SheVibe Free Shipping

By Edie / January 26, 2023

How to get free shipping from SheVibe, shipping options, delivery accuracy and more!

Wondering how to get SheVibe free shipping? And when you do order, how accurate is SheVibe delivery times?

I am going to give you the lowdown on how to get SheVibe free shipping and what delivery options they have to offer. Then, I will show you how accurate SheVibe delivery really is.

After all, with the most incredible sex toy website ever, the largest selection of brand names in one place and sex toys for everyone, gender affirmation products and so much more, SheVibe is one of the best places for buying pleasure products.

SheVibe Free Shipping Quickie

In a nutshell….

  • SheVibe offers free, economy shipping every day, for orders $68 and over (before taxes and after any discounts), no code required!
  • There are more ways to receive free expedited shipping and product discounts by subscribing to the SheVibe newsletter, following them on social media, searching for codes and using Power Up points for free UPS 2-day shipping.
  • SheVibe has several options for shipping – from the free economy to 1-day delivery – as well as Military and international shipping that includes taxes and duty fees!
  • But is SheVibe delivery accurate? From my personal experience and that of customers, it looks like they are on the money!

SheVibe Free Shipping Article Quick Links

How to Get Free Shipping from SheVibe

SheVibe has the best selection of sex toys, bath and body products and even erotic games! But how much are they going to charge you to ship a huge box of adult goodies?

I am going to show you how to get SheVibe free shipping and even free 2-day delivery! That way, you can order everything on your wish list without spending a fortune in delivery fees.

SheVibe Free Shipping Every Day

SheVibe free shipping snip from website

You have got to love any website that offers free shipping when you spend a certain dollar amount. And SheVibe is one of those sites.

When you spend $68 or more, before taxes and after any discounts are applied, you get SheVibe free shipping! Therefore, hitting that magic amount gets you your goodies free of charge!

However, this is economy delivery and may take longer than expedited shipping options.

Do a SheVibe Search

The next way to get SheVibe free shipping, as well as other nice discount codes, is by using your favorite search engine. Simply search “SheVibe discount codes” and you’ll find codes posted on various websites.

So, even though you get SheVibe free shipping with a $68 purchase, why not find a discount code so you can buy even more bedside treasures?!

Social Media and Free SheVibe Shipping

Social media photo

Another way to get SheVibe free delivery and other discounts is by following them on their social media accounts. You see, social media followers are crucial for many businesses.

Therefore, you’ll see specials, sweepstakes, contests and even free shipping and discount codes that are exclusive to that social media platform. So, follow SheVibe and subscribe to their notifications so you never miss an opportunity to save big bucks on adult pleasure products.

You can connect with SheVibe here:

Join the Power Up Points Program for Free SheVibe Delivery

SheVibe power up points header
SheVibe free 2-day shipping via power up points

If you fall in love with the SheVibe website the way I did, you will definitely want to join their loyalty program: Power Up.

You can earn points to go toward future purchases. But the best thing you can earn is free SheVibe upgraded shipping, specifically, UPS 2-day!

Here are the easy ways you can earn Power Up Points:

  • Earn 10 points for every dollar spent.
  • You’ll earn 50 points immediately for signing up.
  • Get 150 points on your birthday.
  • Grab 50 points for each social media follow. (You can also find discount codes there too.)
  • Every 1,000 points equals $10 off your purchase, up to $30.
  • Cash in 4,000 points for free, 2-day shipping.

Never Miss a Sale or SheVibe Free Shipping Code

One of the best ways to ensure that you never miss SheVibe free shipping or a sale opportunity is by signing up for their newsletter. That way, there’s no searching necessary.

Simply said, it all comes directly to your inbox.

What are the SheVibe Delivery Options and Shipping Accuracy?

Once you’ve fulfilled your sexy wish list and have a cart filled with erotic goodies, what are SheVibe delivery options and how accurate is their delivery? Let’s take a look at what SheVibe offers and their estimated delivery times.

Before You Choose SheVibe Shipping Options, this is Important!

Don’t take the SheVibe shipping time estimates at face value until you are aware of these things. First, you don’t count your order day as a shipping day.

In fact, SheVibe says to allow 1-3 days for picking and packing. After that, they will email you to let you know your goodies have shipped.

Then, you start counting the estimated shipping days to make sure it’s accurate.

Next, SheVibe only picks, packs and ships Monday through Friday. So, if you happen to order on a Friday, your order won’t be shipping until the beginning to middle of the following week.

In addition, SheVibe observes the following US holidays. Meaning, they do not pick, pack or ship on the following days:

  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day

Finally, when you choose the standard shipping method, the SheVibe shipping department will choose the most economical choice for your particular order. Therefore, you could receive your package through any of their available couriers.

SheVibe delivery accuracy and options

SheVibe Delivery in the United States

SheVibe offers several shipping options to choose from. That way you can get everything from SheVibe free delivery, to overnight delivery, depending on how quickly you want your pleasure products.

SheVibe Free Shipping

Again, SheVibe free shipping is given when you spend $68 or more before taxes and after any discounts are applied. And this option has an estimated delivery time of 3-6 business days.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is $7.50 to anywhere in the United States and has an estimated delivery time of 3-6 business days. This is a fantastic option if you don’t have an order over the $68 limit for SheVibe free shipping.

USPS Priority Shipping

SheVibe uses USPS Priority shipping for those of you who want your orders a wee bit more quickly. They estimate this option to take 3-6 business days as well.

However, the United States Postal Service says Priority shipping takes up to 3 days. Additionally, the cost of this option depends on the weight of your package and where you are located.

SheVibe Shipping UPS Ground

This shipping option also goes by the weight of your package as well as where you are located in the United States. And according to the SheVibe website, the delivery time is estimated to be 3-7 business days.

FedEx Ground Home Delivery from SheVibe

I love that SheVibe offers so many shipping options. Because, well, in some areas UPS is better, and in others, FedEx is the favorite.

Now, for this shipping choice, you will receive your package in 2-6 days. But it can be any day of the week Sunday-Saturday! Keep in mind though, the price of this shipping choice is also determined by the weight of your package and where you live.

SheVibe Special 3-Day Shipping

This shipping option will be delivered via UPS or FedEx and will arrive in 3 days as long as your order is completed by 11:00 am. In addition, the cost goes by the order weight and shipping destination.

2-Day Shipping from SheVibe

This is another SheVibe special shipping option that gets you your new pleasure products in 2 days. The delivery courier will also be UPS or FedEx, and the price will vary depending on package weight and where you happen to live in the country.

SheVibe shipping illustration

Get it Fast! SheVibe 1-Day Shipping

If you just have to have that SheVibe sex toy asap, choose their 1-day shipping option. The cost is dependent upon the package weight and your location, but you get your goodies in 1 business day!

And that gives you more time to play!

SheVibe Delivery to the Military

The Military can still receive free SheVibe shipping. However, if you don’t hit that magic number of $68, you can still choose standard delivery at $7.50 and your adult products will ship to you, anywhere in the world, via USPS.

SheVibe estimates a military delivery time to be up to 14 days.

For International Buyers

SheVibe offers one of the best international shipping options of all the sex toy websites! That’s because they use a service called Global-E, the world’s leading platform for cross border ecommerce.

Furthermore, their secure system allows you to shop in your country’s currency and pre-pay any customs or duties for a guaranteed landed cost. Plus, they not only use DHL, but whichever courier is the best in your country!

Finally, your shipping rate is determined by the weight of your package, taxes, any duty fees and where you reside. And here are the estimated times for delivery, which will vary by your location:

  • Economy courier: up to 30 days
  • Standard courier: (selected based on your area) 8-10 days
  • Express courier: ships via DHL 3-5 days

How Accurate is SheVibe Delivery?

Now that you’ve seen all of the SheVibe delivery options, just how accurate is SheVibe delivery? To be honest, this relies, in some part, on the chosen courier, weather conditions and other things that can slow down a delivery.

That being said, in looking at reviews and taking into account my personal experience, SheVibe delivery is extremely accurate.

My Experience with SheVibe Delivery Accuracy

I ordered some products from SheVibe so that I could write a review on the site, and how accurate their shipping and discretion are. At that time, I chose standard shipping, which estimated a 3-6 business day window.

So, I placed my order on 12-29 and received my package on 1-3, which was right on with their estimate. Therefore, SheVibe shipping is accurate, in my opinion.

What Do Customers Say About SheVibe Shipping Accuracy?

This is where things got difficult for me, as I couldn’t find any negative reviews on SheVibe at all. Well, except for this one person on Facebook, who seemed confused about shipping options:

Customer delivery review

Finally, so you know I’m not lying to you about SheVibe shipping accuracy, here are just a couple of the positive reviews I found.

Positive customer review
Positive customer review

SheVibe Free Shipping and Delivery Accuracy

Ordering your grown-up toys from SheVibe is a thrilling experience from the moment you visit their website. Then, learning you can get SheVibe free shipping makes things that even better, if that’s possible.

In the end, SheVibe shipping is accurate, delivery is free or affordable and you have many options to choose from. So, your biggest problem will likely be which of the thousands of amazing, pleasure products you’ll choose to purchase this time!