Types of Fleshlights

By Cassie Mørch / January 23, 2023

So, I’m assuming you’ve made the (life changing) decision to get your hands on one of these legendary male masturbators. Because, honestly, why wouldn’t you? Fleshlights are very popular for a reason, and you fully deserve to feel that reason. Literally. 

But how do you choose one? What are the different types of Fleshlights out there? From anal Fleshlights to double ended Fleshlights! There are so many options in terms of texture, tightness, and design, that even I would be overwhelmed by the many choices out there – and I don’t even have a penis!

But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you on your search for the perfect Fleshlight for you! Let me tell you more about which types of Fleshlights can make you feel absolute bliss like you never have before!

Here are the points I will go over in this post:

Different Types of Fleshlights

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to sexual pleasure. When it comes to finding the best feeling Fleshlights, it might be a question of finding one that can push all of your favorite buttons!

Ovbiously, we also have different needs and different circumstances under which we can indulge in some discreetly packaged pleasure… Some of us need something compact for using on-the-go, some need more realistic orifice to play with, and some of us want special features, like added vibration or extra suction.

Fleshlight products take this diversity very much into consideration! There’s something for everyone here! Even if there isn’t, you can customize your own masturbator with the “Build Your Own Fleshlight” feature on the Fleshlight website. This blog post takes you through all the different fleshlight textures and designs for this process so you know exactly what you’re getting!

But for now, we’re here to talk about all the different types of Fleshlights out there. Let’s get into it!

Fleshlight Series

In this section, I’ll take you through some of best selling product lines that Fleshlight has created over the years. Take a look at which special features each collection has to offer you!

Fleshlight Classics

This is the original Fleshlight product line! And even though it might be an oldie, it’s definitely still a goodie…

Perfect for first-time fleshlight users but also for loyal returning customers.

This Classic Pink Lady is – yes, you guessed it – one of the original Fleshlight designs. It offers a simple and smooth sleeve for more sensitive penises or anyone who wants to last longer or improve performance.

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original
The Classic Pink Lady Original‘s internal texture.

STU (Stamina Training Unit)

This line of products is meant to replicate the sensations of actual vaginal intercourse in order to help people increase their sexual stamina.

The Lady Stamina Pack includes a bottle of cooling lube and a Fleshlight shower mount so you can practice your performance!

Fleshlight Lady STU Pack
STU Fleshlight internal texture
The Lady Stamina Pack‘s internal texture.


Half the size of the original, this portable little tube is a double-ended Fleshlight. Perfect for masturbation or oral play with a partner!

Super easy to clean and ideal if you’re looking for a 2-orifices-in-1 Fleshlight!

We’ve already reviewed the Quickshot Vantage for you wanna take quick look…

quickshot vantage
Quickshot Vantage internal texture
The Quickshot Vantage‘s internal texture.

Fleshlight Girls

Ever wanted to imagine that you’re inside one of your favorite porn stars? Fleshlight Girls takes you a few steps beyond imagination with unique masturbators molded from famous female adult performers’ actual vulvas!

These one-of-a-kind vulvas are also paired with a customized internal texture that pleases you with waves of snugness and strategically placed pleasure knobs.

Check out our review of the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight here!

Dive into the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight‘s internal texture!

Fleshjack Boys

No, the luxury of feeling like you can have a little intimate moment with your favorite adult performer is not just reserved for people who enjoy vulvas! Fleshjack Boys are molded from the butts of some of the most popular male performers out there that you know and love!

This Diego Sans Fleshjack has a tight and intensely satisfying internal texture for recreating the delicious sensations of anal penetration.

Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans
Fleshjack Boys Diego Sans - internal texture
The Diego Sans Fleshjack‘s internal texture.


The GO collection is for masturbator on the go! All of the other models of Fleshlights are recreated in this collection in a more compact version.

Products like the Go Surge Lady are slightly shorter and narrower than the originals, making them perfect portable Fleshlight!

Fleshlight GO Surge Lady
GO Lady Surge - internal texture
The Go Surge Lady‘s internal texture.


The turbo collection is meant to simulate a mindblowing blowjob. With three tight penetration points in a row, the pressure in the tube increases as you go, creating the amazing suction sensation! The texture at the base also mimics the satisfaction of deep throating…

The Turbo Thrust has a non-anatomical orifice and a sleek and clean design that allows you to focus on the intense sensations of BJ bliss!

Turbo Thrust Blue Ice internal texture
The Turbo Thrust‘s internal texture.


These babies combine the feeling of realistic penetration with some real-time visual stimulation!

Let the sight of your penis pushing through every single nubbed or ribbed texture of the sleeve bring you closer to a crystal clear orgasm!

The Ice Lady will let you or your partner enjoy the sight of your penis enjoying the delicious strokes.

Fleshlight Ice Lady
Ice Lady internal texture
The Ice Lady‘s internal texture.


This collection has an “aerodynamic” design that is sleek, discreet, compact, and perfect for bringing with you on all of your travels!

The Flight Pilot is for all the horny jetsetters out there. Join the Mile High Club. Prepare for jerk-off. Enjoy the bumpy ride until you reach your destination. And, you know, other flight-related sexual innuendos… Sorry.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot
Flight Pilot internal texture
The Flight Pilot‘s internal texture.


Oh, just your classic Fleshlight design… with added vibrations! Take your sleeve out of the case and insert these three separate bullet vibrators into the external part of the sleeve and you’re ready for some vibrating goodness while you’re penetrating your favorite toy!

The Vibro Lady is for anyone who finds buzzing bliss to really add to their Fleshlight experience!

Vibro Lady
Vibro Lady internal texture
The Vibro Lady‘s internal texture.

Types of Realistic Fleshlights

Alright, so now that we’ve been over the different Fleshlight series created by the brand itself. Let’s just go over the basics of the different types of realistic Fleshlight orifices you can choose from.

Ana Foxxx Fleshlight Review feature image


The classic “Lady” model allows you to enjoy a realistic visual of penetrating a real life vulva!

Fleshlight Quickshot STU with mouth opening


Mouth Fleshlights offer you the visual simulation of oral. Enjoy the sight of these realistic lips wrapping around your shaft.

Fleshlight Fleshsack Realistic Butt with Balls

Butt & Balls

Buckle up for the full male lover experience (well, almost!) by penetrating this realistic anal opening with a soft scrotum attached!

Choosing the Right Fleshlight For you!

Chart of different internal Fleshlight textures

So, think of all the different types of Fleshlights I’ve taken you through so far. Have any of them piqued your interest? Are there any designs or textures you think would send you straight to pocket pussy heaven?

I don’t blame you if you’re still overwhelmed! That was a lot of information. But we’re actually not quite done yet…

Sizes & Textures

Fleshlight Girl Sizes

An additional aspect of first-time Fleshlight purchasing, is figuring out which size you want. How long do you want your Fleshlight? Are you looking for the tightest Fleshlights out there or do you like to have plenty of wiggle room? Do you want an open-ended one?

Worry not! We’ve still got you covered. We’ve got another blog post with all the information you need about size and texture. Check it out – we’ve made the ultimate Fleshlight size chart!

Where Do I Buy One?

where to buy a fleshlight

Obviously, you can buy your Fleshlight directly from the brand’s own online shop on fleshlight.com. Here you can sort through all of their products yourself. You also have to option to customize your own Fleshlight!

Although, brand name Fleshlights are not very cheap… So, if you ever go looking for a cheap Fleshlight alternative we’ve got a guide on where else to buy a Fleshlight with links to our favorite trustworthy online shops.

Pre-Purchase FAQs:

  1. How long do Fleshlights last?
    • This depends largely on the quality of the product and how well you take care of it in terms of cleaning and storage. There isn’t really one clear answer, but we’ve dedicated another blog post to this very question of how long Fleshlights actually last.
  2. What is Fleshlight Revival Powder?
  3. Do I need special lube?
    • No, you don’t need a specific type of lube to enjoy these bad boys. As long as it is compatible with the material (most water-based lubes are), you’re good to go. But we’ve made a list of the best lubes to use with your Fleshlight for maximum pleasure!
  4. Do I need to buy Fleshlight accessories?
    • No! If you’re just in it for the amazing life-like stroker, you go right ahead, my man! But… If you’re ever interested in some hands-free thrusting for a more realistic angle and position, here are some of the best Fleshlight accessories!

Temporary Alternatives: DIY Fleshlights

DIY Fleshlight sport supplies
DIT Fleshlight sport, step 1 placing sponges in the bottom of the cup
DIY Fleshlight sport. Step 3 folding top sponges over the rim
DIY Fleshlight sport. Final stop placing a medical glove inside and stretching over rim of cup.

Last but not least, here’s the last resort if you really don’t see yourself putting any significant monetary value towards your pocket pussy adventures.

When it comes to masturbation DIYs, hygiene, safety, and common sense (duh) should always be priorities. So, please don’t go sticking your dong into random things around the house just because you think they might be things that feel like vaginas

With that said, we’ve got a complete step-by-step guide on how to make all sorts of DIY pocket pussies right here!