Do Dildos Feel Good?

One of the oldest known sex toys, the dildo has stood the test of time and graces many a nightstand and sex toy stash all around the world. While they are objects of pleasure, not every dildo will feel great, for every person and every purpose.

So the short answer to the question “Do dildos feel good?” is yes, they can feel incredibly good, but the key to success is choosing the right dildo for the job and mastering the right technique!

We often think of dildos only being for penetration but they are also fantastic for external, stimulation, massage, temperature play, and simulating oral sex. Unlike our friends in the 1600’s, there’s no need to be tempted by candle, carrot, or thumb — now we have an incredible selection of dildos to choose from.

Taken from my favorite dildo-based poem — Signor Dildo by John Wilmot, 2nd Earl Of Rochester, written in 1673.

Why Do Dildos Feel Good?

Unlike vibrators, dildos use friction and massage to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in your genitals, recreating a similar sensation to penetrative sex with a few marked differences.

Dildos are great for solo play, double penetration (with or without a partner), and let you explore a range of shapes and sizes outside of what is humanly possible — as far as I know, at least!

How to Choose a Dildo for Maximum Pleasure

I do believe there’s a dildo out there everyone!

It really comes down to knowing your body and understanding how the shape, size, and material of a dildo impacts the sensations.

There definitely isn’t a one-size-pleases-all-parts policy when it comes to dildos and choosing your perfect match takes a little consideration. As you get more used to what your body likes for different types of play, your dildo intuition will grow stronger.

Here are some things to consider when buying a dildo to help you choose the dildo of your dreams.

Some dildo divination if you will!

Which body part do you want to stimulate?

Although most dildos are pretty versatile, there are some features that are designed with specific body parts in mind, so knowing how you want to use yours will help you get the best experience.

Vaginal penetration

Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Multicolored Silicone Dildo 7 Inch

Any dildo can be used for vaginal penetration and your choice largely depends on the other factors in this post. You can also opt for a curved dildo with a bulbed head for some target g-spot stimulation.

This semi-realistic silicone dildo from Lovehoney comes in a range of different swirling designs and is a great all-rounder! It’s got a suction cup, a g-spot teasing curve, and realistic textural details.

Anal Penetration

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

Anal dildos must have a wide flared base, as this prevents it from being fully inserted, as the anus and rectum do not have a natural endpoint, and that’s a trip to the ER you definitely want to avoid.

Curved anal dildos, like …, are great if you want to stimulate your prostate gland (penis owners). Given the strength and tightness of the anus, firmer dildos are easier to insert anally.

This silicone dildo is perfect for anal play — the tapered end and soft, smooth surface slide in easily when paired with some water-based lube and flared base keeps the dildo safely in place.

Oral Sex

If you can’t get enough of giving oral sex, a dildo means you are good to go (down) any time! As well as, being a great way to give oral sex during solo play, a dildo can be a great way to recreate a threesome fantasy without needing an extra partner (two dildos and you don’t need a partner at all).

These B.J. dildos are also harness-compatible and you can choose between circumcised and uncut dildos with foreskin options!

What size feels best?

If you are just starting with insertable toys (vaginally or anally), you probably want to opt for something smaller or something that roughly matches the size of penis you’ve experienced and enjoyed.

If you are more experienced and enjoy a full sensation, you might want to go for something larger. In general, the larger the dildo, the softer you want it. Not sure what to go for?

Small Dildo

Smaller beginners dildos are perfect for anyone just starting the dildo journey. While each person is different, a diameter of around 1 inch – 1.5 inches is a good size for a beginner.

Sweet, petite, and such a treat! The Colours Dual Density Silicone Dildo has just 5.25 inches of insertable length and a satisfying width of 1.5 inches, making it an ideal first-time playmate! The dual-density means it has a firm core but softer outside layer, giving it a wonderfully realistic feeling.

Medium-Sized Dildo

If you already have some experience with smaller dildos or a slightly bigger than average penis, then a medium sized-dildo might be the satisfaction you are looking for. With a bigger girth and a little more length to play with, the sensations will feel more intense.

Another dual density option, the Blush Neo Elite Silicone 7.5 Inch dildo has a gentle curve and flared base, making a perfect choice for anal and vaginal play.

Large Dildo

If you’ve got a bit more dildo experience under your belt, and you love the sweet satisfaction of feeling feel, then it might be time to find yourself a large dildo.

This 10.5-inch silicone whopper from Blush has an insertable length of 9 inches and a juicy diameter of 2.5 inches, ensuring maximum stimulation!

How Firm Should the Dildo Be?

The range of firmness goes from soft and squishy right up to totally rigid and is determined by the material. If you are looking for a soft, body-safe option, you’ll want to look for a silicone dildo (although silicone can come in many different densities so always read the description). On the other hand, if prefer something rigid, you should look for a dildo made of metal, glass, or wood. The more rigid the dildo, the more intense it will feel as it won’t flex to fit your body. Some people love the deep massage of a rigid dildo, especially for g-spot stimulation, whereas others find it uncomfortable and prefer something softer.


If you prefer your playthings on the soft and squishy side, the Adam dildo from Tantus is a fantastic option. Made of velvety, super-soft silicone and with a pronounced curve, the Adam dildo is great for g-spot or prostate stimulation. and it’s harness compatible.


Dual-density dildos have a solid core and soft outer layer that gives you a firm yet comfy ride that is as close as it gets to the real thing. VixSkin is famed for its range of ultra-realistic dual-density dildos and the Vixen Mustang is one of their most popular models. The 6.5-inch, suction-cup dildo looks and feels the part for super lifelike loving.


njoy pure wand

If you are looking for some deep internal massage, particularly for your g-spot or p-spot, a rigid dildo might be your tool of choice. One of my favorite for g-spot massage, the Pure Wand from njoy is a dildo made of medical-grade stainless steel. The weight of the bulbed ends and the curved shaft make it easy to get maximum stimulation with minimal effort.

What Texture Feels Good to You?

Textural details increase the level of stimulation as the ridges, bumps, ripples, and swirls slide over your nerve endings.

Waves and ridges create more of a rippling sensation as you move the dildo back and forth whereas smaller bumps and details will create more friction.

Texture comes in many different styles from realistic raised veins and sculpted heads right up to tentacle style suckers so there’s really a texture for all tastes!

If you have a very large or rigid dildo, you might find you want less texture as both size and rigidity can increase the intensity of the textural details.


As smooth as it comes, the Tantus Silk is designed to slide in and out with the greatest of ease. The soft silicone is fantastic when paired with water-based lube for extra slippery sensations. A smooth dildo like this is ideal for anal play, especially if you are new to backdoor pleasure!

Realistic Texture

If you crave the feeling of the real thing, a dildo with realistic textural details might hit the spot for you. The veins and head are designed to feel as realistic as possible so you can enjoy lifelike sensations anytime you want! The size of the ridge where the head meets the shaft can impact how intense it feels as well as how raised the veins are.

This realistic silicone dildo from Lovehoney is the whole package, complete with lifelike testicles!

Heavily Textured

The bumpier the dildo, the more stimulating! Shallow details will feel less intense than more pronounced bumps and ridges.

This glass wand from Lovehoney is designed for vaginal use and has delightful bumps to stimulate and massage as you move the dildo in and out or twist it around. Not to mention, it looks like a beautiful work of art!

If you love texture and fancy something a little more adventurous, why not consider a fantasy dildo or just choose between one of the best textured dildos for some otherworldly orgasms!

What to Dil- Do if Your Dildo Don’t Do It for You

OR My Dildo Doesn’t Feel Good, What Can I Do?

If your dildo isn’t working its magic, don’t dive into dildo despair! We’ve got some tricks and tips that can help!

  • If you’re eyes were bigger than your appetite or you accidentally ordered the wrong size, check out these top tips for what to do when your dildo is too big.
  • Upgrade your dildo techniques with our dildo masturbation masterclass or pick some pro pointers on how to cum with a dildo.
  • Add more lube! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — lube is the unsung hero of sex.
  • Don’t go in cold. Let your dildo heat to body temperature using warm water before using it (only for waterproof dildos, of course).
  • Add in some other stimulation. Most vulva owners need clitoral stimulation to climax, so don’t forget some clitoral stimulation with another sex toy or your trusty fingers.