How to Make a Girl Squirt

Fingering techniques, secret tips, and schooling that will have her squirting tonight

Ever wondered how to make a girl squirt?

You’re not alone in your quest to see her enjoy the ultimate sexual pleasure!

Therefore, I am here to give you two different fingering techniques, a few squirting secrets and even schooling that guarantees you’ll have her squirting tonight!

We’re going to cover:

How to Make Her Squirt: The Quickie Version

Want to know how to make her squirt but don’t have the time to read this entire article?

Here are the main points:

  • Most women are capable of squirting if you follow the right steps.
  • Squirting steps include 1) relaxation, 2) building up, 3) fingering, or 4) clitoral stimulation, then hopefully, the squirt.
  • You can go to school and learn to make her squirt, guaranteed! And it’s cheaper than a few day’s lunches!
  • Squirting is a form of ejaculation where a female releases fluid from her urethra in response to intense, sexual stimulation.
  • Yes, squirt is urine, although diluted and sometimes containing PSA (prostate-specific acid).

How to Make a Woman Squirt

Knowing how to make women squirt is a skill not many have perfected. However, it is a skill that can be learned, perfected, and adjusted to accommodate each and every vagina you wish to pleasure.

Furthermore, learning the best ways to make her squirt is crucial, as you can’t just fumble around down there and hope for the best.

Therefore, we are going to give you the squirting tips you need to make her gush.

But first, there are extremely important pre-squirt steps that you must take to ensure your partner is comfortable, relaxed, and reassured that you have her best interest at heart and want only to pleasure her, regardless of the outcome.

1. The Important Pre-Squirt Steps


There are steps you should take, before you dive in there, knuckle-deep, to make sure your partner is ready to surrender to the act of squirting.

After all, until she is relaxed, confident, and comfortable with the uncomfortable sensations she will experience, she likely won’t be able to squirt.

1.1 Protect Your Squirting Spot

You must prepare your squirting spot before you get started. That is because whoever is doing the squirting will soak the bed, couch, or wherever they are laying.

Therefore, it’s important that you place towels under her. Or you can use a waterproof throw or a bed pad.

Now, let’s talk about the next pre-squirt steps that will assist her in being able to completely let go.

1.2 Comfort

First of all, the vagina owner must be comfortable enough to completely surrender to what her body is feeling. You see, in the seconds before squirting, she will have an overwhelming sensation to pee.

And even if she emptied her bladder, which is essential before attempting to squirt, she will feel like she has to pee, urgently. That is because, during sexual arousal, the female bladder will fill back up quickly.

The theory surrounding this documented phenomenon is that the body is creating a cushion to protect the anterior, vaginal wall during penetration. Additionally, some theories are directly related to squirting, in that the diluted urine is added to the ejaculate to facilitate squirting.

Not unlike penile ejaculation.

Therefore, the vagina owner must know what to expect, how it will feel, and that it’s okay to surrender to it and just let go.

1.3 Encouragement

Giving her encouragement during this sexual odyssey is also an important step to take pre-squirt. After all, feeling like you’ve just wet the bed can be embarrassing.

So, after making her feel comfortable and safe, it’s important to encourage her to relax and allow her body to feel and do what it wants. Plus, she needs to know you are all in and in no way grossed out by squirting.

As a matter of fact, the more excited you are about it, the more accepting and comfortable she will be. However, it’s important that your main focus be her pleasure, and that squirting will simply be icing on the cake, if and when it happens.

1.4 Support

Last, but not least, your support is paramount in your partner being able to relax and allow her body to surrender to complete and total relaxation and release. First, emotional support is key.

She must be able to trust that you are there to ensure her complete pleasure, as well as the physical aspects of support. For instance, make sure towels are laid down under her and you that are verbally supportive during the act itself.

Yes, it’s helpful to tell her how incredibly hot she is while in the throes of passion, and how excited it makes you to see her so aroused and getting into it. Yeah, a little dirty talk goes a long way when you’re sweaty, engulfed in complete and utter sexual bliss, and about to explode.

So, learn the ways to support her physically and emotionally and you’ll have conquered the most important and best ways to make her squirt.

Now, let’s move on to the reason you probably landed here in the first place; how to make a girl squirt.

2. The Best Way to Make Her Squirt: Squirt School

Squirting Triggers 2.0

The number 1 best way to make her squirt is by going to squirt school! No, you don’t have to actually go to school, but you will be taught everything you need to know about how to make a woman squirt. For instance:

  • Relaxation techniques, including sensual massage
  • Fingering techniques, speed, placement, and more
  • What to listen for to know she’s ready to squirt (yes, there’s a sound!).
  • How to stimulate her clitoris, g-spot, and butt.
  • The best lubes to make squirting easy.
  • Plus, so much more!

About School of Squirt and Squirting Triggers 2.0

School of Squirt is a website dedicated to squirting and other exciting sexual topics for everyone. However, their best and most popular program is called Squirting Triggers 2.0.

You’ll learn the above-listed steps, and much more, in short, concise, and fun videos that actually SHOW you how to execute every single step in the process of making her squirt. So, you won’t spend days, or even hours, learning the simple techniques!

You’ll have every tidbit of information you need to make a woman squirt in an hour. Plus, if you purchase the Squirting Triggers 2.0 program, you get several freebies and downloads, all of which give you more intricate and detailed tips and tricks to make her squirt and beg you for more.

Finally, you will get a money-back guarantee! Yes, you read that correctly!

If you cannot make her squirt, after trying the techniques you learned watching Squirting Triggers 2.0, you get your money back! Additionally, the program is extremely affordable and likely less than what you spend on lunch for a couple of days, for just $37.50; that’s $160 off!

So, if you want a lifetime license to this incredible program, simply click the video screen capture above or go here to learn more about the program. Or if you want more information, check out my detailed review of Squirting Triggers 2.0 from School of Squirt.

3. The Steps to Making a Girl Squirt

Here are 4 steps to take in order to make a girl squirt, which happens to include some of the tips I learned by watching Squirting Triggers 2.0 in addition to my own, personal experience.

However, first and foremost, be sure and have a really nice lube on hand. That way, she will be comfortable and your fingering will be friction-free.

Silicone or oil-based lubricants are best as they don’t get sticky or need frequent reapplication. But if you are using any sex toys or condoms, be sure and use a water-based lube as silicone and oil-based are not compatible with some sex toys and condoms.

3.1 Make Sure She Empties Her Bladder

First and foremost, be sure and follow the steps above so she is emotionally prepared for squirting and knows you are there to support her and not freak out when she gushes fluid from her vagina.

Then, you are ready to move on to the physical steps.

Therefore, the first step in making her squirt is to have her take a pee.

Starting with an empty bladder ensures that when she’s ready to squirt, she doesn’t really have to pee, although it will feel that way.

3.2 Relaxation is the Key to Squirting

The next step, in learning how to make a girl squirt, is to help your partner to relax completely. Without that, she will not be able to completely let everything go.

You can do this by starting with a relaxing evening, for instance, a nice dinner where she doesn’t have to cook and clean up afterward. Or a long, romantic walk at one of her favorite beaches, trails, or forest.

Then, you can light some candles, lay her down on a soft, comfy blanket, and slowly and sensually massage her from head to toe. School of Squirt offers a free, sensual massage video program (with the purchase of Squirting Triggers 2.0) that is absolutely out of this world.

3.3 The Build Up

The third step in making her squirt is the build-up. You see, you can’t just give her a massage, roll her over, and dive in!

Instead, concentrate on every single erogenous zone on her body. Touch her lightly to give her goosebumps, kiss and nibble each area, all the while rubbing AROUND her clitoris.

See, rubbing around her clitoris, instead of starting with direct stimulation, right out of the gate, will slowly build her arousal. Plus, slow, sexy arousal will make her hornier than she’s ever been before!

And this is what you want!

So, start with her ears, trail down her neck, kiss her breasts, and lick her nipples. Well, you get the idea.

However, don’t miss a single spot on her body. Then, once she’s moaning and groaning and in a state of high arousal, start touching and teasing her clitoris directly.

Additionally, it’s time to start stimulating the opening of her vagina, dipping your fingers inside and pulling them out. What this will do is drive her crazy, to the point that she wants you inside her.

3.4 The G-Spot

The final step in our list of 4 steps to make her squirt is stimulating the G-spot.

The g-spot is an area located on the anterior (front) vaginal wall.

Moreover, the g-spot can differ from person to person.

For instance, some have g-spot areas dead in the middle while others have hot spots to the left or right.

Therefore, you’ll have to watch her body and listen to her reactions to know exactly where her g-area is.

And, this is the perfect time to give her the encouragement I spoke of earlier.

Tell her you love hearing her moan, remind her how much you love her body, or how you cannot wait to feel her cum and squirt everywhere.

Kind of like a naughty pep talk.

To perfect the art of making a girl squirt you should read the below guide “4. Fingering techniques” on how to do the exact motions.

4. Fingering techniques

Technique 1

`come here` fingering technique

Put your index finger inside of her with your palm up.

Then, while pressing on the g-spot area, curl your finger toward yourself, in a “come here” motion.

Pro tip: You can straighten your finger, press harder, and slide your finger out.

Technique 2

fingering technique to make her squirt

Another great technique can be done, once you feel that the g-spot area begin to respond (by swelling up or hardening).

Again, curl one or two fingers up, press behind the g-spot area, and pull outward, using different speeds and pressures.

Pro tip: Keep the finger penetration going, while switching to her clitoris and back or even penetrating her with your penis.

The ultimate techniques – how you make her squirt instantly

Consider the two techniques I explained above the basic techniques. They are your building blocks.

If you want to make her squirt instantly, every time, then you HAVE to invest a bit in your own education.

Of all the different schools and classes out there I recommend Squirting School as the #1 resource online. With a squirt money-back guarantee it’s the safest choice if you want to have her squirting tonight.

Techniques from Tumblr

Every woman is different, and therefore the two techniques I recommended might not work for you. And maybe, you’re also too cheap to buy the course I recommend.

If that is the case, here are two extra techniques I read about on Tumblr.

Window washer

Window washer fingering technique

Instead of using your fingers in a back-and-forth “come hither” motion, you go side-to-side. Similar to a car wiper.

You will feel that the G-spot has something that will remind you of a gutter. So, wash that G-spot from one gutter to the other. It might help to use this technique if others aren’t working for you or the girl you are trying to make squirt. Or, simply, if your fingers are tired from the other techniques.

Running man

Running man fingering technique

This is extremely similar to the “come hither”-technique, and I doubt there is much advantage to this. The only upside really is a more continuous stimulation, that switched from one side of the g-spot to the other.

The technique is similar to the come hither, but only instead of doing the motion with both fingers, you only do it one at a time. Similar to if you were trying to imitate an upside-down running man with your fingers.

The “going hard” finger that makes a girl squirt fast

I want to teach you one last technique to make a girl squirt fast, just using your fingers.

The technique is very simple, and will likely be the one you can perform the best without getting tired in your arm of fingers before she squirts.

First, sit next to her on your knees, while she lies flat on her back.

Next, Shape your hand like your at a heavy metal concert (the bull horns). Take a look at the below illustration if you’re in doubt.

Finally, move your arm up and down (harder and faster), while keeping your fingers looked in position.

Pro tip: Place your second hand gently on her belly, just over the g-spot to push it further down toward your fingers’ position.

5. The Orgasm Before the Squirt

Once you have brought her to a body-quivering orgasm, do not stop what you’ve been doing. Furthermore, it’s important to remind her to relax and let the feelings come.

Encourage her to relax and allow her body to do what’s next, which is squirting. Now, she may cum again, as that’s what the female body is designed to do.

Therefore, it’s important to keep going with the fingering, clitoral stimulation, and paying attention to her nipples and other erogenous zones. And, if she begins to squirm, again, remind her to relax.

Finally, she will feel like she has to pee, which is the cue that she’s about to squirt. So, encourage her to let it all go, as you continue to stimulate the G-spot.

And soon, she will reward all of your hard work with the ultimate in sexual pleasure, the squirt.

6. Make Her Squirt with Clit Pressure

Nearly everything you will read about making someone squirt will tell you that you need g-spot stimulation in order to squirt. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, I have squirted, several times, from clitoral stimulation alone. I simply “kept going” after my climax and soon after, I was squirting. Sure, I have squirted using a G-spot vibrator, but it had a clitoral stimulator on it as well.

So, don’t take every squirting article out there to heart. Each person with a vulva is different, therefore, will take their own mixture of stimulation to be able to squirt.

How do you add clitoral stimulation to your fingering techniques? You can do so by using your fingers, mouth, and tongue or by adding a small vibrator to the fun.

That way, if she’s having a difficult time achieving the main event, adding clitoral stimulation may push her over the edge.

How long does it take for her to squirt

The first time a girl squirts it can take quite a while to make her comfortable enough, and get her used to the sensation. Expect at least 30 minutes in the beginning.

However, when you learn the proper techniques, and you have successfully managed to get her to squirting orgasms it is a completely different ball game. It can be a matter of seconds before she starts squirting.

How do you make her squirt with a vibrator?

The techniques and stimulation are similar, however, you get the added benefit of saving the strength and stamina in your fingers. And, on top of that the sensation of the vibrator.

Here is a complete guide on how to squirt with a vibrator, and we’ve even made a selection of the best vibrators for squirting.

Oral and squirting: Can you make a girl squirt with your tongue?

Yes, it is possible to make a girl squirt by just giving head/oral sex. Simply by using your tongue, you can bring a girl to a squirting orgasm.

Alas, this is a lot more difficult and greatly depends on if the girl can squirt from clitoral stimulation only.

If she required g-sport stimulation you are unlikely to bring her to squirting from oral sex.

A Video guide on how to make her squirt

This video is made by Alex Grendi and takes you through vital steps in order to make any woman squirt.

How to make her squirt from anal sex

Like with oral, it is not impossible to make a girl squirt from anal sex. But, most women need g-spot stimulation to start squirting. And, as there is less direct access to the G-spot through anal stimulation it is less likely that anal penetration will cause her to squirt.

What If She Doesn’t Squirt?

What happens if you follow all of the above steps and she doesn’t squirt? There are several things you can do, which I will list below.

However, the most important thing you can do is try again!

  • Use the Squirting Triggers 2.0 schooling. That way, you get professional tips and a full refund if you don’t make her squirt, for only $37.50!
  • Concentrate on her pleasure, rather than the end game.
  • Try other means of relaxation beforehand, like meditation, yoga or a warm bubble bath.
  • Add clitoral stimulation to the mix or try that by itself. You never know what will make her squirt, until it happens.
  • Most importantly, don’t sweat it! Relax and enjoy the practice!

What is Squirting?

Sexy woman laying in water

Exactly what is squirting, you may ask? The answer is that squirting is the release of fluid from the female urethra in response to intense sexual stimulation.

Furthermore, squirting isn’t actually an orgasm, but an extension of an orgasm, or an after-gasm. Also, it could be a prelude to an orgasm.

Either way, it is often described as an incredibly powerful, full-body release that can feel like melting into yourself, floating or complete physical and mental surrender. Squirting is intense.

Do Girls Squirt Across the Room?

You know you’ve been watching too much porn when you think that when women squirt, it shoots across the room. If that were the case, I’d suggest you wear a raincoat, galoshes and carry an umbrella.

Unfortunately, due to the magic of porn, most people believe women squirt like a garden hose when they actually trickle, stream, and occasionally gush. This little trick is pulled off by yelling cut, filling the actress’s vagina with water, and having her bear down.

Instant vagina fountain.

In addition, they’ll have the actress drink a lot of water, prior to the scene. Then, on cue, she bears down and urinates.

So, as much as you may be let down by this fact, squirting is still an incredible thing. And if you’re the one that helps her in experiencing that, she will never forget you!

I Made Her Squirt! Was it Pee?

In the rare instance that you made her squirt, without intentionally setting out to do so, you may be freaking out, thinking she wet the bed. In reality, she did.

But before you freak out completely, know the facts about squirt.

First, female squirt is made up of various concentrations of urea, creatinine, and uric acid. So, yes, it’s the same chemical makeup as urine.

However, scientific studies have shown that squirt fluid is a watered-down version of urine. Finally, most squirt contains something urine alone does not.

And that would be PSA (prostate-specific acid), a fluid created and released by the Skene’s glands, also known as the female prostate. Therefore, chemically, squirt is diluted pee that contains female ejaculate.

So, in the end, you made her squirt, not pee on the bed, as those are two completely different physical acts.

Nice job, by the way!

Are Squirting and Female Ejaculation the Same Thing?

If you search squirting and female ejaculation, you’ll find differing opinions. However, being a science gal, I tend to believe the medical and scientific study outcomes.

So, here it is. Squirting and female ejaculation are two separate biological functions that can sometimes combine.

First, squirting is the forcible release of diluted urine either before, during, or after a vulva owner’s orgasm.

Secondly, ejaculation by someone with a vulva is the release of a milky-white substance from the Skene’s glands, which happen to be adjacent to the urethra, where the squirt comes from.

Finally, these two things can happen independently or together, as PSA is found in squirt fluid on most occasions. But they are completely different functions related to arousal and orgasm.

Can All Women Squirt?

Woman being squirted with water

Can all vulva owners squirt? Although science says up to 54% of women have reportedly experienced squirting, the jury is still out as to whether every person with a vagina can squirt.

However, if your partner has a vagina and a g-spot you can stimulate, chances are, they are capable of squirting. But here’s the thing, squirting takes more than just g-spot stimulation.

In fact, there are psychological hurdles to pass, the ability to completely relax and let go, as well as the physical stimulation required to reach the point of squirting.

Sure, that sounds like a lot of work. But if this is something you’d like to experience with your partner, it’s worth the time and practice it takes to reach this incredible, physical, total state of relaxation and sheer sexual bliss.

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

If you happen to be a person with a vulva or someone who is learning how to make them squirt, you may be wondering what squirting feels like.

Well, the sensation can vary from person to person. However, there is one big commonality. You feel like you have to pee.

In fact, that sensation alone is what keeps most vulva owners from squirting. This makes sense because you immediately tighten up muscles when you feel that sensation.

That is why the secret to squirting is total and complete relaxation. Additionally, that’s the same reason it’s important that she empties her bladder before any sexual activity.

Indeed, when you reach the “I gotta pee” point and relax completely, you will squirt. And the warm, head-to-toe release that you feel is almost indescribable.

Finally, prepare to get wet, because whether you trickle a little bit or gush a lot, whatever you’re on will get soaked. But, trust me, it’s worth it!

Now You Know How to Make a Woman Squirt

Now you have all of the information you need in order to make a woman squirt. However, the question remains, what will you do with that information?

Most importantly, make this quest as much fun and fulfilling as you can, for the both of you. After all, sex is an incredible way to get rid of stress, sleep better, and bond as a couple.

So, practice frequently and remember to concentrate more on her pleasure instead of the end game. That way, when she squirts, it will be an exciting surprise, filled with satisfaction, for the both of you.