Types of butt plugs

By Benjamin Jorgensen / June 30, 2022

Whether you have a huge butt plug collection, just a few different models or you’re trying to pick out your first butt plug knowing what types you either have or want is crucial.

In this guide I will guide you on the ins and outs (pun intended) of every single butt plug type.

We have written a ton on guides on blog posts, and tested even more plugs. You can read our top list of the best butt plugs in testing here.

I will categorize the different types of butt plugs in some categories, to give you an easy to go through overview.

Let’s start off nice and easy with different butt plug sizes and their common names:

Butt plug sizes:

NamesSizes (Diameter)Notes
Tiny / Mini / Petite< 1 inchSmaller than what I would recommend for even your first time butt plug. I would advise choosing this size if you have already tried something with a diameter of a small butt plug, and felt discomfort. These are some of the smallest anal sex toys out there.
Small1 – 1.25 inchesThe perfect beginner butt plug size. You can even go to medium, but I would advice to be cautious and start at this size with your very first butt plug.
Medium1.25 – 1.5 inchesNot quite the novice, but also not quite ready to go all the way huge?
Big / Large1.5 – 2 inchesThese butt plugs are big for anyone. It is important to keep in mind, that butt plugs typically have a wider diameter at the widest spot than most
XL / Jumbo / Huge> 2 inchesAll right, so you are interested in a huge butt plug? We’ll your range is typically anything over 2 inches at least. But remember, everyone is different, and naming sizes in this fashion is somewhat subjective.

However, we are not completely done with different types of butt plug sizes just yet.

The observants ones might have noticed, that I only used diameter as a measure og size.

And if you have already read our butt plug sizing guide, then you will know, that width and length are too very different things.

If you own, or have researched the best anal training kits, then you will also know that a kit typically contains a longer butt plug as well as the typical incrementally larger plugs only.

We use the terminology:

  • Thick or wide butt plug to describe plugs with a large diameter measurement.
  • Thin, narrow or skinny butt plug to descibe plugs with a small diameter measurement.
  • Long or deep butt plug to describe long butt plugs with a large length measurement.
  • And only short butt plug. Typically butt plugs won’t be that long, and you won’t see short as a descriptor in shops or in our anal toy reviews.


In this next section I will briefly take you through the different types of butt plug materials that you can choose between (or stumble upon in your collection).

Afterwards, I’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each and make a fight night out of it (e.g. “glass butt plug vs. metal butt plug”).

  • Glass butt plug – made from borascilate glass, that is pretty much impossible to break (don’t try). Can be heated up or cooled down for extra sensation. Very hard.
  • Metal butt plug – made from stainless steel most commonly, they offer a super hard shell and are great as weighted butt plugs.
  • Silicone butt plug – the most common and body-safe material for any plug. They have a softer outer shell and typically a hard core, so that you don’t have a completely squishy toy at your hands.
  • Stay away from: TPE butt plugs, Rubber butt plugs, Latex butt plugs (except inflatable ones, but I will get to this).

Glass butt plug vs. metal butt plug

Very much a impossible decision as both materials offer slightly the same thing:

  • Hardness: As both materials are very hard by default, what you are getting is a toy that will stimulate you more intensensly that e.g. silicone.
    • Conclusion: No real difference in material.
  • Temperature play: Here is the main difference between glass and metal. At first, with any metal sex toys the toy will typically be very cold at first. Compared to glass you will most likely find stainless steel is a lot colder when you first grab it. It also heats up slower than glass. However, this is also a benifit: The glass can be heated up but will loose heat a lot faster than a metal butt plug. And vice versa, if you cool it down it will warm up a lot faster than the metal version.
    • Conclusion: Metal wins if you like longer temperature play sessions and are ok with a cold toy at start, Glass wins if you want to get going right the second you pull it out of the drawer.
  • Safety: Chosing the best and most safe glass butt plug is important! And arguably, if you have choosen a safe one from a reputable brand like Icicles it should be almost as safe as a metal one. But of course, glass can break. And it will a lot easier than metal ones.
    • Conclusion: Metal wins

Butt plug shapes

Let’s quickly run over some classic types of butt plug shapes and ‘textures’.

And then. I promise.

We will get to the good stuf!

Round – classic type of butt plug shape

Admitely, this Snug Plug from B-vibe actually has more of a square-ish shape to it.

But you get the overall idea.

A round (ish) bulb at the very top, and a thin base.

These are the very classic types of butt plug you will see.


A pointy butt plug can have both a thinner base, like the Rimming Plug 2 from B-vibe that we have reviewed.

But it can also have the shape of a cone. I would personally then categorize it as a anal dildo instead though. That being said, it’s not unusual for me to see sexshops use the terms almost interchangeably.

A funny thing, that I’ve notices is that typically if you buy a anal vibrator type butt plug they come almost exclusively in a pointy shape.

P-spot stimulation (prostate butt plug)

This type of butt plug is very similar to the pointy, however you will always see it has a curved shape.

Apart from that a prostate massager like this one can take so many different shapes (beaded, tapered, knotted, smooth and curved).

We have a wonderful review of the Lovense Edge 2 (the toy in the picture).

Beaded butt plugs

The sharp reader will notice, that we are out on a stretch when it comes to a beaded butt plug.

Actually, most people refer to this type of anal toy as anal beads.

Therefore I also choose pictures from our review of the Satisfyer Booty calls Plugs, as they are very much the merging of a plug and anal beads.

And I truly beleive this should be categorized as a type of butt plug, as there is a big difference between softer anal beads, and then the stiffer version of beaded butt plugs.

Tapered, textured, knotted

I’m not going to say to much about these different types of patterns in butt plugs that are available.

First of all, because I would be here all night writing about every single cravice and crock. No one textured butt plug is really the same.

Secondly, because I might end up spiling your own adventure.

And thirdly, because I cannot really recommend one over the other. There is no way for me to know it you would just absolutely love a knotted butt plug or one with very slight texture.

All day butt plug that can be used for outdoor adventures (wearable butt plug)

I won’t name a single type of butt plug here, that I will recommend you for wearing all day.

First of all, because I would never dare to use a wearable butt plug for so long time periods.

But I do know some that want to experiment with that, and maybe that is you?

If so.. Here are som tips on what to look out for in an all day butt plug:

  • Pick a smaller size than you normally prefer.
  • Go for a very thin base, so that you don’t stretch your rectum. This will also help alliviate any pain if you suddenly clench.
  • Go for a thicker bulb if you experience that it falls our during the day.
  • Choose a t-bar base (more on different shapes and sizes of butt plug bases later in this post). The reason? It’s going to sit a lot more comfortably that a round base. And additionally! Using a T-bar base will prevent you falling for a dangerous temptation. Typically when wearing a butt plug all day, you start thinking for finding a version of a butt plug that has the smallest possible base. That way you it is less uncomfortable with the base between your buttocks. But doing so, you run a bigger risk og plopping it all the way inside you and potentially needing medical attention to retrieve it again. Avoid the temptation, and the risk – go for a t-bar butt plugs base.

Advanced butt plugs (vibrating, rotating, thrusting and remote controlled)

There are so many advanced and technology driven butt plugs out there.

So if you thought, that your options were limited to choosen between a combination of the different the shapes and materials think again.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite types of advanced butt plugs out there.

Let’s start out simple.

Vibrating butt plug

The Lovense Hush on the image is one of the absolute best vibrating butt plugs out there – at least based on our reviews!

Most vibrating butt plugs at affordable prices do not come with a remote control.

Some use small bullet vibrators, that are inserted at the base of the toy, which is typically how they become less expensive. And in addition, you also get a free bullet vibe!

So don’t worry, you don’t have to re-morgage to afford a butt plug that can vibrate. But the Lovense Hush is just SO GOOD, that you might want to consider spending the few extra bucks on it. It’ll make for a perfect couples butt plug!

Rotating butt plug

A rotating butt plug is very different from a vibrating. Maybe it’s self evident, because vibrations and rotations are very different.

But the stimulation you recieve from either type is also not even comparable!

A lot of rotation butt plugs are actually made to stimulate the prostate (you have to be born with that small magic gland to gain from that type of stimulation).

But worry not, if you don’t have a prostate gland you can also get a lot of fun and joy out of using a rotating butt plug.

Thrusting butt plug

Again, very different than “just” vibrations.

A thrusting butt plug (or thrusting anal dildo) will simulate penetrational anal sex hands free!

Some might also come with vibrations and the ability to remotly control them, like the one in the picture.

The only disadvantage of thrusting butt plugs is, that it actually is not quite like ‘real’ anal penetration, as the main part of the thrusting will be inside you. Some movement will also translate into the base, but not quite as much.

Remote control butt plugs (the perfect couples butt plug)

I’ve been over quite a few different butt plugs with mechanical functions. And my recommendation for a butt plug is alsways to buy it with a remote or app connectivity.

Especially if you plan to use it as a couple, having the ability to remote control your partners butt plug just make for the perfect couples anal toy.

Fantasy butt plugs (and tail butt plugs)

Do you want a fantasy butt plug, that brings out your inner animal? Then a tail butt plug is something for you.

It is really only your own imagination that are the boundary for the type of animal tail you can get.

And also even a combination of previously mentions types, means that you can get your hands on a vibrating tail butt plug. You can be a buzzing cat or a thrusting dragon. Or your partner can remotly control their new favorite butt plug wearing unicorn.

Here are some of the different types of tails for butt plugs:

  • Fox
  • Rabbit / bunny
  • Unicorn
  • Dragon
  • Pig
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Pikachu (yes, the pokemon)
  • Kitsune (three tailed sexy fox)
  • Devils tail

Best for anal stretching

Here is a list of the different butt plug types that I would consider good if your goal is to stretch a bit. And I don’t mean that yoga kind of stretching.

Butt plug alternatives around the house (DIY butt plug project)

I’m not going to give you a complete guide in this blog post, as i the focus is on exzposing you to all the different types of butt plugs out there available to you.

But if you are interesting in learning more the have a look at this post on on how to make DIY anal toys.

Different types of butt plug bases

Name / TerminologyDescriptionGood for…
T-bar (T-base)Looks likethe letter T. Typycally with the upper bar shaped upwards or downwards.Long term wear, and for stimulating the scrotum.
Round baseSimilar to bases found on suction cup dildos. Round with a thin stilk going to the bulb of the butt plug. Use during sex with no intention to pull it during climax.
Wide baseCan be either T-bar or round, but just wider (in diameter or T-bar lenght. If you have anal stretched, can gape wide, and don’t want to run any risks.
With handleTypically shaped as a round grib.Good for solo use, or if your partner want to time your orgasm with pulling out your anal plug.
With stringCan have a small ring to grib around, but are mostly found on anal beads and anal balls.Good forpartnered sex, not as great for solo adventures.

Electric butt plug (electro, estim)

If you are into really strong and very different anal stimulations, then you can consider going for an electric butt plug. And no, I don’t mean the electric type that vibrators.

But instead some thing that will send electricity out into you anally.

An electro butt plug couples with a electro apparatus, as for example those from Estim or Mystim.

You can also get electro prostata stimulators. Or even many other types of electro sex toys such as electro dildos and electro nipple clamps even.

Safe butt plugs (go for comfortable butt plugs)

Yes, it’s a coincidence this is what I go for after electro butt plugs. It was next on my list, but i felt like I needed to include that some butt plugs are safer than others.

And if you’re nervous about being safe, then going for a type of butt plug that is considered safe is most likely a smart option! Especially because the more comfortable butt plug you have and the more comfortable you feel using it, the better the experience you will have.

What to look out for to get comfortable and safe butt plug:

  • Soft materials – silicone primarly.
  • Wide bases – see my guide a above for more info.
  • Short and thin – see my guide on sizes above.

In a later edition i will add the following types, but for now – enjoy the above:

Recommendable brand: B-vibe.