Japanese Sex Toys

No doubt, when you think of Japanese sex toys, all sorts of weird and wonderful designs spring to mind. You might, however, be surprised to find out that we have Japan to thank for some of our most iconic sex toys.

Japan, like most cultures, has had a complex relationship with sex. However, what makes Japan so interesting is that it somehow seems to exist at both extremes of the spectrum — both liberated and conservative all at the same time! Importantly, Japanese culture sees sex as a natural and healthy part of life. And this is nothing new — The erotic art of Shunga, woodblocks depicting different sexual activities, was a popular form of entertainment and education during the 17th-19th centuries. Not to mention, they are very open-minded about what you do and who you do it with. So many kinks, fetishes, and sexual trends have come out of Japan!

Combine this adventurous approach to sex with the world-famous Japanese design and you get some pretty incredible sex toys. Today I’ll be bringing you some of my favorite Japanese sex toy brands, as well some Japanese-inspired sex toys, with a little history sprinkled in along the way!

Tenga — “Love, Freedom and TENGA”

Tenga really redefined sex toy design, especially for male masturbators. They steered away from the realistic pussy masturbators and instead opted for minimalistic, abstract designs. The founder, Koichi Matsumoto, wanted to fill a gap in the market for a quality sex toy brand that took pride in making sex toys that were safe, beautiful, and would appeal to more people.

The Tenga journey started with five CUP masturbators, which has since expanded into massive selection sold and loved all of over the world! All of Tenga’s products aim to balance impeccable design and superior stimulation. Tenga produce both disposable and reusable masturbators, starting at very affordable prices right up to more expensive, luxury vibrating masturbators. Here are some of their top products

TENGA Egg Wonder Male Masturbator Set

Tenga Eggs

This is no regular carton of eggs! One of Tenga’s most loved products, Tenga Eggs are discreet male masturbators. Each stretchy egg is lined with unique textures that provide stimulation as you slide it over your penis. Each egg can be used a couple of times before being thrown away.

The fun, non-intimidating design and relatively low price point make these eggs a great entry level sex toy, but they are also perfect for traveling and make great cheeky gift for the penis owner in your life!

Tenga Spinner

The Spinner is another beautifully designed masturbator from Tenga but this one is reusable, so get to enjoy it for longer! The unique inner coil creates a teasing twisting sensation as you enter the sleeve. There are six designs to choose from, each with a different texture, intensity and firmness so there’s something for everyone!

TENGA Flip Zero

Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero is a step up again in terms of design and is one of Tenga’s higher end products! Made with a sturdier ABS plastic frame, and some of the most intricate stimulation chambers out there, the Flip Zero is perfect for penis owners who want a more luxurious masturbation experience! However, the best thing about the Flip Zero is the innovative flip design — the two halves are joined by hinge, making cleaning and drying so much easier than with a standard Fleshlight. It also comes in a vibrating version for even more stimulation.

Iroha by Tenga — “A new beginning in pleasure for women.”

Tenga are firm believers in pleasure equality, and as such, also have a whole brand for vulva owners — Iroha. Featuring the same beautiful minimalistic style that incorporates elements of traditional Japanese design, these vibrators look more like works of abstract art than sex toys. They are appealing on so many levels and just call out for you touch and squeeze them!

Tenga Iroha Zen

The Iroha Zen vibrators are designed to help you discover a more mindful masturbation experience. Coated in swirling soft-touch silicone, this range of vibrators deliver both textural and vibrating stimulation.

The design is based on the traditional Japanese bamboo whisk used to make matcha and comes in three colors — Matcha (green), Hanacha (coral), and Yuzacha (rich yellow).


The Iroha+ vibrators are so unique in their design that you would never guess what they are used for! Based on natural elements, this range of three vibrators combine smooth curves, teasing textures, and delightful vibrations, which also makes them great for grinding against.

There are three designs to choose from — Kushi (the shell shape), Tori (the bird shape), and Yoru (the black one).

Hitachi Magic Wand — A Complicated Love Affair!

The Japanese manufacturing corporation Hitachi originally marketed the Magic Wand as a cure-all for achey muscles. They chose to turn a blind eye to what people were actually using their vibrators for! The Magic Wand was a massive hit in the US, popularised by Betty Dodson, who used them in her female masturbation workshops. Hitachi, however, wasn’t as thrilled as you might imagine. They didn’t want their prestigious company to be associated with sex toys.

Hitachi ran into some issue distributing the Magic Wand in the US, so American company Vibratex took over distribution. Nevertheless, Hitachi still wasn’t on board with the whole sex toy thing. But luckily, a rebranding that left out the Hitachi name was enough to convince them to continue producing this powerhouse of a sex toy. So, while many many of continue to call it the Hitachi, the brand officially goes by the new name — Magic Wand Original. They’ve also expanded the range, so there are more models to choose from.

The Original Corded Model


The original corded model of the Magic Wand is still a firm favorite. Delivering some of the most powerful vibrations out there, this vibrator doesn’t mess around!

A Rechargeable Version

Love strong vibrations but hate getting tangled up in cord, the rechargeable magic wand is here to answer your prayers! Enjoy intense power without the restriction of a cord.

Magic Wand Mini

Now, there’s even a mini version that’s perfect for travelling or people who might struggle to hold the larger models. It’s also cordless and rechargeable for convenience!

Onaholes — The Japanese Sex Toys for People with Penises

The term ‘onahole’ is a Japonification of two words — onanie, a German word meaning masturbate and well, hole. So essentially an onahole is any masturbator that has hole through which you insert your penis. While this is a very broad category, onahole is sometimes more associated with anime-based sex toys. Unfortunately, many of the anime style sex toys are problematic in their sexualization of young girls, so we choose not to feature them here at Bedbible. We are however all about the regular onaholes!

Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

This onacup from Japanese company Tenga is a masturbation cup designed for those who crave the deep satisfaction of being deep throated. Featuring innovative valves for just the right amount of suction and internal textures to massage and tease, the Deep Throat Cup delivers intense stimulation for a realistic deep throat experience.

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

The La Bocca Della Verita is an ultra realistic blowjob stroker from Japanese sex toy brand Magic Eyes doesn’t bear too much resemblance to it’s namesake — La Bocca Della Verita (The Mouth of Truth marble mask found in Rome), but maybe that’s good thing! The stroker has a realistic mouth, complete with teeth and a tongue, that leads into a textured throat canal to simulate oral sex as closely as possible.

Shibari/ Kinbaku — Japanese Bondage Rope Art

We also have Japan to thank for the incredible art of Shibari — the art of rope tying loved by bondage practitioners all over the world. Shibari was based on Hojōjutsu, which were tying techniques used to restrain prisoners of war. However, these days it is an art form that uses rope tied into carefully planned knots to create intricate restraints, like the ones used in breast bondage. Shibari can also involve elements of suspension. It is an art form that requires a lot of training and practice. Here are some great Shibari ropes and accessories for your restraint and suspension play.

Shibari Bondage Rope – ‘’the Knot’’

This soft woven cotton Shibari rope is great for all kinds of restraints. It’s strong enough for some serious restraint but soft enough on your skin! Choose between 5 or 10 meters.

Shibari Bondage Ring Keiō

If you enjoy suspension, this beautiful bondage ring will be a great addition to your bag of tricks. Available in silver or rainbow, it makes a sturdy anchor for your suspension play.

Bamboo Silk Bondage Rope Set

This Shibari Rope Bundle is the perfect entry point to Shibari. With three 8 meter lengths of bamboo silk rope and a pair of safety shears, you can get to work straight away!

Clover Clamps — A Japanese Sex Toy with an Innocent Past

Clover clamps are deliciously intense nipple clamps that give your nips quite the squeeze. But these advanced level nipple clamps didn’t start out as torturously good sex toys. Also known as butterfly clamps or Japanese clamps, clover clamps started out as fabric clamps in the Japanese textile industry. The spring-loaded design adds more pinch to the clamps, making them a great choice for advanced players who crave more power in their pinch. And, you can give the chain a tug for even stronger sensations.

Dark Amour Chained Metal Clover Clamps

These advanced-level clover clamps from Dark Amour will push you to the limits, giving you that intoxicating mix of pleasure and pain! The non adjustable clamps attach firmly to your nipple, limiting blood supply. When you remove the clamps, expect an intense rush of sensation that will leave your nips extra sensitive.

Tentacle Dildos — Some More Unusual Japanese Sex Toys

Ok, so these aren’t technically Japanese sex toys per se, but they are massively influenced by Japanese culture. I’m sure by now you must have stumbled across the idea of tentacle porn somewhere on the internet. But do you know how it all started?

The Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints of the 17 and 1800s are some of the earliest known depictions of erotic art involving tentacles. One of the most well-known examples was created by Hokusai — a renowned Ukiyo-e artist. Tako to Ama (also known as The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife) shows two octopuses pleasuring a female diver.

Ironically, strict anti-obscenity rules in Japan also led one artist to use tentacle porn in his adult manga. Toshio Maeda, a.k.a the Tentacle Master, explained in an interview that this allowed him more freedom drawing sex scenes that didn’t violate the strict rules.

Now, tentacle porn is popular all over the world, and there’s a whole ocean of tentacle-style sex toys, so you can live out your own tentacle fantasy! Here are some of my favorite fantasy tentacle dildos:

Gläs Lick-It Glass Dildo

Made of cool pink glass, this beautiful tentacle dildo from Gläs has teasing textural details. You can also heat or cool it for some added temperature play excitement!

Uberrime Deep Diver

This silicone tentacle dildo from fantasy dildo experts Uberrime has more intense textural details in the suckers and a dramatic curve for g-spot or p-spot stimulation.

Uberrime Cephalatrox

Another incredible design from Uberrime, the Cephalatrox is 12 inches of pure tentacle for some really deep diving! It’s also a softer, squishier option.