Is SheVibe Packaging Discreet? Here’s how ordering went for me

By Edie / September 13, 2023

Is SheVibe packaging discreet?

With oodles of online sex toy retailers available at your fingertips, it can be difficult to know from whom you should order.

Further, you want to be secure in knowing it’s safe and discreet to order from a particular website.

This time, I am taking a look at SheVibe and answering the hard questions from, is SheVibe packaging discreet to how their billing shows on your credit card.

In order to answering all of your burning inquiries, I ordered an item from SheVibe, just for this article, so you will know how discreet and secure the company is from website to delivery.

Below is a video of me reviewing the SheVibe packaging:

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📝 DetailsDiscreet?
📦 Packaging Appearance✅ Strong, well-taped cardboard box with no company branding
🏷️ Shipping Label✅ Return address is from “Joe Bookman” (not SheVibe, SV INC, or SV COM)
📃 Receipt Inside(✅) Contains the SheVibe logo, product name, SKU, and other order details
📧 Email Correspondence(✅) Emails come from SheVibe and not SV COM or SV INC
💳 Credit Card Statement✅ Appears as SV INC or SV COM
📬 Promotional Emails❌ Prechecked box for newsletters and promotional emails (can be unchecked during checkout)
🔒 Overall Discretion✅ Packaging is discreet, but some less relevant aspects (like emails and receipt inside) indicate SheVibe
You can find my full SheVibe Review here.

Here are the images of how discreet the SheVibe Packaging is so you can judge for yourself:

And, here I’ve inserted an image of how SheVibe Shows up on your credit card statement:

How does SheVibe show up on my credit card? Is SheVibe packaging discreet?

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A Little About the Company

SheVibe is one of those small business successes you just love to hear about.

SheVibe was founded in a garage in 2006 and is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Sandra Bruce and Thor Mikelic, both retail and small-business veterans, along with Marvel illustrator Alex Kotkin and Graphic & Web Designer, Keith Beresnoy.

When you go to SheVibe, you’ll immediately notice the comic inspired art, making the site stand out among other sex toy retailers. Plus, they take their illustrating skills to the next level offering adult coloring books and sex toy trading cards.

Finally, SheVibe has partnered with several big-name sex toy designers to create their own, exclusive sex toys and fantasy dildos.

Sure, a nifty site with cool graphics is all well and good, but is it safe to order from SheVibe and is SheVibe packaging discreet?

Is Ordering from SheVibe Safe?

Is SheVibe Packaging discreet? Is it safe to order from SheVibe?

Along with asking, “Is SheVibe packaging discreet?” many readers ask if it’s safe to order from the company. In my opinion, yes, ordering from SheVibe is safe. When shopping their site, you’ll see the lock on your browser, ensuring that your purchases and credit card information are safe. However, SheVibe uses an outside, third-party service to hold your account information.

That is, if you don’t uncheck a prechecked box.

For example, many sites ask – upon checkout – if you’d like to save your profile and credit card information, for easier ordering later. SheVibe uses an outside company called Bolt, which saves your personal and financial information so you can have a one-click checkout when you order in the future. In addition, Bolt works at several other well-known retailers.

Therefore, if you don’t mind saving your information with another company, create a profile. However, if you’re not okay with yet another company having your personal and financial information, be sure and UNCHECK the box at checkout as it is already prechecked and your information will be saved to Bolt whether you like it or not.

Is the SheVibe Website Secure?

Before you worry yourself with the question, “Is SheVibe packaging discreet?” you’re likely first asking yourself, is the SheVibe website secure and am I safe ordering sex toys from them?

As mentioned above, SheVibe shows the lock on your browser, ensuring you that the site is safe for transactions.

Additionally, the site is laid out well, easy to navigate and the products have top notch descriptions and details; some of the best I have seen, to be honest.

Does SheVibe Offer Specials and Discounts?

Yes, SheVibe does offer sales promotions, a preferred customer points program to earn free merchandise and shipping discounts.

At the time of my order, they were offering free shipping with any order over $60.

To find their current promos, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Hot Deals & Promos.

What Shipping Options Does SheVibe Offer?

SheVibe offers an incredible selection of shipping options, I was impressed! The signature service option is especially good for those of you worried about anyone else in your household or apartment building having access to a SheVibe personal package. The SheVibe shipping choices are as follows:

  • Standard USPS
  • UPS Ground
  • 1-2 Day Shipping Options
  • Signature Service offered
  • Shipping Protection (mine was $0.98)

I chose standard shipping, which said 3-6 business days. I placed my order on 12-29 and received my package on 1-3, which was right on with their estimate. So, their shipping, in my opinion, is top tier, however, now I wait to learn, is SheVibe packaging discreet?

What Are My Payment Options on SheVibe?

When paying for your product on SheVibe, you have several options. SheVibe accepts credit cards, Amazon Pay and PayPal. And for those of you wanting to make a big purchase, they allow you to finance your payment through either AfterPay or Klarna.

I’m always saying, invest in your orgasms and buy quality sex toys; even if you have to break those payments up! Therefore, SheVibe is a fantastic place to order that coveted, quality sex toy you’ve always desired.

How Does SheVibe Show Up on My Credit Card Statement?

How does SheVibe show up on my credit card? Is SheVibe packaging discreet?

Aside from wondering, “Is SheVibe packaging discreet?” a lot of people worry about how SheVibe charges show up on credit card and bank statements. Rest assured, SheVibe shows discretion by using SV INC and SV COM when running your credit or debit card. I paid using a PayPal debit card and as you can see, the charge is listed as SV COM.

So, if you’re worried that your partner may see a surprise you chose or even a private toy you ordered for yourself, SheVibe has taken care of that by using a shortened name when billing customers.

Things to Watch Out For

When shopping on SheVibe, there are a few things to watch out for.

First off, when checking out, the newsletter and personal information save boxes are prechecked. So, if you don’t want to be bombarded with newsletters and promotional emails, make sure you uncheck that box. In addition, your personal details and credit card information will be saved to an outside company, if you don’t uncheck THAT box as well.

Although I was salty about the prechecked boxes, I was pleasantly surprised to see a checkout option I had not seen before; color substitution.

Considering that some sex toys come in a variety of colors, SheVibe has a check box asking if they are allowed to substitute the color of the toy you are ordering. Therefore, if it doesn’t matter whether your dildo is hot pink or purple, check that box and your order won’t be delayed if they happen to be out of a particular color.

Will SheVibe Spam Me After I Order?

Well, that depends on what you consider spam. Upon checkout, I did uncheck the newsletter box, so I didn’t receive any promotional emails or newsletters. However, what I did receive was a wee bit annoying. I got my order confirmation email, then, about 30 minutes later, I received an “order status change” email. Of course, I checked it right away, wondering if my debit card was declined.

But there wasn’t anything to worry about as they were just letting me know my order was going to fulfillment. I got another approximately 15 minutes later with another status change (my order had been picked). From there, I got a shipped notice, although there was no tracking number included. But again, I did choose USPS standard delivery, so that’s normal.

Do Emails Come from SheVibe?

Does SheVibe send emails?

How discreet is SheVibe? So far, it seems that SheVibe is safe to order from. But if you’re worried about confirmation or shipping emails, they do come from SheVibe and not SV COM or SV INC. So, you should expect that immediately upon checking out, then several emails following up with the status of your merchandise.

If you’re worried about someone seeing the email, you can easily add SheVibe to your email address book, then change the name to something more discreet like Silver Vines Winery or something that you’ll remember, thus no one will be privy to your private life if they happen to be reading your email over your shoulder.

The sharp eye will also see, that I ordered a package from TooTimid to review how discreet their packaging is.

Who Does SheVibe Ship From?

Who does SheVibe ship from? Is SheVibe packaging discreet?

Now that we have covered the SheVibe website, the checkout process and email confirmations, you probably have your answer to, “Is it safe to order from SheVibe?” But none of that matters when most people want to know, “Is SheVibe packaging discreet?”

So, let’s talk about that packaging!

When my package arrived, had I not been expecting it, I would have been a bit confused. The return address wasn’t SheVibe, nor was it SV INC or SV COM. Oddly enough, the return address was from Joe Bookman.

Now I don’t know who Joe Bookman is or what he has to do with my sex toy delivery but that could certainly cause some confusion, or even a couple’s argument! Imagine ordering a sex toy and your partner seeing it’s from Joe Bookman!

“Who is Joe Bookman and why is he sending you this sex toy? Hmmm?!”

So, is SheVibe packaging discreet? Yes, as it isn’t marked SheVibe. But please be aware of Joe Bookman and the fact that he is the one sending you your SheVibe order.

Is SheVibe Packaging Discreet?

Is SheVibe packaging discreet?

Another important part of the shipment is the packaging itself. So, in regard to the mailer, is SheVibe packaging discreet? Yes! I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong, well taped, cardboard box and not a flimsy bag or bubble mailer. Carboard boxes are much more discreet, hold up better, protect your order and are much less likely to tear and reveal your sex life to the mail carrier.

Good job, Joe Bookman.

What is Inside the SheVibe Packaging?

Is SheVibe packaging discreet? What's inside the package?

Okay, You have your answer to, “Is SheVibe packaging discreet?” Hopefully, this will make you feel a bit safer in making a sex toy purchase from the company.

But discretion doesn’t stop with the outside packaging. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the box, so you’ll have no surprises.

Upon opening my package from SheVibe, all discretion stopped. Inside my cardboard box was the product box – no bubble wrap – and no concerning, adult-looking fliers or catalogs.

They also sent the receipt, which is printed as a sticker.

On the receipt was the following information:

  • The SheVibe logo in the upper, left corner
  • The SheVibe email, phone and website information
  • My name and address
  • Product name and SKU
  • Bold letters at the bottom reading, “ALL SALES ARE FINAL”

Yes, SheVibe states on their site that they do not accept returns, even if your packaging is unopened. Furthermore, if your product arrives broken, you have 30 days to return it through the manufacturer or SheVibe.

Finally, inside the box was another wine voucher for $100 off an order of $160 or more.

What is it with these sex toy companies and the wine voucher? Do they think we are all bored, wine-swilling housewives?

*Hand me my Chardonnay, please*

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Overall, Is SheVibe Packaging Discreet and Is It Safe to Order?

Overall, how safe is it to order from SheVibe and is the SheVibe packaging discreet? I give SheVibe high ratings as their packaging was discreet and secure, although they should really give customers a heads-up that their packages are coming from someone named Joe Bookman.

Maybe they can turn Joe Bookman into a super hero, or better yet, like Santa, delivering sex toys to all the naughty girls and boys while distributing coal to the good.

On the downside, I say boo to the prechecked boxes for their newsletter and Bolt (some of us don’t want our credit card information sent to a third-party application) as well as the step-by-step, status change as my vibrator was picked, moved and packaged at their warehouse. Nice to know but a little excessive.

In closing, is SheVibe safe to order from? Absolutely! And they really made me happy with their offered signature service, tons of shipping options and the color substitution. Plus, if you’re a comic geek, just scrolling their website will delight you! Order away, dear readers!

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