50 Best Sex Positions to Try Out in the Bedroom

Sometimes the best sex positions are those we have accidentally stumbled upon during a passionate, love-making session. Then again, we can discover new and exciting positions in other ways.

If you’re still trying out some of the more common sex positions it can be difficult to take it to the next level.

Even if you’re pretty experienced, it’s so easy to run out of ideas.

So, to make things easier, we’ve done the hard work for you.  

We’ve created the ultimate sex position list, with 50 different positions to choose from.

Table of contents

Best Straight/Heterosexual Couple Sex Positions

Now, we know that a lot of straight couples get branded with the ‘boring’ label far too often, and some of these positions we have for you to try will certainly debunk that myth.


Best sex positions: the cowgirl

The woman straddles the man and rides him on top.


Doggy style hetero position

Penetrating from behind, the man kneels behind the woman who is on all fours.


The missionary sex position

This one has the woman lying flat on her back, with the man on top.

And although you can take these 3 “vanilla” sex positions and turn up the heat by adding a vibrator, pillows, or tingly lubricant, it’s always fun to explore moves you’ve yet to try.

So, next time things are getting hot and heavy, consider the following best sex positions:

The Proposal

The proposal

If you’re feeling romantic, why not try out ‘The Proposal’? Face each other on your knees, and allow your partner to place one knee up and guide themselves toward you. Spread your legs a little and grab a pillow if you have to so you can find the right fit.

This is one of the best sex positions if you and your partner are of equal height.

Butter Churner

Butter churner sex position

The less romantic sounding ‘Butter Churner’ sex position is a great choice for deeper and more intense penetration. Lie on your back with your legs raised and folded over so that your ankles are on either side of your head, while your partner squats and penetrates you.

Reverse cowgirl

Best sex positions: reverse cowgirl

This one is the same as earlier, just facing away from your partner!

Side to side

Hetero position side-to-side

The opposite of spooning – turn and face your partner for some intimate action.



Imagine spooning, but NFSW. Great for spicing up those nighttime cuddles.



To keep it interesting, you could always add in the Wheelbarrow sex position. It’s got nothing to do with sorting the garden out, but instead Get on your hands and feet and have them pick you up by the pelvis for deep penetration (and the best sex position for a core workout). 


Hetero butterfly

Or if you fancy a break and letting your male partner do the work, give the Butterfly a go. The man stands at the end of the bed facing the headboard whilst the woman lies on her back on the edge of the bed, and rests her feet on the man’s shoulders.

Sex toy ideas for Hetero sex positions:

Best Lesbian Sex Positions

Obviously, many of the positions we’ve already mentioned aren’t just for straight couples. Any couple with a vagina and a penis can get involved – but even other couples can give them a try.

Lesbians have plenty of unique positions that work just for them, making that woman-loving woman love, spicier than ever. But, if they want to take inspiration from straight couples, we have just the positions for them.

Missionary and Doggy

Lesbian missionary positions
Lesbian doggy style using strap on

If you’re partial to a bit of strap-on fun (who isn’t), then Missionary and Doggy might be just for you.

These positions are simple, easy to do, and perfect for any WLW couple trying out their first-ever strap-on purchase.

The Double D

The best sex positions for lesbians, the double D

If you’re both into penetration and want to feel more connected than ever, the ‘Double D’ is the best sex position for you. 

This position has you both laid on your back, with a cushion under your hips for support. Insert one end of the double dildo slowly, then the other end into your partner, most double ended dildos have a handle in the middle to guide thrusting. 


Lesbian 69

If you want to put the apparatus to one side for your next intimate lesbian experience, get all up in each other’s business with the 69 sex position. We don’t need to explain much for this one, but to make sure you’re clear, you and your partner assume the shape of the numbers to perform some great oral.


Lesbian sex position: Queening

Queening is another option, and a slight twist on the 69. Queening is actually the same as “face-sitting,” where a woman squats over her partner’s partner’s face and lowers herself down onto their mouth.

Spooning and Mutual Masturbation

Spooning and mutual masturbation

Of course, spooning and mutual masturbation are two sex positions we highly recommend for those sleepy sex sessions too.


Scissoring sex position

The classic Scissoring position is also a great choice for WLW partners to enjoy if they fancy a bit of a workout. You may have heard of it before as ‘tribbing’, which requires that you and your partner lie on your sides and intertwine your legs like two pairs of opened scissors, and grind.

One partner lying on their back with their legs outstretched in the air, your partner will then lie in between your legs, align their clitoris with yours, and rub.

The Olympic Gymnast

The olympic gymnast

Adventure is the spice of life and the same can be said for the bedroom, and ‘The Olympic Gymnast’ sex position will do just that – but you might need their level of flexibility!

Lie on your back with your legs in the air, whilst your partner faces you and leans into your legs, pushing them behind your ears, while you rub your pelvic bones together. 


Best sex positions: Lesbian delegator

If you fancy incorporating a few power dynamics into your more intense sessions, we’ve found that the ‘Delegator’ position is a great option. 

You’ll need to either sit upright in a chair or on the edge of a bed with your legs spread wide. Place a pillow under your feet and have your partner crawl between your legs. 

Lift your legs up and wrap them around your partner’s neck and shoulders to adjust the angle and use your hips to steer them, for ultimate control.

Here are some sex toys to consider for lesbian sex positions:

Best Gay Sex Positions

We wanted to help gay men get super creative in the bedroom, so we’ve researched some of the lesser-known, yet best sex positions for the bedroom, to make your sessions extra satisfying.

Rusty Trombone

Rusty Trombone

The ‘Rusty Trombone’ might have a less than appealing name, but we can promise the sensations will have you singing its praises. This position has your partner ass licking from behind whilst giving you a handjob at the same time.

Drunk Boat

Drunk boat gay position

For something a bit more romantic, you could try the ‘Drunk Boat’ – a face-to-face sex position in which one partner lays on their back with their legs pulled up, and the other slowly sinks into their partner from above.

Back it in

Back it In position

There’s always something for the more literal couples, and the ‘Back it in’ sex position says exactly what it wants you to do.

Simply have the top sit in a chair with knees up to the chest, allowing his penis to be outward and forward. The bottom backs into the position, allowing the penis to enter him.

Suspended Congress

Suspended congress

This sex position takes a bit of interpretation, but it’s definitely one to add to your bucket list if you’re aiming for a ‘sexpert’ status. 

The ‘Suspended Congress’ has the top standing and picking up the bottom.

The bottom then wraps his arms around his partner’s neck.

Then, the top penetrates the bottom while holding his thighs to hold him up.

A workout for sure!


Helicopter sex position

Once you’ve warmed up, it’s time to try out the ‘Helicopter’. This one is a super complicated sex position, but stay with us as it’s definitely worth it!

One partner will get on their hands and knees, whilst the other stands over them in a downward dog position. As they slide inside, they lift their legs into the air so that they’re supported on their hands and their hips are against their partner’s butt – creating a ‘helicopter’ shape.

Cliff Diver

Cliff diver

Would you say you’re an adventurous, adrenaline junkie type? If so, we highly recommend the ‘Cliff Diver’.

Not as dangerous as its name, but certainly as thrilling, the bottom gets on all fours on the ground. The top then gets behind the bottom and simultaneously stands and lifts their partner up by the thighs or waist so that the bottom can wrap his legs around the top’s back.

Squatter’s Rights

Squatter's rights position

We’re not too sure about the name of this one, but the ‘Squatter’s Right’s sex position will definitely be one to remember, as your partner sits on your face and holds onto your nipples. 

Stand and Deliver

Stand and deliver sex position

A more simple, ‘Stand and Deliver’ position is fantastic to get things going on those slower evenings, as the bottom bends the active partner over a chair and enjoys his way with him in a standing position.

See Saw

The see-saw

We recommend the ‘See Saw’ position for a bit of fun – have your top lie on the ground and prop up their calves on a chair while keeping his body straight. The bottom straddles the top’s legs and inserts the penis into his partner.



Or perhaps the ‘Lotus’ is for you – Sit with your knees bent out to the sides and the bottoms of your feet touching and your partner will then sit in your lap, facing you, and wrap their legs around your back.

This is one of the best sex positions for full-body, sensual contact.

Best BDSM Sex Positions

We know you kinky types are nearly always down to give something a try, and we’ve got all the sex positions you’ll need.

If you’re new to the BDSM scene and you’re on the lookout for something to get you started, we’ve got you covered too!

Tied-Up Missionary

Tied-up missionary

Starting off with the ‘Tied-Up Missionary’ position, we recommend this position for the more tamer kink chasers. Simply tying your hands together or to the best posts with handcuffs or a scarf, spice up the usual missionary sex with some basic moves.

Tied-Up Doggy

Tied-up doggy

Again, a kinkier twist on a classic – ‘Tied-Up Doggy’ sex position yourself in the way you would for doggy style, but with your arms pulled back and wrists tied together behind your ankles. 

Hog Tie

Hog tie BDSM sex position

If you’re enjoying being tied up, we think you’ll love the ‘Hog Tie’. This sex position works best with oral sex or sex toy stimulation as you lay your partner on their stomach and tie their wrists behind their back, and their ankles together. 

Head Over Heels

Head over heels sex position

If you’re wanting to express just how in love you are with your partner, and restraints – ‘Head Over Heels’ should be at the top of your list. Just instruct your partner to bend over from the standing position, and tie each of their wrists to each of their ankles so you can have your way with them.

This is one of the best sex positions for experimenting to see how many angles you can make penetration.


The best sex positions: Leapfrog

Work in those difficult sex positions for a great payoff with the ‘Leapfrog’. It’s perfect for penetrative sex or anal and involves your partner lying face down with their hips in the air and wrists bound together over their head. 

The Interrogation Chair

The interrogation chair BDSM position

To really emphasize those power dynamics, roleplay is sure to get the temperature turned up. This position is best with sex toy stimulation or oral sex, ‘The Interrogation Chair’ have you tying up your partner’s hands behind their back and legs to the legs of the chair.  

Pinball Wizard

Pinball wizard

If you’re extra bendy and want to challenge not just your kink extremes, but your body’s limits too, we suggest the ‘Pinball Wizard’. This position involves lying face up, lifting their hips into the air as if doing a bridge position in yoga, and tying their arms above their heads. 

Knees to Chest

Knees to chest BDSM

Once you’ve warmed up your joints (and other muscles), the ‘Knees to Chest’ command for your submissive will be much easier. Grab your restraints and bind your partner’s ankles and calves together and then drape them over your shoulders as you penetrate them. This position is guaranteed to give deep penetration and unforgettable orgasms.

Spread Eagle

Spread eagle sex position

Utilizing those trusty restraints again, ‘Spread Eagle’ is designed to expose and degrade your partner (in all the best ways).

Have your submissive lie on the bed with their arms and legs tied with either rope or restraints to each corner of the bed. This one is perfect for oral, penetrative, anal, and sex toy stimulation too.

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial

You can leave all props, restraints, and extras to the side for this one, as technique is key and will have your partner begging at your knees. ‘Orgasm Denial’ involves bringing your partner to the edge of orgasm and then stopping what you’re doing or instructing them not to orgasm.

Awesome BDSM sex toys for even more sex position possibilities:

  • Bondage yokes – but there is also a lot of other BDSM furniture available like spanking benches, sex tables, and sex chairs.
  • BDSM Restraint Kits or other sexual restraints like a hogtie restraint, bondage restraints or bondage cuffs.
  • You could also go for some bondage ropes to create your own restraints, choosing between either soft bondage ropes or the harsher hemp rope typically known as Shibari ropes.

Best Sex Positions For More Than Two People

If you’re the type of person who thinks two’s company and three’s a crowd, these positions may not be for you. 

However, if you’re ready to invite someone extra into the bedroom, or you’re already experimenting with threesomes and orgies, read on!

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower

Bring those romantic French vibes to the threesome, and perform the ‘Eiffel Tower’. This position has one person penetrating their partner and the other receiving oral and then these two people join hands to form a tower. This position is also known as ‘Spitroasting’.

Oral/Penetrative Train

Oral penetrative train sex position

You won’t have to buy a ticket for this train, but we can guarantee the journey will be better on the ‘Oral/Penetrative Train’.

For this position, one partner bends over the bed while the penetrative partner stands on the floor behind them. The third person then lies on the bed in front of them to receive oral.

The Tag-Team

The tag team

This one is similar to the other train option, so if you enjoyed that sex position, we definitely recommend giving this one a go!

The ‘Tag-Team’ involves one partner standing up to perform the butterfly sex position, and another partner who can perform oral on the partner being penetration, giving them an unforgettable experience. 

The Train

The train group position

This version of the ‘Train’ is a bit more straightforward. Everyone simply lies on their sides and penetrates the person in front of them either anally or vaginally.

Daisy Chain

Daisy chain position

A less innocent version of the cute flower arrangement, the ‘Daisy Chain’ position has an unlimited number of participants that can get involved. 

Each person will need to lie down on their side with their face at their neighbor’s crotch, forming a circle, where they can lick, touch and tease all they like. 

Human Centipede

Human centipede

This position has a less friendly name, but we promise it’s not as freaky as it sounds (at least not in a bad way).

In this sex position, all three people are on their knees, rimming the person in front of them.

Mirrored Spoon

Mirrored spoon

We wanted to make sure that romance and intensity weren’t left to the side in our multiple partners’ position research, and when we discovered the ‘Mirrored Spoon’, we knew those looking for a new connection would love it.

To try it out, both pairs will need to assume the spooning position by laying on their sides. The inner spoon’s hips should be slightly higher on the bed than their partners’ for easy penetration. Eye contact is a must for this one!

The Voyeur

The Voyeur

Now, this might give some a bit of stage fright, but the ‘Voyeur’ position is a great way to incorporate some power play into your sessions involving more people.

One pair goes straight into having plenty of fun, while the other person grabs their favourite toy and watches it all happen.

The Cowgirl Kiss

Cowgirl kiss

For some really intense experiences, raise the levels of intimacy with the ‘Cowgirl Kiss’.

For this one, you’ll need a big bed, or a comfy floor as both pairs will need to get into cowgirl (see higher up) but facing opposite directions. 

You can decide to be closer or farther away from the other couple, depending on how much you want to interact with them. If you’d rather just enjoy their company, you can make a bit of distance and really focus on having fun with your partner.

Double Oral

Double oral sex position

Never has anyone said two tongues aren’t better than one, and if you’re performing the ‘Double Oral’ you’ll be receiving oral from two people at once – and likely screaming its praises in one way or another.

Of course, it’s not just positioned that you can use to enhance your sex life…

Where you put your left leg and other arm is only part of the equation when it comes to having ‘great’ sex. 

Let’s be honest though, it’s all trial and error and how we’re feeling that day.

If you’ve given these positions a try, or you’re looking for something completely new, why not bring tech to bed? Or perhaps buy your partner a sexy gift that’ll put more than just a smile on their face?

Whatever you try, remember there is plenty of variety out there, from sex toys to positions to simple dirty talk!