Does Fleshlight Have Discreet Packaging?

Showing you how discreet Fleshlight really is with ordering, billing and packaging.

Is Fleshlight packaging discreet? That’s an important question to answer, considering Fleshlights are the best-selling men’s sex toy product in the world.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a Fleshlight directly from their site, and receive all of the extras they offer, will your order ship in a discreet way?

Let’s find out those answers so you can feel confident before placing that order.

How We Tested Fleshlight for Discreet Packaging

Here at BedBible, we want all of our readers to feel comfortable ordering from our preferred partners. That’s why we order something through each site, using the same links you do.

Then, we take notes on all of these points, and whether or not they are discreet:

  • Ordering safety
  • Shipping costs and speed
  • Their billing
  • Emails from the company and if they spam you
  • If their packaging is discreet
  • Mailing labels
  • Inside the package and whether it’s discreet enough to open around others

Finally, we write up blog posts, like this one, so you can see for yourself if the company has discreet packaging. Additionally, we let you know how discreet everything else is leading up to receiving your package.

So far, we have written about Lovehoney, Adam and Eve, Hustler Hollywood, Pink Cherry, Sex Swings, SheVibe and Too Timid. Plus, we will soon do the same with both Wet for Her and Peepshow Toys.

Does Fleshlight Have Discreet Packaging?

My Fleshlight order

Knowing if Fleshlight has discreet packaging is the number 1 thing consumers worry about when ordering from a sex toy company. After all, nobody wants their mail carrier to know their intimate business!

Therefore, I ordered the Rianne S Classique Stud Black Vibrator and here is how everything went.

What Fleshlight Claims

First and foremost, Fleshlight claims to have discreet shipping and packaging. From their website:

“All orders are shipped in a plain, cardboard box. The shipping label will identify the shipper as ILF, LLC. and will not reference ‘’, ‘Sex Toy’ or any other identifying description related to products designed for adults.”

That being said, did Fleshlight hold up their end of the bargain? Does Fleshlight really have discreet packaging?

Let’s see!

What Does Fleshlight Packaging Look Like? Is It Really Discreet?

Fleshlight discreet packaging

My Fleshlight order arrived exactly the way their website described! For instance, it arrived in a plain, cardboard box with no distinguishing words or markings.

So, the bottom line is, Fleshlight does have discreet packaging and your mail carrier will never know you have ordered a sex toy – or two or three!

Is the Fleshlight Shipping Label Discreet?

Fleshlight shipping label

Another important aspect of discreet packaging is the mailing label. I mean, the box can be plain, but if the return address says Fleshlight, your toy is no longer a secret.

However, in this case, Fleshlight did exactly as they claimed! And as you can see, the return address is from ILF and not Fleshlight.

Therefore, the shipping label is also discreet.

Opening the Box, Is Fleshlight Discreet?

Fleshlight packaging

Most folks are mainly concerned with the discretion of sex toy packaging. But some may worry about what will be included inside the package.

That’s because you’re not always alone when you open said package. So, did Flashlight have any non-discreet surprises for me when I opened my box.

Yes, they did.

As you can see, the packing slip, which was on top of my order, was clearly adult in nature. No, there wasn’t any nudity, but the photos were quite suggestive.

Now, considering I’ve been in the sex toy industry for 30 years, nothing shocks or surprises me anymore. However, the first-time sex toy purchaser may not feel the same.

So, Fleshlight has discreet packaging and shipping labels. But when opening your goodie box, be aware that their packing slip is adult oriented.

How Fast is Fleshlight Shipping?

Sure, Fleshlight has discreet packaging, but how long will you have to wait for your order? The answer may surprise you!

First, I placed my order on June 6th, in the afternoon. After which, I received an order confirmation via email.

Now, I chose the cheapest shipping option, more on that below, which was USPS Priority Mail. Then, on June 7th, I received a second email, informing me that my order was fulfilled and would be shipped that day.

Finally, and to my surprise, my package showed up the next day, on the 8th! So, I wasn’t only impressed that Fleshlight had totally discreet packaging, my order was delivered in record time!

Fleshlight Shipping Options

Fleshlight offers discreet packaging as well as all sorts of shipping options. And considering how quickly I received my order, I’m sure whatever you choose, you’ll be equally as satisfied!

Here are the shipping options:

  • Free shipping with any order over $100
  • USPS Priority Mail (Mine was $12.25)
  • UPS Sure Post
  • UPS Ground, 3 business days
  • UPS 3-Day Select, 3 business days
  • UPS 2nd Day Air, 2 business days
  • UPS Next Day Air, 1 day

Finally, most all orders are shipped within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Additionally, all priority shipping, like Ground, 3-Day, 2nd Day, Next day, ship the same day if the order is received by 1:00 pm.

Is Fleshlight Discreet? More Safety Information

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Does Fleshlight have discreet packaging?”, let’s take a look at additional safety and discretion aspects of ordering products from Fleshlight.

Is It Safe to Order from Fleshlight?

Overall, is it safe to order from Fleshlight? According to their website, your safety is of the utmost importance.

“Your personal information will be protected by the world’s most advanced encryption technologies. The padlock on the bottom of your browser status bar ensures your order will be securely processed.”

Furthermore, Fleshlight states that they continue to keep your personal information safe.

“We use your personal information only for billing and shipping. Information is never sold, rented or shared with any other service or company! Besides your order, you will not receive any additional catalogs, mailings, or emails from ILF Inc.”

In my experience, everything Fleshlight claims is true, with the exception of not receiving any additional catalogs, mailings, or emails from ILF Inc. Because, I did receive additional emails!

And we will discuss that more, below.

How Does Fleshlight Show Up on Your Billing Statement?

Fleshlight billing statement discreet

Fleshlight promises to be discreet with your orders as well as their billing. And I found out that they are true to their word.

As you can see, on my billing statement, Fleshlight showed up as “Interactive Life”. Therefore, there is nothing showing that would reveal to your credit card company or bank that your have ordered a sex toy.

Are Fleshlight Emails Discreet?

Are Fleshlight emails discreet?

You will receive emails from Fleshlight once you have placed an order with them. As an example, you can see a screenshot of my email box.

Unfortunately, the email comes from Fleshlight and not ILF Inc. Therefore, you’ll want to do one of two things, depending on your personal situation.

First, if you are using a work email or a shared home computer, you may want to change Fleshlight’s name in your email settings. That way, when you receive additional emails, it won’t show “Fleshlight”, rather, it will show the name you chose.

Second, if there isn’t a concern that someone will see your Fleshlight order, simply do nothing. However, if you want to be sure you don’t miss your shipping email, be sure and add them to your preferred sender’s list.

That way, your shipping notification and tracking information won’t end up in your spam.

Will Fleshlight Spam Me?

Fleshlight spam emails

Speaking of spam, let’s get to the Fleshlight promise that your information will not be used to send mail or emails. Which, was a lie.

But no worries….

Yes, you will receive spam from Fleshlight. And these emails have a lot of adult content and photos.

Worse yet, there is no way to prevent the spam from coming in the first place. You see, most sex toy companies, give you the option of opting in or out of promotional emails.

Unfortunately, Fleshlight doesn’t give you that option on their racy, check-out page. And yes, the check out page is quite adult in nature – showing women naked and masturbating.

To be honest, it did nothing for me, but hey, you may enjoy it!

Now, in regard to the spam, no worries! You can halt it with the confirmation email you receive.

Simply scroll to the bottom and click the unsubscribe link. That way, you won’t receive any promotional emails from Fleshlight, but you will still receive your shipping email.

Are Fleshlight Orders Discreet?

All in all, Fleshlight has discreet packaging. As a result, not even your mail carrier will know what you ordered, as the shipping label itself is discreet too.

And although Fleshlight offers lightning-fast shipping and promises not to use your personal information, you will be presented with some adult content while checking out, in your emails and on your shipping invoice.

However, most folks are fine with this. Because what really matters is that you get quality sex toys in a discreet package and in a timely manner.

So, in the end, I give Fleshlight a big thumbs up for discreet packaging as well as offering amazing products!