17 Ideas For Becoming More Sexually Adventurous

Are you looking for some fun ideas for how to become more sexually adventurous? Perhaps you’re looking to inspire your partner to join you on this journey as well? Well, you can say goodbye to your regular old sexual routine right now! I’m here to tell you everything I know about how to spice up your sex life and be more sexually adventurous!

Firstly, we’ll be going over some quick-n-dirty tips to those of you who are eager to go on this sexual adventure. However, I will be elaborating and providing you with a more in-depth guide later on in the post. We’ll be going over ways to elevate your existing sexual practices and go over some new things you could explore. I’ll also give you recommendations for useful gadgets, sex toys, and courses that can help you and your partner in this journey to becoming more sexually adventurous!

6 Quick-n-Dirty Tips to Be More Sexually Adventurous

1. Positive Attitude & Communication

Communicate with your partner about your thoughts on being more sexually adventurous. You will both benefit from having more fun in your sexual connection and a stronger intimacy.

It’s important that you both stay in an open mindset. One that is curious, non-judgemental, and playful in order to be more sexually adventurous.

2. Share your sexual fantasies or watch porn together

Share your sexual fantasies with each other, watch ethical porn together, or listen to erotic audio stories togethers.

This helps create arousal in a new setting! But you also get to explore what each of you like individually and share it with your partner.

3. Try Mutual Masturbation!

Having sex with yourself in front of your partner can be really arousing. It’s a nice way to see how your partner pleasures themselves with their hands or different kinds of sex toys.

Experience a different way to connect intimately with each other without even touching. At least until you can resist touching each other anymore! 

4. Change Your Location!

We all have our go-to places for having sex. The bed is a classic. You might also have a favorite corner of the couch, or enjoy some regular shower sex. Try going on sexual adventures to new places! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just think outside the box.

Where haven’t you had sex yet? The kitchen counter? The bedroom floor? Up against that wall in the living room? The car? A remote place in nature? The world is your oyster!

5. Learn How to Enhance Your Go-To Sex Moves Even More!

Want to master the art of the blowjob? Perfect your fingering technique? There are some great educational courses out there for you! They can teach you different ways to pleasure your partner like never before.

Courses from Beducated, BadGirlsBible, and School of Squirt can help you elevate your sexual skills. More on that later…

6. Get Kinky With Some Sensation Play and Impact Play!

Sexually adventurous - kink sensation play impact play

Try blindfolding your partner (consensually, of course), and treating them to some sensory teasing and pleasing. Run a feather tickler or an ice cube over their skin. Allow them to focus on the gentle sensations. Allow them to enjoy being carressed. This can open completely new doors of sexual pleasure!

Adding some handcuffs or some light spanks will also allow you to explore different power dynamics in this sexual adventure. The good thing about exploring kink? It can be experienced at many different levels of intensity. Start out slow and see where this adventure takes you!

17 Ideas for How to be More Sexually Adventurous

So, those were some basic tips to becoming more sexually adventurous. Now, I’m going to provide you with more of an in-depth guide. I have so many ideas for you to explore no matter where your sexual comfort zone is right now!

Let’s start with the most important part of actually (and successfully) becoming more sexually adventurous – having that conversation with your partner and getting into a positive and curious attitude about it!

1. Mindset & Attitude

Basically, you can’t actually become more sexually adventurous if you’re not both in a place to explore this part of your intimacy. Talk to your partner about why you want to be more sexually adventurous and share your hopes and fears. You will most likely both benefit greatly from a stronger intimate connection and a more varied pleasure experience. Nobody enjoys a boring sex life! But having this kind of conversation is the first step to being more comfortable with adventurous sex.

Perhaps you can read this blog post together and talk about the different suggestions on how to be sexually adventurous. Hopefully, something will resonate with the both of you. Who knows, you might get inspired to try something new right here and now! I’m not going to stop you…

It’s important to have a talk consent when it comes to being more sexually adventurous. If you’ve agreed that you would like to try new things, you should talk about those things specifically and make sure your partner is also open to exploring them – and how they’re comfortable exploring them. Here are some tools for communicating about some of the things you would like to explore on your journey of being more sexually adventurous. 

  • Sexy brainstorming – Sit down together and have an actually sexy brainstorm session with all the things you can think of that you might want to experience with your partner. Ask yourselves questions like, what have I always wanted to try sexually? Do I have any fantasies we could try acting out? Are there any sex toys I wanted to try out with my partner?
  • Yes, No, Maybe List – For our blog post about How to Have More Sex, Isabelle suggested making this kind of list with three columns. I think this is a great way to approach any questions of consent and boundaries when it comes to being sexually adventurous. Give each other some homework to make a list of things you want to try, things you maybe would be into, and things that are off limits for you. Here’s an example of what that could look like. 

Elevate the Sex You’re Already Having

Let’s get into the nitty gritty, my naughty little adventurers! Here are some of my favorite ideas for becoming more sexually adventurous without having to try too many new things and step too far out of your comfort zone. In fact, there are SO many ways to elevate the sex you’re already having! Small adventurous things to do in bed that will take you on new exciting sexual adventures! 

3. Location, Location, Location!

Locations for having adventurous sex: the kitchen, shower, floors, outside, on different furniture.

As mentioned earlier in the quick-n-dirty tips for being more sexually adventurous, simply changing the settings of your sexy escapades can really make a difference. It creates variation in the setting in which you’re used to experiencing pleasure and allows you to gently venture out of your comfort zone!

So, if you haven’t gotten nasty outside of the bedroom in a while, now’s the time to get out there! You can even make a game out of it and try to have sex in every room of the house, or on different surfaces or furniture pieces. The kitchen counters, the bedroom floor, up against the wall in the hallway or on that surprisingly sturdy ottoman in the living room! You can also try to find some remote spots to do it out in nature for a more drastic change of scenery.

4. Try Out New Positions

Rachel personally tested this sex pillow, the Liberator Wedge, and gave a glowing recommendation for people who want to enhance their comfort and pleasure during sex.

Try looking up new sex positions online and look at them together. Feel inspired to explore your angles, your flexibility, ands your endurance with some new ways to grind or thrust into each other.

You can also enhance your favorite positions by placing a pillow under your body in certain sex positions (like missionary, doggy style, or puppy pose) to enhance the angles of penetration and increase your pleasure. If you like this sensation, you can even get a sex pillow that is ergonomically designed to help you out in certain positions for better support and enhanced pleasure! 

5. Practice Sexual Spontaneity

Practice sexual spontaneity.

It’s easy to get used a certain time of day to have sex. Generally, it happens either early in the morning or later at night before bed. While your schedules may have forced you to get into this rhythm, it can be good idea to shake things up once in a while. Being sexually adventurous can also just mean making an effort to have sex at different times of the day. Very few of us have libidos that answer to a very particular schedule, and we may experience that our desire to have sex comes and goes at different times throughout the day.

By making an effort to have sex outside of your comfort time-zone and listening to your body’s sexual desires throughout the day will allow both of you to connect with your authentic libidos. Maybe you’ll figure out that you both prefer having sex at another time of day?

6. Play Around With the Time You Spend on Sex

Play Around With the Time You Spend on Sex

Your busy schedules may not allow more than what you’ve ended up doing in your usual routine. But it is really worth it to set time aside to invest in your intimacy!

Play around with it. Have a passionate quickie in the middle of the day perhaps? Or spend half a day enjoying each other’s bodies and taking your time exploring your pleasure without feeling like you have to rush through it.

7. Try Mutual Masturbation

Using sex toys for mutual masturbation.

As I suggested earlier, mutual masturbation is great way to decontruct your usual sexual routine while still experiencing satisfying pleasure. Masturbation in front of or next to each other, or put on a one-man show for your partner to demonstrate how you like things done. You can use your hands or some sex toys, or even use your partner’s hands and masturbate each other.

8. Share Your Personal Turn-Ons

Watch porn together, listen to audio-erotica, read aloud from some smut or share your sexual fantasies with each other. Creating a space where you’re both encouraged to openly share what turns you on with your partner can both be really great for your sexual connection but it’s also just really hot…

This practice also cultivates some serious sexual creativity as you’re inspired by some arousing content that you might not be used to drawing from with your partner.

9. Stay Away From Your Usual Routine!

Stay away from your sexual routine.

Another fun way to cultivate some sexual creativity is to ban the usual acts (or the way you usually perform those acts) or your go-to ways to obtain orgasm, from your sex life for a few weeks. In the meantime, you can have fun exploring different ways to experience pleasure, different positions, and different ways to bring each other to orgasm.

If you tend to end up in missionary or keep reaching for a certain vibrator in order to cum faster, you can agree not to do these things for a while, and see what else you think of for getting off!

A List of New Things to Try!

Now that we’ve had a look at fun things to incorporate into your existing sex life to be more sexually adventurous, some might be longing for more…

Sometimes being sexually adventurous means taking things up a notch in terms of intensity and new experiences. I’ve got a few more adventurous sex ideas that you can introduce to your sex life, if you’re ready for something new!

Of course, what seems new and exciting to someone is all relative. Perhaps you’ve already tried some of these things before. Good news! No matter if you’re already a pro or you’re a complete beginner, I’ve got something useful for you here.

Whem it comes to incorporating new sexual practices into your sex life, it’s always a good idea to educate yourself about the practice, its techniques, and prepare yourself mentally and physically. The courses offered by Beducated provide in-depth educational guides on over 100 pleasure practices. If you’re looking for detailed guidance and education on how to incorporate new sexual practrice, Beducated is the place to go!

Beducated's course on  Sexperiments for Couples
Beducated even have a full-blown course on “Sexy Tools for Adventurous Lovers“!

The courses I’ll be recommending will allow you to get a good introduction to these sexually adventurous activities OR they can help you master the techniques you’re already familiar with!

10. Enter the World of Kink Together

Beducated kinky sex
Beducated’s course on Kinky Sex caters to different levels of experience and gives you a great introduction to the world of kinky sex and how you can enjoy it.

Whether you’re a complete BDSM beginner or you’re already at a stage where you’re looking for more adventurous kink, Beducated’s course is a great tool to learn more about how you can use kinky sex as a way to be more sexually adventurous.

Gentle sensation play with a blindfold and a feather tickler can do wonders for taking you out of your comfort zone and letting you rediscover pleasure in a new setting.

If you’re looking for even more adventurous sex ideas within BDSM, you can also explore things like sexual restraints and impact play toys like BDSM whips, floggers, or spanking paddles.

If you’re not so much into the physical aspect of BDSM, then you might simply enjoy the arousal that comes from the psychological part of it. Power play has to do with experimenting within different power dynamics, relinquishing control, and playing around with what domination can look like to you and your partner.

Regardless of their intensity level, all kinds of kinky sex can help you be more sexually adventurous

11. Anal Play!

Beducated's course on Anal Pleasure
Beducated also has a great course on all things Anal Pleasure. I would recommend this course to complete anal beginner who want to know more about butt stuff and how to enjoy it before diving in head-first! Watch it with your partner and talk about how you feel about anal play.

Have you tried anal yet? Have you tried different types of anal pleasure? Perhaps you still have much more anal fun to explore. It definitely is a great thing to dip your toes into if you’re looking to get more sexually adventurous.

Anal play doesn’t always have to be full-blown penis in anus action. You can simply massage the anus to stimulate all the nerve endings there. You can play around with small butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, metal butt plugs or glass butt plugs for temperature play, and even wear them during PIV (or dildo in vagina) sex for an extra fulfilling feeling for you and your partner.

Once the door to anal play has been opened on your sexual adventure, you can even explore pegging and strap-on play – and even explore some double penetration action!

12. Sensual Intimate Massages

Beducated Sensual Vulva-Massage Course Image
Beducated’s course on Sensual Vulva Massage or their course on Yoni Massage is great for pampering your vulva-owning partner.
Beducated’s course on Erotic Massage offers great tips and tricks for approaching different kinds of bodies for a pleasing tantric, erotic massage.
Beducated’s course on Sensual Penis Massage or their course on Lingam Massage provides a great guide for pampering your penis-owning partner.

Pampering your partner with a massage is always a great idea, right? Well, you can make this a part of your journey to becoming more sexually adventurous! Sensual, erotic massages can be a great way to set some time aside to worship and pamper each other’s bodies. They allow you to appricate your partner body and touch in a completely new way. Erotic massage like this also tend be really great methods of foreplay.

These kinds of erotic massages are built on tantric traditions highlighting the healing properties of sexual pleasure. Learn more about these different kinds of erotic massages on Beducated and receive useful tips on how to prepare for them mentally and physically to get the most out of your sensual massage experience.

13. Lapdance!

Beducated's course on Lap Dance
This course from Beducated is perfect beginners who want a proper introduction to Lap Dance.

Venture into the world of sensual dance to try something new in the bedroom! Just like a sensual massage, giving a lap dance or an erotic dance with plenty of floor work can be a real treat for your partner and yourself.

Sensual dance is a great way to connect with your own sensuality. Moving in ways that make you look and feel sexy can do wonders for your overall pleasure – and your partner’s!

14. Threesome?

Beducated's course on Threesomes for being more sexually adventurous
Beducated’s course of Tips for Succesful Group Sex provides you with really useful guidance for having great threesomes and group sex.

Have you every tried a threesome? Perhaps you’ve considered it before? I will admit that this is one of the more racier suggestions I’ve made on how to be more sexually adventurous. Not everyone will be open to inviting more people into their bed and that is totally okay!

If you are interested, I would highly recommend doing your research, learning everything you can about sex in a group setting, communicating a lot with your partner about your personal boundaries and desires, and making sure you are comfortable with and trust the people you choose to involve.

And if you don’t want to invite people to join you but still like the idea of a threesom, a sex doll torso can do wonders for the fantasy of having a threesome!

15. Perfect Your Techniques for Oral Orgasms

With the course, The Blow Job Bible from Bad Girls Bible you’ll get access to plenty of new techniques on how to get ahead on giving amazing head to your penis owning partner. Apparently, these techniques are so powerful that they will make your partner fall in love with your mouth… Seems good to me, honestly!

Regardless of how much of an oral rockstar you think you are, there’s always room for improvement. Especially when you try to focus on oral as the main attraction.

My suggestion is to spend a few sessions of sexy tie focusing solely on your oral pleasures. And what better tool to use than these sex courses that help your perfect your techniques for providing mindblowing oral!

Bad Girls Bible offers a course called the The Blow Job Bible – a handy guide full of sexual techniques that supposedly will help you blow like a pro!

Of course, the blow job should not get all the spotlight here. Beducated offers a great course that teaches you the basics of cunnilingus. Use this course to master the techniques you need to impress your vulva-owning partner orally and provide them with some oral orgasms.

Beducated's course on Cunnilingus
Beducated’s course on Cunnilingus will help you practice some of the best techniques for providing orgasmic oral pleasure.

16. Master Your Fingering Techniques and Explore Squirting

how to maker her cum with a squirting orgasm
Check out School of Squirt‘s new course: Squirting Triggers 2.0.

Try making it a journey for you and your partner to engage in some intense vaginal massage with the goal of obtaining squirting orgasms!

You and your partner can check out some different techniques and tips from School of Squirt. However, be aware that the language used in this course is not super inclusive and the techniques can be rather intense. You can check out Edwina’s full review of the School of Squirt’s Squirting Triggers 2.0 course here, so you can figure out if it’s appropriate for you.

Otherwise, I would recommend the squirting courses provided by Beducated and OMGYes.

Watch Corinne’s interview where she shares her experience with squirting at OMGYes.

17. Use Sex Toys to Be More Sexually Adventurous

The We-Vibe Verge is a vibrating cock ring that helps maintain a strong erection while delivering versatile vibrations to all your sweet spots.
The We-Vibe Chorus is c-shaped vibrator designed for sexually adventurous couples who love internal and external vibrations.
b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 2
The b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 is a vibrating butt plug made to mimic the sensation of a rim job can be enjoyed by anyone who might like that sensation.

There are so many sex toys out there that are designed to help you be more sexually adventurous! Use them on your partner or use different ones at once. You can even watch your partner masturbate with a sex toy. There are so many options! Remember, sex toys are never a threat to you or how well you can please your partner. They are your friends! They will only help you elevate you and your partner’s overall pleasure duirng your sexy sessions.

Remote controlled sex toys, like panty vibrators, or vibrating butt plugs can be great for engaging in some public play. They can also be used for teasing your partner with jolts of pleasure around the house.

App-controlled sex toys with long-distance features are really helpful for creating adventurous intimacy across any distance. No matter how far away you are from your partner, stay spicy!