Is Pink Cherry Packaging Discreet? (+How to get Free Shipping)

Plus, More Pink Cherry Safety and Discretion Questions Answered.

Is Pink Cherry packaging discreet?

And do you have more safety and discretion questions about Pink Cherry before you order?

I decided to go ahead an order some sex toys from Pinkcherry (unbeknownst to them) to check how discreet the packaging really is!

Here is how the package looked:

As BedBible does with all of our affiliate partners, we ordered products from Pink Cherry so we can answer all of your important questions. Ultimately, we want you to know whether or not Pink Cherry has discreet packing so you can feel confident when you order from them.

Is Pink Cherry Legit?

Pink Cherry award banner

Aside from answering if Pink Cherry packaging is discreet, you may ask if Pink Cherry is legit. After all, there are so many predatory websites out there more than willing to take your hard-earned cash and send you nothing in return. Therefore, when shopping for adult pleasure products, you want to be sure the site is legitimate. So, is Pink Cherry legit?

Yes! Pink Cherry is legit. Not only is the site legit, they won the XBiz 2022 Retailer of the Year award. What that means is that Pink Cherry shows excellence in their inventory, customer service and the little extras they offer their shoppers. But in case you are still asking if Pink Cherry is legit, here are some additional details about the company and their retail website.

Pink Cherry Products

Website clip

Pink Cherry has more than a million adult products on their website from brands that include Womanizer, Satisfyer, Pipedream, Lelo, Doc Johnson and more. Plus, as any legitimate pleasure product site should, Pink Cherry offers their own branded merchandise. So, not only is Pink Cherry legit, they are one of the larger, adult product retailers out there.

Sales, Points Programs, Shipping and More

Pink Cherry also offers sales, clearance items and special promotions on products. All of which save you some serious cash. Add to that free shipping with any order over $59 and you can save even more. Finally, if you love what Pink Cherry has to offer, you can sign up for the points program. That way, the more you spend, the more you earn toward new pleasure products.

But, no matter how much money an adult website can save you, it means nothing if they don’t handle your information with discretion as well as providing discreet sex toy shipping. Therefore, we will walk you through our ordering experience with Pink Cherry. Then, we will show you whether or not Pink Cherry packaging is discreet.

Is it Safe to Order from Pink Cherry?

Pink Cherry order cart

Ordering from an adult website of any type is a huge concern. So, when it comes to this company, is it safe to order from Pink Cherry? This is how our ordering experience went.

First, navigating the website was extremely easy. Right on the landing page, I saw that I could get 25% (and more) off, site-wide with a coupon code at check-out. Next, using their search bar brought the results I asked for and nothing more. Then, I picked my products, dropped them in my cart and went to check out.

Finally, I used my PayPal business account to pay for my order – which was fast and easy. Unfortunately, my order wasn’t more than $59 and I had to pay shipping. And out of the 3 choices they offer, I chose the cheapest, standard delivery at $14.99 (ouch). Therefore, all went well in that aspect, but this is where the real questions start. For instance, how does Pink Cherry show up on my credit card statement?

Let’s see….

How Does Pink Cherry Show Up on My Credit Card?

Pink Cherry Discreet Charging

PayPal statements are very much like a bank or credit card statement. And although my Pink Cherry order was billed as “TBMBM US, Inc.”, below it, the products I purchased were listed, along with their prices. Now, whether or not this information will show up on bank or credit card statements, remains to be seen.

However, if you’re not concerned about someone seeing these charges, there’s nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if your sex toy purchasing habits are something you want to keep secret, you’ll definitely want to check your statement over thoroughly.

Will Pink Cherry Spam Me?

Emails from my order
My emails from Pink Cherry over 5 days

Another concern when shopping for adult products online is whether the company will spam you with unwanted emails. So, will Pink Cherry spam you?

First, my order confirmation came from “customer service at TBMBM” (discreet email). Unfortunately, when I opened it, my entire invoice was there, including the name of each product and the price. Sure, that’s great for record keeping! But not so good if anyone is watching over your shoulder. Next, I got a Pink Cherry email thanking me for my order and asking me to join their points program. Then:

  • Pink Cherry email stating my order had been shipped.
  • A spam advertisement – although I didn’t agree to a newsletter or promotions
  • A delivery confirmation the second my package was delivered.

So, if you’re afraid of anyone seeing these emails, be sure and save Pink Cherry as a trusted sender. Then, go into your trusted senders list and change their name to something more discreet. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to stop the spam advertisements from coming as there was no newsletter/promotions box to check or uncheck when ordering.

Therefore, you will have to unsubscribe as soon as you start receiving the spam.

Does Pink Cherry Have Discreet Packaging?

Pink Cherry Discreet Packaging
My Pink Cherry shipping box

Shipping label
Pink Cherry discreet shipping label

Now to answer the most important question; Does Pink Cherry have discreet packing?

My package arrived in a plain, brown box. The address label had a return address from “Customer Service” in Las Vegas, Nevada. So, in this case, is Pink Cherry packaging discreet? Absolutely, yes!

Pink Cherry Discreet Packaging: Inside the Box

Inside the shipping box
Inside the shipping box

Now that we have answered if pink Cherry packaging is discreet, let’s see what was inside the box. First of all, the packaging was alright. I say that because the items were quite small in comparison to the box size. As a result, they were able to bang around despite the brown paper and air-filled, plastic pillows. Fortunately, my liquid products were sealed with plastic so they wouldn’t leak.

Shipping invoice
Pink Cherry shipping invoice

Next, the invoice was as one would expect. It contained all of the pertinent information as well as the Pink Cherry Logo. Finally, when I flipped the invoice over, there was a bright, colorful advertisement, social media info, as well as a reminder that you can win a prize for every product review you submit.

No excess. No advertisements from other companies. Simply discreet packaging that my delivery person never knew contained 2 bottles of lubricant and a container of fake cum – don’t ask.

Overall, Is Pink Cherry packaging Discreet?

Overall, is Pink Cherry discreet? In all honesty, they are about the same as any other brand name adult products website. Pink Cherry is a legit pleasure product site with an amazing selection of sex toys, lubricants, gifts, games and more. Their discretion with your credit card information is pretty good, even though they may reveal what you ordered on some statements.

Finally, is Pink Cherry packaging discreet? Yes, Pink Cherry takes top marks for discreet packaging and shipping. Therefore, you can feel safe to shop at Pink Cherry and won’t have to worry about your delivery person knowing about the naughty, exciting things that are inside your plain, brown box.

How to get Free Shipping at

How to get Pink Cherry free shipping plus learn about shipping options and delivery accuracy.

Pink Cherry free shipping makes shopping for sex toys online even more thrilling! After all, who likes paying a ton in shipping charges?

Therefore, I am going to show to how to get Pink Cheery free shipping, as well as talking about their delivery options and accuracy. That way, next time you shop at Pink Cherry, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Pink Cherry Free Shipping Quickie

  • Pink Cherry offers free shipping every day, with no code needed, when you spend $59 or more before taxes and after any discounts are applied.
  • You can get Pink Cherry free shipping, discounts codes and more by creating an account on their site, subscribing to their newsletter or watching for offers on their social media accounts.
  • Pink Cherry offers 3 levels of shipping, along with transparent cost and promised deliver-by dates at checkout.
  • Delivery accuracy is top notch at Pink Cherry!

How to Get Pink Cherry Free Shipping

Pink Cherry free shipping home page photo

Want to know how to get free shipping when you shop for sex toys on the Pink Cherry website? I will show you how!

So, whether you’re ordering a new vibrator, a tight and exciting new penis masturbator, or a gender affirming pleasure product, you’ll know how to get your goodies with Pink Cherry free shipping.

Free Shipping Every Day from Pink Cherry

You can get Pink Cherry free shipping every day when you shop for pleasure products. And you can do that by spending $59 or more, before taxes and after any discounts are applied.

So, whether you order an investment toy or an entire shopping cart filled with sensual products, as long as it’s over $59, it ships to you absolutely free!

Be a Pink Cherry Fan for Free Shipping and Promos

Another way to be in the know and possibly get more Pink Cherry free shipping offers is to become a member of the site. From the Pink Cherry website:

“Sign up By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more.”

In addition to the above, you will get the Pink Cherry newsletter and have full control over how many emails you get! But what if you’d rather not create an account with Pink Cherry?

Get the Pink Cherry Newsletter Without an Account

Not everyone wants to create an account on a sex toys site. And that’s understandable, considering privacy concerns.

But you can still receive the Pink Cherry newsletter – making you privy to sales and promotions, including possible Pink Cherry free shipping events. And this is all you need to do to sign up.

Make your way over to the Pink Cherry home page. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the newsletter sign-up on the right-hand side.

It looks like this:

Pink Cherry newsletter sign up image

Plus, for signing up for the Pink Cherry newsletter, you get 30% off your first order!

Watch for Social Media Codes and Discounts

Looking for another way to get Pink Cherry free shipping? Well, you can find new offers, discounts and yes, free delivery opportunities by following them on social media!

That way, if you prefer not to subscribe to newsletters or create an account on their website, you can still get all of those benefits. Just be sure and have those notifications turned on.

Instagram clip

Here are the Pink Cherry social media accounts:

Pink Cherry Shipping Options and Delivery Accuracy

Now that you’ve learned the tips and tricks for getting Pink Cherry free shipping, lets take a look at their shipping options as a whole. That is, in case you want to get your pleasure products as soon as possible!

Simple, Transparent 3-Level Shipping

Pink Cherry shipping options

Pink Cherry has the simplest, most transparent 3-level shipping choices. You see, there are zero surprises when you shop with Pink Cherry.

And here is why.

Once you’ve chosen all of those bedside goodies, and go to your shopping cart, you fill in your information and automatically are given your shipping options, the cost of shipping and the promised delivery date.

That way, you know what your shipping cost is and a “promised delivery date” before you pay. So, you get these 3 delivery choices:

  • Fast: Pink Cherry free shipping (over $59) or $9.99 if under the $59
  • Faster: This shipping option depends on your order size and mailing address
  • Fastest: This option is also determined by order size and where you live.

In the end, Pink Cherry doesn’t present delivery estimates as a whole, like most sites do. Instead, you get an exact delivery day according to where you live and which delivery option you choose.

Pink Cherry Free Shipping is Via UPS

The best thing about Pink Cherry delivery is that it is delivered via UPS. Furthermore, they use 3 shipping options which include UPS ground, UPS Sure Post and UPS Mail Innovations – the latter 2 being transferred to USPS for local delivery.

That way, you get the speed of UPS and full package tracking, with the convenience of USPS delivery.

No International Shipping

Unfortunately, Pink Cherry does not ship internationally. So, if you don’t live in the United States or Canada, you can’t enjoy the wonderful selection and great prices they offer.

However, you can shop other incredible sex toy retailers like Adam and Eve, Lovehoney and my favorite, SheVibe.

Pink Cherry Delivery Accuracy

Is Pink Cherry delivery accurate? First of all, they provide the most precise delivery estimates that I have ever seen.

Secondly, according to past Pink Cherry shoppers, myself included, Pink Cherry delivery is accurate. And that includes their Pink Cherry free shipping too!

My Delivery Experience

Not too long ago, I ordered from Pink Cherry so I could gather information to write a review on their shipping, packaging and discretion. At the time, I wasn’t concerned with shipping speed, so I chose their standard delivery.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have more than $59 in merchandise. Therefore, I had to pay the $9.99 shipping fee and a $5 handling charge – which I still have no clue what that was about.

But, regardless of the fact it was considered the slowest shipping choice, I received my package in 3 days! So, is Pink Cherry delivery accurate, in my experience?

Yes, absolutely!

What Shoppers Say About Pink Cherry Delivery Accuracy

Pink Cherry delivery accuracy is top notch, according to other shoppers. I was only able to find a couple of Google reviews that were negative, like these:

bad review
Bad review

However, the vast majority of customer reviews were glowing and positive, saying Pink Cherry shipping was faster than expected.

Positive review
Pink Cherry positive shipping review
positive review

So, in the end, Pink Cherry delivery is accurate, and in most cases, faster than promised!

Shopping with Pink Cherry Free Shipping and Accurate Delivery

Shopping at Pink Cherry is exciting. That’s because you get some fantastic discounts, a huge clearance department and vibrators, sex toys for kink, and even a small selection of lingerie – all with free delivery with orders over $59!

Best yet, Pink Cherry delivery is accurate, fast and discreet. Therefore, I highly recommend shopping with them for cheap sex toys and so much more!

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