19 Spreader Bar Positions and Ideas

Showing you how to use spreader bars for incredible sex positions and BDSM fun.

I submit to you the 19 best spreader bar positions to spice up your sex life and add an erotic punch to BDSM play.

So, whether you use spreader bars for the wrists, ankles, or both, you’ll have 19 creative ideas to make the best of this popular, kink-equipment.

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Best Spreader Bar Positions in a Nutshell

  • The 19 best spreader bar positions include simple, either upper or lower body restraint positions, as well as using both, in more complicated and adventurous positions.
  • There are several types of spreader bars including single bars of various lengths, with up to 4 connection points, adjustable bars with the same, stockade-style spreader bars as well as inflatable and padded spreader bars.
  • When using spreader bars, you must follow some safety rules, the first being consent.
  • In addition, you must never leave a bound person alone, must help them maintain their balance to prevent falls and stop play immediately if the prior, agreed-upon safe word is used.
  • Be prepared with safety scissors, if using any rope or tape, as well as a first aid kit to treat any bumps, abrasions or chafing from the ankle and wrist cuffs.
  • Always use after care following any bound session as BDSM play can be both physically and emotionally tiring.

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19 Spreader Bar Positions

Learn some exciting spreader bar positions, whether you’re a newbie or have been using them for a while.

Plus, I include both wrist and ankle spreader bars as well as 4-point ankle bars.

So, grab your sub or lover and get ready for some erotic, spreader bar fun!

1. Behind My Back Dual Spreader Bar Position

Behind-My-Back spreader bar position

This spreader bar position is perfect for sex toy play as well as putting the breasts on full display. Plus, you can accessorize this position by using a BDSM collar, attached to the front or rear spreader bar.

First, have your partner sit on the floor with their legs spread flat, out in front of them. Then, buckle them into the ankle cuffs on the spreader bar.

Next, your partner leans back, bearing their weight on each hand. Finally, buckle their wrists onto the rear spreader bar.

Now you can tease and tantalize their body using nipple suckers, nipple clamps and a nice vibrator. Or, if you prefer, this is a nice position for oral sex.

2. The Sunday Driver Best Spreader Bar Position

Sunday Driver best spreader bar position

This spreader bar position is for the ankles and is the hottest way to an erotic Sunday ride!

First, have your partner lay crossways on the bed. Next, buckle their ankles onto a spreader bar, making sure there enough room for you between their legs.

Then, pull their bottom to the edge of the bed and lift their legs over your head, allowing the spreader bar to rest on your upper back or shoulders.

Finally, grab a handful of ass or thighs and enjoy some intense thrusting and amazing sex.

3. Throne of O Position

Throne of O position

This ankle spreader bar position is just the right thing if you’re looking for a way to tease your partner orally or bring them to the big O with a vibrator.

Simply have your partner sit on the edge of a chair and attach them to a spreader bar by their ankles.

Plus, you can add to the fun by tying their wrists to the arms of the chair or even behind the back of the chair.

4. The On All Fours Dual Spreader Bar Position

On-All-Fours spreader bar position

Who doesn’t like a hot, doggy-style position? Well, combine some BDSM kink with this classic position by spreading those arms and legs wide using upper and lower spreader bars.

The first step is to have your partner get on all fours, either on the floor or the bed.

Second, place the upper spreader bar on their wrists, wide enough that they can hold their balance.

Then, do the same with the lower spreader bar so you not only have an incredible view, but full access to their beautiful backside.

5. Double Trouble Position

Double Trouble position

This dual spreader bar position is another one that forces the legs apart for all sorts of naughty fun. Plus, this one keeps the arms apart and restrained as well.

First, have your partner lie on the floor or the bed. Buckle their ankles into a lower spreader bar, adjusting it as wide as they can withstand it. Next, do the same with their arms, making sure they are above their head.

Next, grab the bar, or each leg, and raise them up, pushing the back toward their upper body. What this does is places their legs wide apart, in a V position.

Now you have access to their entire body for whatever erotic delights you decide to impose upon them.

6. The Standing Dog Leg Spreader Bar Position

For this spreader bar position, you’ll need a leg spreader bar and a lot of balance. Therefore, it’s fine to have your partner place their palms against a wall.

Maybe play a little good cop, bad cop!

Or, if they prefer, have them lie across the bed.

So, to execute this position, have your partner stand, with their feet apart. Attach them to a leg spreader bar, and have them lean forward.

This gives you access to their backside for anal play, or the vagina for penetration or sex toy play. And don’t forget that this is one of the best spreader bar positions for spanking with a flogger or paddle.

7. The Barred Spread Eagle Position

Barred Spread Eagle position

The Spread Eagle position is one of the best overall positions for BDSM play as it leaves the bound lover completely helpless and virtually unable to move.

However, using the Barred Spread Eagle position allows for you to use any flat surface you choose! Plus, it’s especially convenient when you don’t have anchor points on your bed to tie them down.

Now, to pull off this position, have your partner lie down on a flat surface. Then, instruct them to raise their arms above their head and spread them as far apart as possible.

Hook them up to a spreader bar using wrist cuffs.

Next, have them do the same things with their legs so that you can buckle them into a lower spreader bar, set as far as their legs will allow.

In the end, your partner is left at your mercy for tickling, hot wax or a full body tongue bath!

8. The Carnal Clutch Spreader Bar Position

Carnal Clutch spreader bar position

Looking for a sensual, upper body workout while having some kinky fun? Then you have to try the Carnal Clutch Spreader Bar Position!

First, have your partner lie down on the floor or the bed. Second, spread their legs far apart and buckle them into a leg spreader bar.

Now, kneel at their feet, grabbing the bar with your hands or resting it across the bend of both elbows. Next, lift their legs into the air as you move forward and penetrate them.

Not only will you build a ripped upper body, but you both get to enjoy the hottest sex ever.

9. The Thick as Thieves Position

Thick as Thieves

This is one of the best spreader bar positions for penetration as well as keeping your partner’s arms restrained.

To execute this position, have your partner lay on their stomach. Now, spread their arms apart and attach them to a spreader bar with wrist cuffs.

Next, help your partner roll to their back, keeping the spreader bar low, under their hips. Then, you work their legs apart and penetrate them.

Additionally, for comfort and to add height to the bound person’s hips, wrap the spreader bar with a thick towel.

Which both raise the hips for optimal entry and deep, g-spot orgasms.

10. The Mousetrap Spreader Bar Position

Mousetrap spreader bar position

I’m not at all sure why this is called the Mousetrap Position, but it certainly is hot, and definitely something you should try!

Now, to pull this position off, you’ll need to have your partner kneel on the edge of the bed, with their chest flat on the mattress and rear in the air. Next, pull each arm down, even with their knees.

Then, place a spreader bar across the bend of their knees and attach each wrist to the bar. Now, they can lower their bottom, hanging it over the bar while you enter them from behind.

Also, this is another of the best spreader bar positions to use for a little erotic spanking with your favorite whip!

11. The Emperor Position

The Emperor

This spreader bar position is the flip side of the Thick as Thieves Position, placing the bound person’s ass on full display for all sorts of erotic play.

So, to execute this position, have your partner lie on their back, either on the floor or the bed. Then, using an arm spreader bar, lay it across their pelvis and attach each wrist.

Next, keeping the arms down, assist your partner in rolling over, onto their stomach. Then, scootch yourself in between their legs, hold onto their ankles and dive right in.

On top of that, you can first wrap the spreader bar in a thick towel. What this does is raises the pelvis higher and creates a bit more comfort.

12. The Advanced X Position

Advanced X position

Another great spreader bar position that’s perfect for sex toy play is called the Advanced X Position. And to pull this one off, you’ll need both the wrists and ankles bound to their own spreader bar.

The first step to executing this position is to have your partner sit on a flat surface with their legs apart and knees bent. Now, bind them to a lower spreader bar using ankle cuffs.

The next step is to have your partner bend their arms, at the elbow but with their wrists spread as far as they can manage. Then, connect them to an upper spreader bar using the wrist cuffs.

13. The Standing 4 Points 1 Bar Position

Standing 4 points, one bar

This spreader bar position requires either a spreader bar with both end and center cuffs, or a single spreader bar and handcuffs or bondage rope.

Now, have your partner stand with their legs apart and attach their ankles to the bar with the cuffs. Next, have them bend at the waist, with their wrists to the center of the bar.

Then, if the spreader bar has center rings, attach their wrists to those rings by using wrist cuffs. But if it’s a plain spreader bar, you can bind their wrists to the bar by using handcuffs or bondage rope.

Or, if you have a spare set of wrist cuffs, clip them together and run a piece of rope between the cuffs, tying them to the center of the bar.

Yes, you’ll need to hang onto your partner to keep them from toppling over. But grabbing ahold of their waist or hips makes everything that much hotter.

14. The 4 Point Leapfrog Spreader Bar Position

Leapfrog spreader bar position

Another fantastic position that requires either a 4-point spreader bar or a bit of bondage rope is the 4 Point Leapfrog Position.

And this is how to pull of this position:

First, place your partner on their knees, with their legs spread. Now, attach each ankle to the spreader bar.

Second, have your partner lie down with their chest and head flat on the floor or bed.

Third, have your partner reach down, between their legs, so that you can attach their wrists to the center mounts. However, if you have a simple spreader bar, rather than a 4-point, you can attach their wrists to the center of the bar by using rope or bondage tape.

Finally, in this position, you have the most amazing access to your partners backside for rear entry vaginal or anal sex.

15. The Single Spreader Bar Hogtie Position

spreader bar hogtie position

One of the best spreader bar positions to render your partner unable to move is the Hogtie Position. And you can pull it off using a single spreader bar with center mounts or a plain spreader bar and handcuffs, wrist cuffs or bondage rope.

The first step if to place your partner on their stomach, placing the ankles in the spreader bar cuffs.

Second, push your partner’s feet toward their shoulders.

Third, pull their straightened arms behind their back, toward the center of the spreader bar.

Fourth, attach their wrists to the center spreader bar mounts or by tying or binding the wrists in one of the ways listed above.

In this position, you can tease and torture your sub. Or, if this a simply a way you are spicing up your sex life, you can experiment with ticklers, feathers and even small vibrators.

16. Spread and Suspend Position

Spread and Suspend position

This position is one of the best spreader bar positions to use if you want to limit your lover’s hands and upper body, while still having access to their genitals for sex.

To execute the Spread and Suspend Position, place your partner on the floor, on their knees. Next, with their arms raised above their head, attach them to a spreader bar.

The final step it to suspend the spreader bar from a high point. For instance, using a secure O-ring in a doorway will suffice.

Plus, you can play with the height of the spreader bar. That way, you decide which positions your partner can maintain in regard to whatever way you both choose to play.

17. Simple Behind-The-Back Spreader Bar Position

Behind The Back spreader bar position

This particular spreader bar position leaves your lover feeling vulnerable, while their chest is thrust outward, and on display.

Plus, this position takes only a single spreader bar and leaves most of their body open and ready for play.

The first step is to seat your partner on a chair, the floor or bed – your choice!

Next, pull their arms behind their back and attach them to the spreader bar.

Now you can enjoy sensual nipple play, oral pleasure and even penetrative sex!

18. The Standing Bar Position

The standing spreader bar position

This spreader bar position is very basic and perfect for kink beginners. Plus, it only takes a single bar and ankle restraints.

First off, have your partner stand, with their legs parted. Then, simply attach their ankles to the spreader bar.

From here, you choose which sexual delights or non-sexual teasing you wish to try! However, just be sure that your partner doesn’t lose their balance and fall into anything.

19. The Basic Y Spreader Bar Position

The basic Y spreader bar position

This is the best spreader bar position for self-restraint as well as a position to use as a couple. Simply have your partner sit on the bed or floor and spread their legs wide, while keeping them flat and outstretched.

Then, connect them to the spreader bar using the ankle cuffs.

Now, what makes this basic position so nice, is that you can transition into many of the leg-only spreader bar positions above. Plus, it’s the perfect position for some solo, me time with a battery-operated lover.

Let’s Talk About Spreader Bars

Now that you’ve seen the 19 best spreader bar positions, it’s time to get into the basics of spreader bars. For instance, we will touch on types of spreader bars, safety while using them and the most important aspect of kink play; consent.

What is a Spreader Bar?

A spreader bar is a popular sex toy or tool used in kink and BDSM play. Now before you scream at the screen, spreader bars can absolutely be used by anyone wanting to add exciting new dimensions to their sex lives.

The Board of BDSM will not come knocking at your door, just because you’re not all-in.

Spreader bars are exactly what it sounds like; they are rigid bars made from different materials that have anchor points on them for the ankles or wrists. Additionally, there are also spreader bars made for the thighs.

For instance, spreader bars are made from different types of metals- some covered in leather or other soft materials, hard plastic and even wood – many create DIY BDSM spreaders using broom handles or dowel rods and screw-in rings.

What Are Spreader Bars Used For?

Spreader bars are oftentimes used for BDSM positions and roleplaying, as the bars are a way of binding someone while leaving body parts open and exposed.

Additionally, some people may use spreader bars as a means of adding excitement to their sex life, even though they aren’t necessarily into the BDSM scene at all.

Finally, spreader bars pose the person who is bound, allowing for penetration, sex toy play and even light BDSM tickling and spanking.

Different Types of Spreader Bars

Spreader bars come in different models making it easier to pull off the best spreader bar positions. Included are the following types:

  • Single, non-adjustable bars with either fixed cuffs or static, attached cuffs. Some brands give you a choice of lengths
  • Non-adjustable bars with 4 mounting points for both the ankles and wrists. Some with removeable cuffs, some with static.
  • Adjustable spreader bars with either ankle or wrist mounts or both. That way you decide the width and can use a single bar for both the upper and lower body.
  • Spreader bars with either an inflatable cushion over the bar or a foam-like cushion
  • Some 4-point spreader bars have vertical bars with wrist mounts, making it easier for the bound person. These are also called stocks.
  • Wrist and ankle spreader bars, attached to one another for a different style and feel.
  • X spreader bars with cuffs at each corner, allowing for interesting front and back spreader bar positions.
  • Suspendable spreader bars allow for the arms to be connected and raised into the air.
  • Adjustable yokes feature a collar and upper body spreader bar that keeps arms spread and up, at shoulder level.

Spreader Bar Safety Is Important

When trying out the best spreader bar positions, there are specific safety issues that you must follow. That’s because spreader bars come with their own set of dangers that you must be aware of.

So, let’s go over the aspects of safe spreader bar use.


The most important aspect of any sort of BDSM play, especially bondage, is consent. Yes, your partner must fully consent to anything you plan to do before anything takes place.

First and foremost, consent is the word “yes”; not “maybe” or “I’m not sure”, but 100% “YES”.

Next, everyone must agree to what will happen when using a spreader bar. For instance, are they okay with using the bars to restrain the arms only? Or do they agree to try both the arms and legs?

Furthermore, it’s crucial that you discuss what will happen once the bars are in use. As an example, spanking, penetration, tickling and using sex toys are just a few of the things you should discuss prior to even beginning.

Therefore, if your partner agrees to the use of sex toys and a whip, but not penetration or tickling, you must stick to those promises at all times.

In the end, consent builds trust and allows you both to have a fantastic, erotic experience. And who knows, if your partner loves using spreader bars, they may consent to adding more activities as they grow accustomed to this sort of play.

The Safe Word

As with any sort of sex play, especially activities that involve bondage, you must agree upon and set a safe word. That’s because, kink play oftentimes includes role playing.

And, during role playing, one partner may playfully say, “No more spanking!” when they actually want you to spank them more.

That is just one of the reasons that a safe word is so important. It allows you to break the role and let your partner know that you want to stop immediately.

Now, reasons for safe words are many, and may include pain, being physically or mentally uncomfortable, exhaustion and fear.

So, set a safe word, agree upon that word and when the word is spoken, without hesitation, stop what you’re doing, unhook your partner and immediately begin giving them aftercare.

What Is After Care?

After care is another important aspect of BDSM and kink play. You see, spreader bar positions and kink play can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

That is especially true if you are in dominant and submissive roles and using teasing, spanking and humiliation. Additionally, just trying out a spreader bar for the first time can be physically exhausting.

Therefore, once the play ends, either by choice or by someone using a safe word, it’s critical that you take time to rest, relax and decompress. That is where after care come into play.

So, practice cuddling, soft massage, talking and giving one another reassurance and affirmations of the loving, trusting relationship that you share.

Safety and Spreader Bars

Spreader Bar Safety Imagie

Another important aspect of using spreader bars is safety. And this can mean several things.

First, when using spreader bars, you need to make sure that your bound partner is safe. For instance, standing with the legs in a spreader bar can easily throw a person off balance.

In addition, having the arms attached to a spreader bar, makes the bound person unable to put their hands forward to break a fall.

As a result, they can fall into the wall, furniture or anything on the floor. So, keep ahold of your partner and make sure there is nothing nearby on which they can injure themselves.

Second, having your limbs in an unnatural position for any period of time can cause pain, muscle spasm and even nerve pain. Therefore, it’s important to watch your partner’s body for paleness, redness, shaking and any numbness and tingling.

So, be sure and ask your partner, from time to time, if they are alright and if they need to take a break.

Third and finally, never, ever leave your bound partner alone for any period of time. Considering the muscle, nerve and blood flow issues that can occur, added to the risk of falls, something terrible can happen very quickly.

Thus, you need to be there to unhook, unbind or untie your partner immediately. Fortunately, most all of the best spreader bar sets have large O rings to which the cuffs are clipped, making it take only seconds to release someone.

However, if you are using rope or bondage tape with a spreader bar, be sure and have safety scissors in the immediate vicinity so you can release your partner quickly.

First Aid

Finally, another important safety tip, when using spreader bars, is to have a first aid kit available to treat any minor injuries that may occur. For instance, having a cold pack available in case your partner falls and bumps a knee or their head, is smart.

Also keep things in your first aid kit to dress any small cuts or abrasions, as well as cream to soothe any chafing that may occur from the wrist or ankle cuffs.

The Best Spreader Bar Positions for a Smoking Hot Sex Life

The best spreader bar positions are here to help you enjoy the use of your bars creatively, all the while turning up the heat in your sex life. After all, using spreader bars doesn’t mean you are into hard core BDSM.

On the contrary, many BDSM toys are exciting additions to any toy box, adding dimension and erotic thrills to the weekend norm.

So, grab – or purchase – those spreader bars and see how long it takes you to accomplish these 19 best spreader bar positions!