Glass vs Metal: Dildos, Butt Plugs and More

When it comes to choosing a hard and sturdy sex toy, it usually comes down to one decision: glass vs metal.

It may not come as a surprise, but we love both! But today, we’re here to help you choose. We’ll go over:

So, let’s dive into the comparison…

The Similarities of Glass and Metal

Glass and metal have quite a few things in common.

As materials for sex toys like dildos and butt plugs, they’re similarly hard.

That means that, no matter which one you opt for, you’ll get satisfying, firm stimulation. It also means you won’t have any flexibility or give when inserting or thrusting them.

Both glass and metal are also both cold materials. When you insert them (whether in the anus or vagina), you’ll probably feel a bit of a cold shock at first. For some, that can feel super pleasurable and exciting, while, for others, it’s a bit weird.

Don’t worry, however, because that cold soon goes away…

That’s because both glass and metal are also both temperature responsive. When you take out your glass or metal butt plug, you’ll notice it feels really warm! These materials conduct the heat of your body really well, making them feel nice and snug inside.

This temperature responsiveness also makes them great options for temperature play. Stick them in the fridge or under some warm (not hot) water for a while and enjoy a whole range of different sensations internally or externally.

And finally, both glass and metal sex toys are very easy to clean.

Both materials are hard and non-porous, so you can simply lather them up with a mild, unscented soap and then rinse off with water.


Of course, in the face-off between glass vs metal sex toys, there are some differences, too.

Glass dildos, butt plugs and more tend to come in more colors and designs than metal toys. This is because glass is just easier to customize, and, since it’s transparent, it’s much easier to see different colors within it.

For some examples, here are some of our absolute favorite glass sex toys:

Lovehoney Crystal Heart Glass Dildo

This practically magical dildo wand is so much fun to wield that it’s almost wicked!

At one end is a bulbous tip that’s perfect for massaging the g-spot or prostate, and up the shaft are waves that are sure to please as you thrust in and out.

At the other end you have a perfect pink heart and a flared base that makes it safe for anal use.

Icicles No. 8 Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo

This hand-blown dildo marvel would look at home on display on the mantlepiece! However, we suggest putting it to work pleasing your sweet spots.

The smooth yet undulating shaft feels comfortable and sensational at the same time, and its rounded end makes it easy to hold and maneuver.

Lovehoney Booty Buddy Glass Butt Plug

Although this glass butt plug can be used by anyone, it makes a spectacular tool for exploring prostate play!

The curved shape follows the contours of your anal canal, and the nub at the tip is perfectly placed to press down on your p-spot and massage it as you move around.

The t-shaped bar at the base fits comfortably between the cheeks to stop the plug from going too far in. Plus, it stimulates your perineum at the same time.

Another thing to know is that, while glass sex toys are still very safe to use, they are still more breakable than metal.

The glass used in sex toys is either borosilicate or soda lime glass, which are both very sturdy, scratch-proof and resistant to extreme temperatures.

However, if you drop your glass dildo or butt plug from a great height (think out a second story window), it will potentially break or fracture.


Metal sex toys are often, but not always, made from stainless steel. The other popular option is aluminum.

If you’re comparing glass vs metal on breakability, metal comes out on top. Both steel and aluminum are extremely tough and virtually unbreakable. If dropped, they’re more likely to damage what they’re being dropped on!

Metal sex toys are usually also heavier than glass, given that they’re made of solid metal and are more dense. Plus, they’re usually more expensive than glass toys, which is to be expected.

If you read reviews and forums on glass vs metal sex toys, some users have said that they find metal to be a bit colder than glass. It’s hard to tell if this is true across the board, however, and is easily changed by warming or cooling them to your desired temperature.

One of the most famous and well-loved makers of metal sex toys is njoy. They use high quality stainless steel to craft beautiful and effective dildos and butt plugs. Here are two of our faves:

njoy Pure Wand

The Pure Wand is a bit of a legend in the sex toy world, and has even earned itself the moniker ‘the squirting wand’! No prizes for guessing why.

You can choose between its two sides, one more girthy than the other to suit everyone’s tastes. The curved shaft makes it oh-so easy to hit your g-spot or p-spot with just the right amount of pressure.

If you’d love to give manual massage a try, this metal dildo is the ideal tool to use.

njoy Pure Plug

njoy also make quite a range of metal butt plugs, known as Pure Plugs.

They might look a bit different from what you’re used to, and that’s because they’re designed with the ergonomics of your body in mind.

Available in sizes small, medium, large and XL, Pure Plugs have a deliciously bulbous head and a tapered tip for easy insertion.

The curved neck follows the curve of your anal canal and keeps it in place, while the ring makes insertion and removal super easy.

So, Who Wins?

I really hate to disappoint, but there really isn’t a winner between glass vs metal sex toys. Whether it’s a dildo, a butt plug, anal beads or anything else, it all comes down to personal preference!

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, or a really beautiful and ornate sex toy, you might prefer something glass.

On the other hand, if you place value in your sex toys being pretty much indestructible, or just love the smooth, metallic look of steel, then opt for a metal toy.

In the end, you’ll have a wonderfully solid sex toy that will produce some incredible pressure and mind-blowing orgasms. And, who can ask for more than that?