so good at precise or internal stimulation, and packing a serious punch but sometimes to the point of being overwhelming or numbing.

While there are lots of other sex toys out there that can do what wand vibrators can’t, that doesn’t mean that you need to shell out a small fortune on specialized toys for every stimulation need. Instead, welcome to the world of wand attachments. There are all kinds of add-ons out there that slip on the head of your wand and (magically) transform it into the pleasure device of your choosing.

But which ones are actually the best magic wand attachments, and which ones aren’t worth the hype? Well, we’ve collated a product guide to help you choose the right ones for you based on the kind of stimulation you’re looking for and the wand that’s on your nightstand.

So, without further ado, here are our picks for the best magic wand attachments on the market right now…

Find the attachments and accessories that you need:

For the Clit

Textured Head Covers – Le Wand

Le Wand Silicone Textured Heads

Compatible with: the Original Le Wand Massager, Standard wand heads around 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

These twin wand vibrator covers are designed to maximize your sensations and pleasure while you use your wand, with dots and ribs that can be used anywhere on your body that you feel like (though we highly recommend the clitoris!). Designed for the full-sized Le Wand massager, these soft silicone covers can actually be used on any similar-sized wand to easily upgrade your orgasms.

Flutter Tip – Wand Essentials

Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment

Compatible with: Standard wand heads around 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

If you love the power and rumbles of your magic wand vibrator but you sometimes find it to be too much when it’s lying right on your clit, then the Wand Essentials Flutter Tip attachment could just be your new best friend. Its silicone sail harnesses vibrations into flutters that caress your clit and allow you to build up to immense orgasms. Some even say it feels like some incredible oral sex!

Bunny Ears – Mantric by Lovehoney

Mantric Bunny Ears Wand Attachment

Compatible with: the Lovehoney Mantric Wand

Transform the broad coverage of your Mantric wand vibrator’s head into precise and powerful stimulation with these firm silicone rabbit ears. They’ll flicker gently yet purposefully against your clit, or even your nipples, perineum and anywhere else you want to tease and delight. Unfortunately though, this attachment won’t fit other standard-sized wands.

Butterfly Bliss – Lovehoney Mini

Lovehoney Butterfly Bliss Clitoral Mini Wand Attachment

Compatible with: the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Wand Vibrator, other mini wand vibrators around 1.5″ wide

With this attachment your plain old caterpillar mini wand (but not standard-sized wands) can become a beautiful butterfly! Taking the phrase ‘butterfly vibrator‘ to a whole new level, this attachment has 3 ways to please you: the wings flutter and flap against your clit and vulva, the antennae offer pinpoint clit stimulation, and the textured base diffuses those super powerful vibrations into tantalizing sensations.

For the G-Spot

Want to see more vibrators designed especially for g-spot pleasure? Read about our top picks here!

G-Spot Head – Lovehoney Deluxe

Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Silicone G-Spot Head Attachment

Compatible with: the Lovehoney Deluxe extra powerful wand vibrator, Standard wand vibrators around 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

Think wand vibrators are only good for external stimulation? Think again! This purple pleaser has a 5-inch-long silicone shaft that’s curved to meet your g-spot and flexible enough to transmit all those powerful vibrations direct to your sweet spot. As a bonus, there’s also a row of nubs on the base that ensure that your clit isn’t left out, either.

Queen G – Lovehoney Mini

Lovehoney Queen G G-Spot Mini Wand Attachment

Compatible with: the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Wand Vibrator, other mini wand vibrators around 1.5″ wide

Treat your g-spot with the royal respect it deserves with Lovehoney’s g-spot stimulator attachment for mini wand vibrators. The curved silicone shaft feels velvety soft as you insert it, and its flat tip provides a large surface area to massage and excite the entirety of your g-spot. Just don’t try and fit it on a standard-sized wand – it’s on the small side.

Kink Vac-U-Lock Attachment – Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson Kink Silicone Vac-U-Lock Power Wand Attachment

Compatible with: the Doc Johnson Kink Power Wand, Standard wand vibrators from 2.25″ to 2.5″ (inc. the Magic Wand)

Perhaps the best magic wand attachments are the ones that give you endless possibilities… This attachment is not designed to be used on its own, but with any of Doc Johnson’s vast array of Vac-U-Lock compatible toys. The Vac-U-Lock system allows you to sturdily attach your choice of Doc Johnson dildos or butt plugs to your wand and turn them into fantastical vibrating goodies. Just simply slip it onto your Kink Power Wand (or other standard-sized wand), plug in your favorite toy and take a ride!

Bubbles – LuzArte

LuzArte Polka Dot Bubbles Wand Compatible Beads

Compatible with: Standard wand heads around 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

This beautiful, hand-poured silicone wand attachment is sure to put you in a good mood just by looking at it, let alone using it! It has four silicone balls that get progressively bigger, making them easy to insert and providing a whole load of delicious texture. This can even be used for anal stimulation, too – just make sure to clean it thoroughly before switching.

For Both!

Rabbit – Bodywand

Bodywand Rabbit Wand Attachment

Compatible with: Bodywand Original and Bodywand Aqua wand vibrators, Standard wand vibrators from 2.25″ to 2.5″ (inc. the Magic Wand)

Need an ultra-powerful rabbit vibrator in your life but don’t want to shell out for a whole new sex toy or abandon your beloved wand vibrator? Enter this genius invention from Bodywand – a wand attachment that transmits intense vibrations through its smooth silicone to your g-spot and clitoris simultaneously. The flexible, curved shafts make hitting both spots a breeze without losing out on power.

Tri-Gasm Triple Pleasure – Wand Essentials

 Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Triple Pleasure Wand Attachment

Compatible with: Standard wand heads around 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

We couldn’t make a list of the best magic wand attachments without mentioning this absolute titan of the genre. Embrace your maximalist side and enjoy the triple stimulation of this attachment’s three vibrating arms. The smaller arm provides anal stimulation while the larger, flat-tipped arm massages your g-spot and the front nub pleases your clit. There are even textured areas on its base to tease your vulva and perineum – truly a jack-of-all-trades and a master of them, too!

For the Penis

Hummer Deluxe – Lovehoney

Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Male Masturbator Wand Attachment

Compatible with: Standard wand vibrators from 2.25″ to 2.5″ (inc. the Magic Wand)

If you thought that wand vibrators could only be used by vulva-owners, then you’d be sorely mistaken. Turn a wand into a super-stimulating stroker in an instant with one of the best magic wand attachments for penis-owners out there. The soft and stretchy canal is chock-full of ridges and nodes to provide extra sensations  – combine that with powerful vibrations and you’ve got a impressive orgasm on the cards.

Loop – Le Wand

Le Wand Loop Silicone Attachment

Compatible with: the Original Le Wand Massager, Standard wand heads around 2.5″wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

This luxurious stroker feels just as good as it looks. The soft, textured silicone allows you to treat your frenulum (where the foreskin meets the underside of the penis) and penis to some seriously sweet stimulation that made GQ name it one of the best sex toys for men in 2020. Just insert your penis, press the flexible loop down as much as you like, stroke it back and forth and the vibrations will do the rest.

Head Teaser – Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson Head Teaser Male Masturbator Wand Attachment

Compatible with: Standard wand heads around 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

This masturbator attachment is here to pay your most sensitive areas some special attention. Just lube it up and place the head of your penis inside for an experience like oral sex on steroids. The wand provides intense vibrations, the closed canal provides suction and the textured inside provides unbelievable sensations. Enjoy alone or bring along your partner to watch through the clear sleeve.

For Anal/Prostate Stimulation

Number 3 Prostate Massager – Doxy

Doxy Number 3 Silicone Prostate Massager Wand Attachment

Compatible with: the Doxy Number 3

If there’s one thing that we love here at Bedbible, it’s when our favorite sex toy makers work together to create something truly amazing. The prostate pleasure experts at Nexus and wand whizzes at Doxy have collaborated to create this innovative massager that combines the sheer power of the Doxy number 3 with contours and curves that deliver vibrations straight to the prostate and perineum. Unlike other wand attachments, this one requires you to unscrew the whole head of the Doxy and replace it with this, meaning that you can’t use with other brands of wand vibrator.

Domi ‘Male’ P-Spot and Sleeve Attachment – Lovense

Lovense Domi Wand P-Spot & Sleeve Attachment

Compatible with: the Lovense Domi and Domi 2

This next attachment earns its place on our list of the best magic wand attachments by being a supreme multitasker. Designed to fulfil all the needs of user with penises, this silicone add-on for the Lovense Domi and Domi 2 consists of a prostate massager with a flexible shaft and firm bulbed tip, as well as a textured stroker sleeve that takes advantage of the Domi’s powerful vibrations. Just don’t expect it to fit on a standard-sized wand – the Domi is only around 2″ wide.

Bubbling Bliss Anal Beads – Wand Essentials

Wand Essentials Bubbling Bliss Beaded Anal Pleasure Wand Attachment

Compatible with: Standard wand heads from 2.25″ to 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

These anal beads graduate in size from an easily-insertable 0.5″ to a satisfying and filling 1.15″ and curve and flex with your body for a comfortable and tantalizing anal experience that only gets better with intense vibes. For the ultimate climax, pull the beads out at the moment you orgasm and enjoy the enhanced sensations from every angle.

O-Spot G-Spot/P-Spot Stimulation Attachment – O-Wand

O-Wand O-Spot/G-Spot/P-Spot Stimulation Attachment

Compatible with: the O-Wand, Standard wand heads around 2.5″ wide (inc. the Magic Wand)

The O-Spot attachment for the O-Wand may look a little funky, but it’s shaped that way for a reason. The dramatically curved and bulbous shaft can carry the powerful vibrations of the O-Wand (or any other standard-sized wand) directly to the prostate or the g-spot, making it the perfect companion for couples who want a versatile and great-feeling companion for their wand vibrator when they’re together or alone!

Wands that Come with Attachments

We-Vibe Wand

We-Vibe Wand no bg

And finally on our list of the best magic wand attachments… actual wand vibrators? Yeah, it turns out that the best ones might just be the ones you don’t have to buy separately! The We-Vibe wand is a cordless massage wand that is ergonomically designed for effortless and intense stimulation. It can even be used with We-Vibe’s We-Connect app for remote control, even over long-distances, endless vibration patterns and sync-ing modes. And the kicker? It comes with two attachments as standard – a vibration-diffusing flutter ring and a masturbator sleeve for penis stimulation.

Lovehoney Mini Wand

Lovehoney Purple Power Mini Massage Wand Vibrator Kit (4 Piece)

You may noticed that this wand vibrator has been mentioned a few times along this article already, but it’s about to get even better. What if you could snap up one of Lovehoney’s powerful yet conveniently travel-sized wand vibrators along with two of the best magic wand vibrator attachments whilst paying less than you would if you bought them separately? This set comes with a stylish metallic purple mini wand, the Butterfly Bliss clitoral attachment, Queen G g-spot attachment, plus a sleek storage case – perfect for beginners and power queens alike!