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    Rachel Worthington
    by Rachel WorthingtonLast updated: June 09, 2022
    njoy Pure Plug

    The njoy Pure Plug doesn't exactly look like most other butt plugs on the market today. This stainless steel butt plug is designed with ergonomics in mind, and delivers a super smooth and satisfying experience. It's weighty and substantial, and yet approachable for newbies. There are three sizes of the Pure Plug available — this review is of the 'small' size.

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with njoy Pure Plug


    My first thought when opening the njoy Pure Plug packaging? “PINK!”. That may seem a little strange talking about a metal butt plug, but that’s only until you see the box this butt plug comes in. The Pure Plug sits nestled in a bed of hot pink satin, just waiting to be tried out. I’d been thinking about this butt plug for a while, but it always intimidated me. I’m very much an anal-play novice, and have only owned a budget set of beginner plugs before. However, when I saw it there, my trepidation was replaced by excitement!

    The First Try

    I was very careful with the Pure Plug to not go too fast. That meant a good amount of warming up beforehand to make sure that I was ready for it to be inserted. Since this is the small-sized Pure Plug, I didn’t go with a smaller anal toy first — just a finger and then two to get used to the idea. Then, the time came. My boyfriend helpfully assisted me on this mission and thoroughly lubed up the plug and myself before starting to insert it very slowly. Since I wasn’t controlling it, the cold steel came as a bit of a shock! After a second or two, though, it warmed up and went in very easily. I wasn’t sure how I would like the weightiness of it, but I was pleasantly surprised! It felt substantial and satisfying inside. I wore it during PIV (penis in vagina) sex and loved every second of it!

    A Butt Plug With a Difference

    Like I said, I have tried a butt plug or two before. However, these were smaller, silicone plugs with long tapered heads that are prone to slipping out. The Pure Plug is different — the bulbous head stretches you a little bit more as you insert it, but then it actually feels much more comfortable to wear! The long thin stem means no sphincter stretching once it’s in, and it stays in place as you move around and do other things. Plus, I much prefer the handle of the Pure Plug over the round bases of other butt plugs. It doesn’t get in the way or dig in anywhere as you wear it, and the loop makes it easy to remove when you’re done.

    Rachel Worthington

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    Rachel Worthington

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    You should buy the njoy Pure Plug if you...

    Wish your butt plugs felt more weighty and substantial
    Are interested in experimenting with temperature play
    Have at least a small amount of anal experience

    You should NOT buy the njoy Pure Plug if you...

    Are completely new to anal play
    Like flexibility and squish in an anal toy
    Are on a budget

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features njoy Pure Plug
    Length2.75 inches
    Insertable length2.25 inches
    Diameter(widest point) 1 inches
    MaterialsStainless Steel 
    Weight7 oz. lbs
    Storage Bag IncludedNo, but has a storage box 
    Non-porous, body-safe material
    Ergonomic design
    Comes in three sizes
    Adapts to your body temperature
    Suitable for all genders/body types
    Not budget-friendly
    Bulb is not that tapered
    May be too firm or weighted for some

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    The njoy Pure Plug is everything I want out of a butt plug. It's smooth, weighty, easy to insert and remove, and feels really, really good. I would say that the small size is perfect for anal beginners, as well as anyone else who prefers a smaller anal toy. It may not look exactly like other beginner butt plugs, but I think that's actually a good thing. It's designed to fit your body and be super comfortable to wear — something it delivers 100% on. For those who want something a bit bigger or more challenging, there's also a medium and large size available, as well as the super-sized njoy Pure Plug 2.0!

    How to use njoy Pure Plug

    Here's a quick guide on how to use the njoy Pure Plug for the first time...

    njoy Pure Plug
    Grab the Lube
    njoy Pure Plug
    Since the anal canal doesn't produce any of its own lubrication (unlike the vagina, for example), you need to help it out. If you're engaging in any kind of anal play, be generous with the lube to avoid any friction, as that could cause pain, burns and other injuries. The Pure Plug can be used with any type of lube — we recommend a good, thick anal lube.
    Warm Up
    njoy Pure Plug
    It doesn't matter if you're an anal novice or expert, it's always important to warm up before you stick something up your butt. The Pure Plug has a very bulbous head without much tapering, so you should get your anal sphincter used to the prospect of having something of that size in it. Use a finger, then two to gently stretch yourself (or your partner), or use a smaller anal toy or anal training kit.
    njoy Pure Plug
    njoy Pure Plug
    Insert it Gently
    njoy Pure Plug
    Once you and your sphincter are ready, you can begin inserting your thoroughly lubed-up Pure Plug. Go slow and listen to your body to make sure you don't hurt yourself. Hold onto the handle to maneuver it around until you're comfortable. Once you're past the head, the Pure Plug will just adapt to your body and sit however is most comfortable for you, so don't force it in further than it naturally sits.


    Is the small njoy Pure Plug suitable for anal beginners?
    The 'small' edition of the njoy Pure Plug is well-sized for those who don't have a ton of anal play experience. However, I would potentially warn against using it as your first ever butt plug, as the shape doesn't lend itself to very slow and gentle insertion, and might feel overwhelming if you've never put more than a finger up there before.
    Which size njoy Pure Plug should I get?
    There's no definitive answer to which size butt plug you should opt for, but two good things to guide you are: how much anal experience you have, and how physically big you are. Anal beginners should go for the small Pure Plug, and those with more experience may prefer the bigger options. Further, even if you have a lot of experience, those with smaller butts may prefer the medium over the large, and vice versa!
    How does the njoy Pure Plug sit?
    The njoy Pure Plug is designed to follow the natural curve of your anus and rectum, so it sits comfortably and isn't likely to slip out. When you sit down with it in, the base will press in enough to sit comfortably, but you may still notice the handle loop, as it is not flexible.
    How long can you wear the njoy Pure Plug for?
    Although some people say that they can wear a butt plug for long periods with no ill-effects, it's not advisable. Many doctors advise against wearing a butt plug for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time, as more than that slows blood flow to the rectum (due to constant sphincter stretching). This can result in ulceration of the anus and/or rectum. Plus, the first few inches of the rectum don't have pain receptors, so you're unlikely to feel if you're actually being injured.
    Can the njoy Pure Plug be worn during sex?
    Absolutely! The Pure Plug is a perfect addition to PIV (penis in vagina) sex as it sits comfortably and won't move or slip out, even in different positions. It can also be worn during clitoral stimulation, BDSM play and much more.

    Instructions - Manual

    Using a butt plug is fairly simple, and if you follow our steps then you should be there in no time! For more tips on using a butt plug, and to find out which size is best for you, check out this blog post.

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