Is Buying a Fleshlight Worth it?

The Fleshlight is the most renowned and popular sex toy for men. But, is buying a Fleshlight worth it?

Considering most of us are on a budget, this is an important question.

After all, who wants to spend $50 or more on a male sex toy only to find that it falls apart or simply doesn’t feel good?

Therefore, I am going to answer the question, “Is buying a Fleshlight worth it?” by providing you with ratings, reviews and everything you need to know about the Fleshlight before spending your hard-earned money.

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a cleverly designed male masturbator that was created in someone’s garage out of necessity. You see, Steven Shubin, an LA County law enforcement officer, had a sexual dilemma; his wife was pregnant with twins and her doctor said NO SEX FOR YOU! Rather than give in to a blue-balls situation or resolving himself to daily shower masturbation, he created the Fleshlight.

Taking an old school flashlight and adding some squishy materials to the inside, Steven created an extremely discreet masturbation toy that has taken the world by storm. With more than 10 styles and thousands of inserts to choose from, the Fleshlight has cornered the market on sex toys for men. But, is buying a Fleshlight worth it? Let’s dig further.

Why Buy a Fleshlight?

Is buying a Fleshlight worth it? Photo showing 3 types of Fleshlights.
Is buying a Fleshlight worth it?

You may not be asking, “Is buying a Fleshlight worth it?” yet. Rather, you may want to know why buy a Fleshlight to begin with. The answer is pretty cut and dry; if you have a penis and you masturbate, that is why you should buy a Fleshlight. Additionally, Fleshlights have a wide variety of models with different textures and they feature a screw-on lid, making this male sex toy very discreet and easy to store.

So, instead of asking, “Why buy a Fleshlight?” I say, why not?! Your sexual satisfaction and health are definitely worthy of a top-notch male sex toy. Therefore, consider the Fleshlight an investment in your sexual happiness. However, with other masturbators on the market, is buying a Fleshlight worth it? Read further to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Fleshlights.

Are Fleshlights Worth the Money?

Fleshlights start at an affordable $34.95 and go up to near $200 for bundled sets and automatic, programmable masturbation units. But, if you are going to invest that much money on a male sex toy, are Fleshlights worth it? The following is a breakdown of the types of Fleshlights available as well as the accessories offered.

The Basics

Is buying a Fleshlight worth it? Photo illustrating how to wash the inner sleeve of a Fleshlight.
Is buying a Fleshlight worth it? They are easy to wash.

Fleshlight models vary by case style, size and sleeve. However, for the most part, Fleshlights:

  • Have a removable sleeve that can be changed out to a different style.
  • Are easy to clean by removing the sleeve, washing, drying and replacing
  • Are easy to grip because of the outer casing
  • Made from, soft, supple TPE that is free of harmful ingredients and is body-safe
  • Use any water-based lubricant for tight but slippery thrills

Types of Fleshlights

With more than 10 types of Fleshlights, made from different materials as well as thousands of sleeves to pick from, the sheer variety would make it nearly impossible NOT to find a style that makes your penis happy.


Are Fleshlights worth the money? A photo of The Classic Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight
Are Fleshlights worth the money? The Classic Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight


The Fleshlight Classic collection includes the Pink Lady vagina and the Butt models. Both have smooth sleeves and sell for $69.95 (as of 9-14-2020)

Stamina Training Unit:

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit closely replicates intercourse and can be used to build stamina and staying power. These Fleshlight styles start at $34.95 and go up to $250.


The Fleshlight Ice units aren’t the typical skin-type strokers but soft, squishy clear TPE material so you can see all of the action. This style of Fleshlight ice has 6 models to choose from and start at $34.95 and go up to $69.95.


The Fleshlight Turbo collection is unique in that they have 3 points of entry and increased suction made to mimic oral sex. There are 3 styles to choose from starting at $49.95.


The Fleshlight Vibro uses the same inserts as the Classic collection but has the added stimulation of 3 points of vibration. You can own a Vibro Fleshlight for $89.95 or splurge on a bundle that includes the unit, shower holder, lube, replacement batteries and 3 vibrating bullets for $163.80. (9-14-2020)

Fleshlight Girls:

Fleshlight Girls is a line of custom sleeves modeled after 46 ladies of the adult film industry. These unique sleeves cost $59.95 for the sleeve alone or $79.95 for the sleeve and Fleshlight unit. An example of fleshlight girls is: Riley Reid which we’ve written a in-depth guide about. 

Here is a list of all the Fleshlight girls I’ve reviewed:


Fleshlight Flights are modern, sleek, aerodynamically designed units that are perfect for men on the go. These masturbation toys for men start at $49.95.


The Fleshlight Go is a smaller, compressed version of the original Fleshlight and also a style that is discreet and travels well. Prices for the Go start at $58.95


The Fleshlight Fleshsack is a masturbation unit that mimics bottom sex. Each fleshy insert has attached testicles and are $79.95.


Fleshjack Fleshlights Boys are anal masturbators modeled after the bottoms of the hottest gay male adult film stars. This style of Fleshlight comes in at $79.95. Fleshlight also offers dildos modeled after the same stars.

Four Loko:

Fleshlight Four Loko puts a new spin on the discreet toy by using a specially created soda can, rather than the flashlight model. Four Lokos have the same, delightful, fleshy inserts and cost $69.00.


Are Fleshlights worth the money? Photo of the Fleshskin Masturbation Unit
Are Fleshlights worth the money? The Fleshskin Masturbation Unit.

Fleshlight Fleshskins are the first sleeve-only masturbation toys offered by the company. Designed with finger holes, allowing you to get-a-grip, you control all of the tightness. Each Fleshskins unit comes with a drying container for $39.95


The Fleshlight Quickshot line of male sex toys are compact, open-ended masturbators that can be used solo or with a partner for that deep throat feel during oral sex. They are available in the clear ice material or flesh and some are modeled after adult film stars. Quickshots start at an affordable $34.95 and have several accessories available to complete your experience.

Homemade fleshlight:

This Fleshlight model is only available directly from Fleshlight and allows you to build your perfect Fleshlight. Start with either a black or blue Fleshlight case then choose between a vagina or butt, your preferred texture and optional accessories. I chose a blue case with a vagina insert and the Heavenly texture for $69.95.

Fleshlight Accessories

Fleshlight has an incredible number of accessories including sex toy cleanser, lubricants and finishing powder for the flesh-like inner sleeves as well as attachments to hold your Fleshlight in place, warmers and more. However, the best Fleshlight accessory is a technological marvel that makes me wish I owned a penis!

The Fleshlight Launch

Is buying a Fleshlight worth it? Photo of the Fleshlight Launch
Is buying a Fleshlight worth it? The Fleshlight Launch.

The Fleshlight Launch is an automated stroker that fits many Fleshlight models. For $200 you get rechargeable power and up to 180 strokes per minute. Additionally, you can choose a preprogrammed stroke pattern or create one yourself. Plus, you can combine the unit with Virtual Reality goggles which sync to a plethora of adult videos.

These “Feel Me” videos allow you to feel everything the actress is doing as you watch the video. The Launch is also available for the Fleshlight Quickshot models as well. If I owned a penis, I would definitely invest in one of these!

What Fleshlight Users Say: Ratings and Reviews

There are hundreds of different Fleshlight products, therefore, it would take me weeks to find reviews for every single product on the market. However, I will start with ratings and reviews for the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady…. Then, look for more in-depth Fleshlight blogs coming soon!

The Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight, sold on Amazon, has the following star ratings:

Total Global Ratings 721Total 3.9 Out of 5 Stars
57%5 Stars
13%4 Stars
8%3 Stars
7%2 Stars
16%1 Star
Fleshlight Pink Lady Fleshlight Ratings


And here are what some of the men had to say about the product. The good:

“I don’t know why there are dudes leaving negative reviews, it’s just a toy gentleman and not meant to replace the real thing LoL- Anyways, Fleshlight is a fun toy to have and is awesome to have especially when you might go through a sexual drought i.e. long periods of time without sex and it helps you keep up your stamina to last longer in bed. Practice makes perfect / repetition is the mother of skill.”

“I purchased this years ago and recently discovered it in a drawer and gave it a try. I had set it aside because I had two other masturbators that I used regularly. There are cheaper units of this type, or units with more features, but this brand has an important advantage when it comes to a realistic feel. The main way it does this is the quality of the rubber. It has a magic texture and softness. The other way it does this is the working of the casing, which provides firmness and has a simple mechanism to adjust for suction. I prefer higher suction when entering with the “lips” horizontal, like a mouth, and lower suction for entering with the lips vertical, like a vagina. Almost 7 years in, this still performs like new. Other toys I have had tend to break and/or discolor a bit over time, in part I assume because it is necessary to warm these things up with water, then wash them thoroughly after use, so maybe this cycle stresses the material over many uses.”

The not-so-good:

“Where do I start? I thought paying for a $70 sex toy and a name brand would give me a quality product. This thing sucks! And not in a good way. First the cap that supposedly controls suction. It doesn’t. It easily overtightens and just skips the threads. It doesn’t form an airtight seal and it is not hard enough or strong enough to even be completely tightened. Then when I stick my dick in the insert, it collapses into the hard-plastic rim. It just buckles into the hard plastic and gets stuck there. So using the outer shell was pointless. I tried just using the inset on its own, but even that was just unpleasurable and a waste of time. I literally tried to use it once and threw it out without even being able to finish with it! I went back to my pad of seat foam wrapped around a condom. Much better and cheaper!”

More Fleshlight Reviews and Ratings

So, those are just 3 buyer opinions. However, if you want to read more, just pop over to the Amazon page and read away. But I was able to find one of the most comprehensive Fleshlight ratings sites that covers nearly every product as well as the different Fleshlight sleeves available. Just check out Flesh Assist for the lowdown on the Fleshlight products you’re interested in.

The Best Place to Buy a Fleshlight and Why

Is a Fleshlight worth the money? Photo of in inside of various Fleshlight models.
Is a Fleshlight worth the money? The best place to buy a Fleshlight.

Fleshlights are available many places like Spencer’s, Lovehoney and direct from Fleshlight. But what is the best place to buy a Fleshlight and why? Sure, you may find a great deal at Spencer’s if you want to run out to the mall. And many lingerie and toys shops may carry Fleshlight models too. But I have learned that you get more for your money when you buy direct from the Fleshlight site. And here is why:


Most stores will not accept returns on sex toys, no matter what. However, when ordering directly from Fleshlight, you have 30 days to return your product, unused or up to 90 days to contact customer service for a defective Fleshlight. In the latter case, they will send you a replacement Fleshlight immediately.

Fleshlight VIP Program

Enjoy a Fleshlight loyalty program that earns you points for creating an account, liking their social media pages, for writing reviews and 250 free points on your birthday! Additionally, you earn points for every Fleshlight product you buy. Then, cash in those points for $5, $10 and $25 off codes on your next purchase.

Fleshlight Cams

Another perk to ordering your Fleshlight directly from their site is Fleshlight Cams. Just by being a free Fleshlight member, you get access to videos from ladies from all over the world. In addition, you have the opportunity to purchase live chats and one-on-one video sessions with your favorite Fleshlight video girl.

So, Is Buying a Fleshlight Worth it? My Conclusion and Two Cents

Is buying a Fleshlight worth it? Photo of the Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Trainer.
Is buying a Fleshlight worth it? The Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Trainer

As I mentioned before, if I owned a penis, I would definitely want to own a Fleshlight. And, after over 25 years in the sex toy business, I must admit that the Fleshlight Launch is a product that makes me wish I had a penis!

That being said, is buying a Fleshlight worth it? Absolutely! The Fleshlight literally has a style, size and texture for every man’s taste. Plus, with the extra perks you get when buying directly from the company, whatever you do spend on a Fleshlight pays for itself in loyalty points.

Finally, Fleshlights are a high-quality, sex toy for men that is modern, discreet and available in prices to suit every man’s budget. Therefore, I say, get shopping! Then, drop me an email and let me know about your experience. I would love your input on a must-see, upcoming article!

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