Butt Plug VS Anal Beads: Which Is Best for Your Bum?

Butt plug vs anal beads; yes, dear readers, it’s time for another sex toy smackdown!

This time, it’s the battle of the classic booty toys.

I will tell you all about the butt plug and anal beads, how each are used, the materials they are made of and the exciting varieties from which you can choose. But the goal isn’t to see which one is best, it’s to see which is best for your bum!

So, let’s get started with butt plug vs anal beads and see which backdoor pleasure product rings your bell.

Butt Plug VS Anal Beads: What Is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a pleasure product made to go in your rear.

Created for backdoor pleasure for everybody with a butt, butt plugs offer intense stimulation for all of those wonderful nerve endings hidden away in our behinds.

Yes, those nerve endings are directly connected to our pleasure center of the brain tangled within our genital happy nerves.

Butt plugs are shaped a bit like a spade – narrow at the top, spreading larger in the center and ending with a thin stem.

Connected to the stem is a flared base, which keeps the butt plug from traveling up and inside the body, something that is extremely important with all butt toys.

Additionally, the unique shape of a butt plug keeps it from falling out, allowing plug lovers to wear them any time.

How to Use a Butt Plug

Peace, Love Anal Plug set

Knowing how to use a butt plug is self-explanatory. However, there are some tips and tricks to make using a butt plug easier and more comfortable.

First, and foremost, if you’ve never used a butt plug before, you want to start with a beginner butt plug. These are smaller in size, have a smaller stem and are a bit softer.

Second, you must lube that butt plug up liberally using a water-based anal lubricant. That way, it slides in easily with no resistance.

Also, lubing up your anus and rectum allows the butt plug to slide in with little effort.

Next, you must learn to relax your sphincter in order to allow the largest area of the butt plug to go past. Because, once the plug slides past the sphincter, it’s set in place and you’re good to go.

You can relax by taking a warm bath or shower, deep breathing exercises or by enjoying some good, old fashioned making out. Yes, arousal not only excites our bodies, but allows everything down there to open up.

Once in a relaxed state, slowly slide the plug in a little at a time.

If it hurts at all, stop, take a few deep breaths and if the pain subsides, move forward.

However, if the pain continues, stop and try again with a smaller butt plug or continue anal training with your finger or your partner’s finger.

Soon, you will learn to relax and be able to enjoy the anal pleasures and lovely, tingly sensations that butt plugs have to offer.

When to Use a Butt Plug

Now that you know how to use a butt plug, let’s talk about when to use a butt plug. No, there isn’t a butt plug society that sets rules for when and where you can use a butt plug, so these are just suggestions! Butt plugs are great for:

  • Wearing during sex for an incredibly delicious full feeling
  • Using during masturbation to amp up the excitement and make those Os out of this world
  • Casual wear at work or around the house, particularly while training and for all-day foreplay
  • BDSM ordered anal play or training

Why Use a Butt Plug?

If you were assigned male at birth, butt plugs are a great tool for stimulating the prostate gland, or p-spot. If you were assigned female at birth, anal plugs give a full-feeling, especially when being used during intercourse. In addition, for all bodies, butt plugs ignite sensitive nerve endings around the anus and genitals adding to arousal and excitement.

Types of Butt Plugs

Butt plugs, although basically shaped the same, are available in different materials.

Some of those materials, include silicone, metal butt plugs, and glass butt plugs.

Occasionally, you’ll find butt plugs made of rubber or a jelly-like substance. These aren’t recommended for any type of anal play as the materials are porous.

What that means is that there are tiny, microscopic holes that hold dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses that cannot easily be washed away. And because of the material itself, these types of butt plugs cannot be sterilized.

Therefore, it’s important for your health that you only use butt plugs created with non-porous materials.

In addition, butt plugs come in an amazing selection of styles. That way, you can try all of the exciting varieties available and find out which butt plugs tickle your fancy.

Classic Butt Plugs

Classic butt plugs are either bullet or spade shaped and have the classic stem and flared base.

Nothing fancy, but this type of anal plug feels fantastic and is perfect for butt-play beginners.

Look for these anal staples in all sorts of colors and materials, like this Lovehoney classic butt plug.

You can also find more butt plugs at Cute Cruelty. This shop might have the best-designed butt plug collection I’ve seen for a while.

Shaped Butt Plugs

Anal plugs also come in a small array of different shapes and textures.

For instance, you can find butt plugs shaped like a penis, plugs that have beads and bumps, and plugs that have a more square shape made specifically to increase internal stimulation while being worn.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Butt plug vs anal beads; vibrating butt plug

Vibrating butt plugs add some exciting vibrations, pulsations and patterns to anal play.

Most of these types of anal plugs have a remote control for easy use as well as buttons on the plug that you can set before sliding it inside.

Furthermore, some butt plugs, like the B-Vibe Rimming Plug, offer vibration as well as rotating metal beads in the stem for a rim job like you’ve never felt before!

Thrusting Butt Plugs

Booty Blaster Plug

Thrusting anal plugs offer a little more stimulation than most all plugs.

In addition to vibration, these remote-controlled butt plugs mimic penetration with a thrusting motion. You can also get rotating butt plugs.

This amps up the prostate stimulation as well as adding more tingly, thrilling stimulation to the backdoor area. And, if used during intercourse, it closely mimics double penetration.

Try the Booty Blaster for 10 settings of OMG!

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Anal plugs also come in inflatable varieties.

They work by being inserted at their normal size.

Then, once fully inside the rectum, these plugs have a bulb you can squeeze in order to inflate the plug, making it larger and increasing pressure and stimulation to the prostate and excitable nerve endings in and around the anus.

Fancy, Fun, and Cute Butt Plugs

Metal Jeweled Butt Plug

Feeling a little kinky or wanting to add some sparkle to your tush?

Cute butt plugs will satisfy your animal kink with long, busy tails to cute little butt plug tails. Or, don a gorgeous jeweled butt plug for a bit of glamour and sparkle.

Weighted Butt Plugs

B-Vibe Weight Plug Chart

This style of anal plug adds weight on the interior in order to add to the full sensation that so many anal toy lovers enjoy.

Weighted butt plugs are also ideal for anal training as they come in all sizes and weights.

Start with the smallest and lightest, then work your way up.

Butt Plug Training Kits

Butt plug training kits are the perfect pleasure product for those interested in beginning anal play. Training kits often include several sizes of anal plugs, from small to larger.

Additionally, some kits, like the B-Vibe Anal Training and Education kit include instructions, anal irrigators and anal lubricant injectors.

Kits like this are the best products to begin anal training and learning how to properly use butt plugs.

Butt Plugs Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of butt plugs will vary from person to person because we all have different tastes when it come to sex and pleasure products.

So, let’s take a look at all of the pros and cons and you can decide if any of these apply to your sexual tastes.


  • Anal plugs come in dozens, if not hundreds of sizes.
  • Butt plugs are easy to use.
  • Anal plugs are made to be safe to use because of the flared base.
  • Plugs come in a variety of types from classic to vibrating and even thrusting.
  • Butt plugs are a fantastic sex toy for all people and stimulate bottoms as well as prostates.
  • Anal plugs can be worn under clothing, during sex and many other activities.


  • Some people simply dislike anal stimulation.
  • Butt plugs must be cleaned and sterilized after each and every use.
  • Long term butt plug wearing can cause ulcerations inside the rectum.

Butt Plugs VS Anal Beads: What Are Anal Beads?

Classic anal beads

Anal beads are an anal sex toy that is made up of a string of beads separated by either a string (which are difficult to find now) or a thinner area of silicone.

Anal beads were created to make orgasms more powerful, when used correctly.

Unfortunately, nowadays, people haven’t been taught how to use this incredible O-powering tool properly.

But I am going to do that right now!

Get those pens ready to take some notes!

How to Use Anal Beads

Before I tell you how to use anal beads, I want to give you a little back story on how I was trained to use them and therefore, sell them to clients.

And I sold a lot.

As a matter of fact, I was the top anal bead seller in the company of all time!

So, I am going to share my secrets and the correct way to use anal beads.

What Are Anal Beads for?

Anal beads were originally created for people assigned male at birth – the prostate owners.

And although you’ve seen them used in porn, mainly on vagina owners, you’re probably thinking I’m not in my right mind.

Well, yes, things have changed in the last 30 years and yes, anal beads and other anal toys can be enjoyed by the vagina owners as well.

However, like a prostate massager, anal beads were created for prostate stimulation.

Old-School Anal Beads

The old-school, or classic anal beads were plastic beads threaded onto a thin cord with a plastic loop on the end. They are available in small sized, medium sized and large anal beads.

Because of the cord or string, the beads were able to curl up and sit in one area of the rectum – the prostate gland.

Unfortunately, the new style of anal beads cannot curl into one spot.

So, although you still get a similar sensation, they aren’t as affective as they once were.

But they still work and are totally worth trying out! So, here’s how they are intended to be used.

Anal Bead School

How to use anal beads, the way I was taught.

First, be sure the beads are well lubed so they insert smoothly. However, be sure the ring at the bottom is dry so it doesn’t slip off your finger. Next, push the first bead beyond the sphincter slowly and gently.

Now, get hot and heavy, making out or giving the anal bead recipient oral pleasure.

The natural movement of the body of a prostate owner, while aroused, will pull the rest of the beads inside. With a vagina owner, this will likely only work with gentle hip thrusts.

Once the beads are inside, the classic anal beads would roll and move, stimulating the prostate gland and increasing arousal.

The last and most amazing move is the removal.

As the bead recipient nears the point of no return and begins the ascent into O-land, slowly and gently (you are NOT starting a lawn mower) begin to pull the beads out.

This puts pressure on the prostate during those orgasmic contractions, making the orgasm much stronger.

And, with the vagina owner, the beads will also intensify the contractions, creating a new and exciting sensation.

The Anal Bead Happy Ending

I have given these instructions to hundreds upon hundreds of clients over the years and the stories I have gotten, in return, have been remarkable, to say the least. But the one thing the feedback always had in common was, “Oh my goodness! The beads really went in by themselves!” and “My boyfriend/husband screamed like a girl and nearly blew me across the room!”

Most were apprehensive about trying them out, but after the proper use of the anal beads, everyone reordered regularly and even increased the size of beads they ordered.

And that, my readers, is how to use anal beads. I’m sure I may get some flak for this, as I have never seen the proper instructions in other blogs and such. Some may say I am giving out improper sex toy advice – insert eye roll. However, find a set of anal beads and give it a try. Then, come back and see me. It worked way back then and as far as I know, the human body hasn’t changed since!

Types of Anal Beads

It’s rare to find the vinyl or plastic anal beads on a string now, but it you can find them, they give the maximum pleasure.

They are so inexpensive; you throw them out after using.

Although, they can be cleaned by soaking in hot water and antibacterial soap.

Otherwise, you can find anal beads made from silicone, glassanal beads and stainless steel anal beads; all of which will increase orgasm intensity and make you scream with delight!

You can also find them in a load of different sizes from very small anal beads to very large anal beads and long anal beads.

Classic Anal Beads

Classic anal beads, as described above are beads with a string or cord running through the middle.

Most of the time, they are made of body-safe plastic or vinyl.

They are extremely inexpensive, usually around $10 or less for a set.

Basic Anal Beads

Butt plug vs anal beads: Basic silicone anal beads

Basic anal beads consist of a string of silicone beads, oftentimes in several sizes from small to large and connected by a slightly flexible silicone cord.

These beads do not roll or move like they classic style.

And on the end, you will find a loop to hang on to, keeping the beads from slipping inside the body entirely.

Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating anal beads are the same style as basic anal beads but with the added stimulation of vibration.

Most have a remote-control so you can set the level of vibration you enjoy, and leave your hands free to hang on to the ring at the end of the beads.

In addition, some steel anal beads are made to create a natural vibration as they move, so no batteries or remote-control required.

Fancy Anal Beads

Butt plug vs anal beads: Jeweled Anal Beads

Fancy anal beads are more or less like a beaded butt plug, as there is no ring at the end. Instead, fancy anal beads have a flared base that is adorned with a sparkly crystal.

Who doesn’t want a bejeweled butt hole?!

Or, show that booty some serious love and choose a set of anal beads with a unique shape like these heart shaped anal beads.

Anal Beads Pros and Cons

As with butt plugs, the pros and cons of anal beads will vary from person to person.

Since not everyone enjoys bottom play, or have yet to try it, some folks would simply like to pass on anal toys.

And that’s okay!

But for those who are game for any kind of sexual adventures, here are the pros and cons of anal beads:


  • They increase the intensity of orgasm when used correctly.
  • Anal beads offer an incredible prostate massage.
  • The texture of anal beads creates a unique and thrilling sensation in vagina owners.
  • Anal beads are a smaller pleasure product, therefore, are easier to store.
  • They are great sex toys for all bodies as well as an exciting couple’s toy!


  • Because of the texture, anal beads are more difficult to clean.
  • Some may not like how far anal beads go into the body.
  • You must be extremely careful in holding on to the ring at the end of the strand.
  • Difficult to use during intercourse.

Butt Plugs VS Anal Beads, What’s the Difference?

Butt Plug vs Anal Beads: Weighted anal beads

In this sex toy smackdown, butt plug vs anal beads, let’s talk about the difference between the two. You would think a butt toy is a butt toy, but when it comes to these two toys, they are vastly different.

Butt plugs are meant to be placed in the bottom and left in place.

They can be worn at all times as well as during sex to increase sexual pleasure.

On the other hand, anal beads are made to be inserted then pulled out at the moment of orgasm, increasing sensation and intensity.

And because of the ring at the end of the strand of beads, they cannot be left inside without someone holding onto that ring at all times.

That’s a tedious job!

That is why I say that butt plugs and anal beads are very different anal sex toys.

Butt Plugs VS Anal Beads, Which Is Best for Your Bum?

50 Shades of Grey Bead and Plug Set

Butt plugs vs anal beads, let’s see which is best for your bum.

If you desire anal fullness and something you can experience any time of the day or night, including during sex, then a butt plug will best fulfill that desire.

However, if you are looking for a way to increase anal pleasure, orgasm intensity and sensation, then anal beads are the sex toy you should choose. However, if you absolutely love butt-play.

I say get both, the butt plug and a set of anal beads. Or, buy a convenient anal training kit that includes both!