What Is a Sex Chair?

By Isabelle Uren / March 31, 2023

What is a sex chair? You might be thinking any chair that you have sex in is a sex chair! And while, technically, you’re not wrong, there are chairs designed specifically for making sex even better!

There are many different kinds of sex chairs that allow you to explore more acrobatic sex positions without risking life limb! Which one you choose will depend on a few different factors, all of which I’ll take you through today!

Here’s what you can learn in this post:

What is a sex chair?

Like all sex furniture, sex chairs feature special additions that transform them from mundane furniture into sex accessories. Many sex chairs offer support in more demanding sex positions, allowing you to enjoy more varied sex positions. Some also have features to add new ways to play into your sex life, such as restraint points for bondage play, sex toy holders for your favorite dildos or vibrators, or even bouncing seats!

Sex chairs also come in a range of styles from soft and sensual to more industrial dungeon style and everything in between, so you can find one to match the aesthetic of your space!

Different Types of Sex Chair, Plus My Top Recommendations

There are few main types of sex chairs, with each one having slightly different uses. Knowing what you want to use your chair for will help you decide which style to go for! To make it easy for you, I’m going to explain each type and give you my top product for each one!

Sex Chaise

Sex chaises are great if you want a permanent piece of furniture to set the scene for your sexual exploration! They are a definitely the most luxurious out of all of the sex chairs! A sex chaise is a real statement piece that screams decadent pleasure!

The Liberator Esse is a classic design that is both sexy and practical! The curved design matches the curves of your body and the moveable headrest and centre mini-scoop make this even more versatile!

The machine washable covers come in a wide range of colors, and there is a moisture resistant lining to protect the foam if things get a little messy!

It also comes in a bondage version, The Esse Black Label, which features

Pros and cons of sex chaises:

Not sure if a sex chaise is the sex chair for you? Here are the main pros and cons:


  • Well padded and comfortable to use for extended sex sessions
  • Allows for many different sex positions, including sitting, lying and standing positions
  • Helps you achieve deeper penetration
  • Offers a lot of support
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Available in many colors to match your style


  • They take up a lot of space
  • Tend to be expensive
  • Don’t assist movement

Queening Stools (or Kinging stools)

If you love oral sex and want to indulge in long sessions without cramps getting in the way, a queening chair is the way to go! They are especially great if you love face sitting oral or are curious to try it but scared to sit directly on your partner’s face. Queening chairs are also great for BDSM play and can be used for slave play, humiliation play, and many other kinky oral activities!

The are low to the ground and have space for the giving partner to insert their head under the seat. The chair itself has a cut out, so that the giving partner’s mouth can access the sitting partner’s genitals for all kinds of oral pleasure!

The Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair is a versatile queening chair that opens up all kinds of oral opportunities!

The seat is made of two thick elasticated straps, giving the sitting partner the ability to bouncy and move on their partner’s face.

Plus, the long open slit in the seat also makes it easy to access the anal area for some rimming action.

The whole thing is easy to dismantle and store, so you can keep your sex chair accessory a secret!

As a bonus, you can also use it for bouncy penetrative sex with a partner or suction cup dildo!

Pros and Cons of Queening Stools

While queening chairs might seem like they are designed for BDSM play, anyone who loves oral sex can enjoy them! Here are the pros and cons to help you decide if a queening chair is right for you!


  • Opens up the whole genital area for oral play
  • Receiver doesn’t get tired legs
  • Not as much weight on the giving partner’s face
  • Can help with rocking movement
  • Small and easy to store
  • Great for BDSM power play
  • Can also be used for penetrative play


  • Limited options to use in different positions
  • Might not accommodate larger bodies
  • Limited designs and color options available

Bondage Chairs

If you love getting tied up and want more possibilities for restraining multiple body parts at the same time, bondage chairs are a great option. They come with many different restraint points or even built-in restraints, so you can restrain your partner’s wrists, arms, legs and thighs quickly and easily!

The Multifunction Bondage Chair from OxyShop is a serious bit of bondage kit!

It comes with a chest restraint strap and wrist, thigh, and ankle restraints for full body bondage!

On top of that, the split seat design leaves the sitting partner’s genitals open for stimulation.

The frame is made of iron and the straps are made of leather, so this chair is strong enough to withstand some squirming!

Pros and cons of bondage chairs

Bondage chairs can be quite the investment but if bondage play is a big part of your sex life, they can really add a lot of fun! Here are the main pros and cons.


  • More restraint options than a regular chair for full body bondage
  • Open seat designs for genital play
  • BDSM aesthetic
  • Sturdy constructions to withstand squirming


  • Usually pretty expensive
  • Not the best option for penetrative sex
  • Take up a considerable amount of space
  • Not discreet
  • Designed for partnered play

Sex Machine Chairs

Sex machine chairs come with a dildo attached so you can enjoy hands-free penetration. Some have a thrusting motor, similar to a thrusting sex machine, for automatic thrusting. Others, like monkey rockers, use your body’s movements to propel the dildo back and forth.

The LoveBotz Deluxe Bangin’ Bench is a comfortable sex machine stool with an automatic dildo attached to the base.

The powerful sex machine can reach up to 195 thrusts per minute for some serious thrusting action! You can also adjust the angle to get your perfect ride.

Plus, the thruster is detachable, so you can use it independently of the stool.

On top of all that, the stool also doubles up as a queening stool, as you can replace the padded seat panels with the thick elastic straps that are included in the kit.

Pros and cons of sex machine chairs


  • Enjoy hands-free penetration
  • Choose between motorized or rocking thrusting mechanism
  • Can be used solo or partnered


  • Often pricey
  • Limited style options available
  • Dildos are often made with porous materials

Sex Toy Mounts

If you love the idea of being able to ride your sex toys but don’t have the budget or space for a full sized sex chair, sex toy mounts, also known as dildo mounts, are a great alternative. They feature a specially design hole that can accommodate different types of sex toys, so you can mount up and ride away, rodeo style!

Best for vulva owners

The Liberator BonBon is made of high-density foam and has a deep pocket that can hold your favorite dildo or vibrator. The cover is made from sensually soft velvish and can be machine washed. There’s also a water-resistant liner to protect the foam!

Best for penis owners

If you want to enjoy hands-free thrusting with your favorite Fleshlight, the Top Dog from Liberator is the mount for you! Like the BonBon, the Top Dog uses high-density foam, so it keeps its shape. This model is covered in a faux-leather cover, which is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

Pros and cons of sex toy mounts

While you might not consider sex toy mounts to be sex chairs per se, they do offer some pretty great benefits! Here are the pros and cons for you to weigh up.


  • Cheaper than full-sized sex chairs
  • Able to hold sex toys you already have
  • Can double up as sex pillows for support in different sex positions
  • Great for simulating threesomes/double penetration with a partner
  • Take up less storage space
  • More portable


  • More limited position options
  • Not designed for more heavy duty play or bondage
  • Don’t have the same aesthetic effect as a full-size chair
  • You need to already have a sex toy to use them with or be willing to buy one.

Why use a sex chair?

If you aren’t already convinced that a sex chair can elevate your sex life by the options above, here are my top reasons to invest in one:

  • Explore more adventurous sex positions. We’ve all seen sex positions we would love to try but avoid in fear of a pulled muscle, or worse! Well sex chairs offer support that can make it easier to access those spicy sex positions more safely.
  • Improve your sexual stamina. Marathon sessions can be great, but my are they tiring! Having the added support of a sex chair can take some of the load of, so you can preserve energy and keep going for longer!
  • Better bondage play. Many sex chairs are designed with bondage in mind with lots of restraint options so you can easily keep your partner exactly where you want them, with no escape! There are also some really great bondage chairs keeping with the BDSM aesthetic that would look right at home in a dungeon!
  • Built in stimulation. Some sex chairs have built-in dildos or vibrators, so you can enjoy hands-free stimulation. This also leaves your hands-free to roam!
  • Dedicated sex furniture can help get you in the mood. A sex chair really sets the scene for sex and can help create the right context to get you in the mood!

Sex chair buying guide

Hopefully, now you know exactly what a sex chair is and which type will help you explore your fantasies! The next step is know what to look for in a sex chair. Here are some things to consider when shopping for yours.

  • Quality materials — Sex chairs are quite an investment, so make sure yours is built to last! If your sex chair has a frame, look for one made of strong materials, that are joined well. If you are going for a fabric sex chair or position aid, it’s good to look for one that has machine washable covers.
  • Size — Before you choose your sex chair, look at what space you available. Do you have enough space for a chaise that will be left up all the time or do you need something small that can be easily packed away.
  • Discretion — If you want to keep your sexual adventures secret, you are best off looking for a chair that isn’t too obviously a sex chair. Another option is to look for a chair or stool you can easily disassemble.
  • Type of stimulation — If you want to explore a specific type of stimulation, such as hands-free penetration, make sure your chosen sex chair is able to provide that.
  • Style — When you think of sex chairs, many people imagine BDSM dungeon style chairs, and while there are many amazing BDSM chairs out there, there are also plenty of more subtle or sensual options too!
  • Solo vs partnered play — Many sex chairs are designed to be used with a partner, but sex machine chairs and sex toy mounts are also great for solo pleasure.

How to use a sex chair for some added spice

If you’ve settled on a sex chair and are waiting for it’s arrival, you are almost there! Next up, I’ll take you through a few fun ways to put your chair into action. For more inspiration, you can check out my post on how to use a sex chair!

  1. Tackle your sex position bucket list — Once you know which type of sex chair you are getting, you can start researching sex positions you want to try! As well as going for some more adventurous ones, you can incorporate your sex chair into some classic sex positions to see if you can enjoy better angles or deeper penetration.
  2. Explore power play — Sex chairs with restraints for exploring power play! Tie up your sub and break out your favorite sensation play tools or magic wand vibrator to tease and torture them with!
  3. Try out impact play — If you want to add a little more spice, you can use your sex chair for some restrained impact play! Grab your spanking tools and floggers and enjoy exploring new sensations together.