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    Isabelle Uren
    by Isabelle UrenLast updated: October 22, 2021

    The Womanizer Duo features a bulbed, vibrating g-spot stimulator and clitoral suction head. Both have 12 levels of intensity and the g-spot vibrator also has 10 different vibration patterns to explore. It also has the optional Smart Silence feature which means the toy only starts when it comes into contact with your body.

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    My Personal Experiences

    The concept of the Womanizer Duo excited me, but I was skeptical that it would actually work due to everyone’s anatomy being different. After the first couple of times, I thought my suspicions had been confirmed. I found it enjoyable but not mind-blowing, as I couldn’t work out how to position it so the g-spot stimulator and clitoral stimulator were hitting the right spots. This made me lose interest a little, but knowing I had to write this review, I persevered, and I am so glad I did! When you find the right position and settings for your body, you can pretty much sit back and relax while the Womanizer Duo does all the hard work and builds up to some incredibly powerful, literally breathtaking orgasms. I was surprised by how big the g-spot stimulator felt due to the bulbous tip. The shape and size made for great g-spot stimulation, but I recommend warming up and using lots of lube! I thought this would be similar to using a rabbit vibrator, but it resulted in much deeper, more resonating orgasms.

    Isabelle Uren

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    Isabelle Uren

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    You should buy the Womanizer Duo if you...

    Enjoy dual stimulation
    Prefer strong clitoral suction over vibrations
    Want a clitoral suction vibrator with changeable heads

    You should NOT buy the Womanizer Duo if you...

    Have a pacemaker
    Prefer very strong g-spot vibrations over clitoral suction stimulation
    Know the distance between your clitoris and vaginal opening is much longer than average
    You are pregnant or have recently given birth (consult your Dr)
    If you have skin irritation, or if you have other health problems (consult your Dr)

    Specifications and features

    Womanizer Duo
    Vibration speeds12
    Vibration patterns10
    Clitoral suction12
    Insertable length5
    MaterialsABS, silicone, medical-grade silicone
    Battery Life120
    Charging Time120
    Travel LockNo
    Storage Bag IncludedYes


    Powerful clitoral suction
    Rumbly g-spot vibrations
    Good range of intensities
    Easy to clean
    Bulbed g-spot stimulator


    Can get loud on the higher settings or if there isn't a good seal around the clitoral suction head
    Can take some practice to find the right position
    Can take some time to master the controls

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    I was underwhelmed with the Womanizer Duo at first and wasn’t that inclined to use it over a different clitoral suction toy. That all changed completely when I took some time to practice finding the right position and playing around with the settings. It took a bit of effort, but now I know what works, I’m really impressed with this device. EDIT: After spending some more time with the Womanizer Duo, it has become one of my favorite toys. Seems we just had to take a little more time to get to know each other! Of course, one of the best things about this multi-talented orgasm machine is that you can enjoy thrusting, g-spot vibrations, and clitoral stimulation all with one toy. For me, this means I can build up to multiple orgasms using the different features and settings. I would have been reluctant to spend this much on a toy that I was unsure would work for me. I was skeptical about the all-in-one design as it is hard to make a device like this that suits most people’s anatomy, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Womanizer Duo. If you love dual stimulation and are looking for a luxury dual stimulation product that lets you just sit back and relax, then it’s worth the price tag. I think it would be even better if you could pose the g-spot stimulator to change the angle between the two parts. The Womanizer Duo is quite big and can be pretty intense to use, so personally, I can’t see it being used in many different positions or locations. I would also say, for these reasons, it is most suited to solo play. It’s great when you are in the mood for a strong orgasm without doing any work. If you are someone who loves the dual stimulation of a rabbit vibrator and are looking for an upgrade, I would definitely recommend the Womanizer Duo. It will completely change your experience of dual stimulation. However, if you prefer clitoral stimulation, I would probably recommend going for a cheaper, clitoral-suction-only vibrator. Also, if you know you have a longer/shorter distance between your clitoris and vaginal opening, I would maybe opt for two separate toys. This toy has taken the already incredibly sensation of clitoral suction, which has given me some of the fastest and strongest orgasms ever and added in some blissful g-spot vibrations.

    How to use Womanizer Duo

    The Womanizer Duo is perfect for when you just want to sit back and let the orgasms come to you. Here's how to use the Womanizer for some of your best-blended orgasms yet!

    Womanizer Duo
    Familiarise yourself with the controls
    Womanizer Duo
    The Womanizer has quite a few buttons, so I highly recommend figuring them out before you get started. There are two sets of up/down controls — one for the internal arm (1) and one for the clitoral stimulator (2). To turn either off, you can turn it down fully. There is also a separate button to scroll through the internal vibration patterns (3).
    Get yourself aroused
    Womanizer Duo
    The bulbed tip of the g-spot arm is quite filling so you want to make sure you are aroused before inserting it. Do whatever you like to get yourself in the mood. Massage your body, use the g-spot arm on your clitoris, or fuel your fantasies with some feminist porn or erotic stories!
    Womanizer Duo
    Womanizer Duo
    Add in some lubrication
    Womanizer Duo
    Apply some water-based lubrication to the g-spot arm and a small amount to the rim of the clitoral stimulator.
    Insert the g-spot arm
    Womanizer Duo
    Insert the g-spot arm and place the mouth of the clitoral stimulator over your clitoris. Turn the device on. If the smart silence mode is activated, both stimulators will start when the device is held against your body.
    Womanizer Duo
    Womanizer Duo
    Explore the settings
    Womanizer Duo
    Use the two up/down controls to change the intensisty of the g-spot or clitoral stimulator or turn them off completely. You can also use the pattern button to change the vibration patterns in the internal arm and find your favorite.


    How to turn off the g-spot stimulation on the Womanizer Duo
    To turn off the g-spot vibrations and enjoy the air pulse suction, use the vibrator intensity buttons and turn it all the way down until the vibrations in the g-spot stimulator stop. Or you can turn the clitoral stimulator down completely to turn it off and enjoy only the g-spot vibrations.
    What is the difference between the Womanizer Inside Out and the Womanizer Duo?
    Both the Womanizer Duo and the Womanizer InsideOut have different intensity levels in the clitoral stimulator and insertable stimulator, but only the Womanizer Duo has different patterns. The Womanizer Duo has a bulbed insertable shaft, whereas all of the Womanizer InsideOut's shaft is roughly the same circumference. The Womanizer Duo has the Smart Silence feature, which means the vibrations and air pulse suction only kick in when the clitoral stimulator comes into contact with your body. The Womanizer InsideOut measures 192 x 120 mm and the Womanizer Duo measures 88 x 203 x 58 mm
    What lube to use with the Womanizer Duo
    As the Womanizer Duo is made from silicone, you should use water-based lubrication.

    Instructions - Manual

    The Womanizer Duo can be switched on and off with the button on the back of the device. The four buttons on top of the device control the stimulators. One set can be used to adjust the intensity of the clitoral suction and the bottom set for the internal vibrations. The small button with dots in a diamond shape can be used to scroll through the vibration patterns. To turn the smart silence feature on/off hold down the two clitoral stimulation buttons for 2 seconds.   Womanizer Duo Manual

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