Are Sex Toys for Everyone?

By Edwina / July 24, 2020

Sex toys are a multi-billion-dollar industry. And, with these adult products easily obtained through brick and mortar stores and online, you may ask, “Are sex toys for everyone?” The answer to that question is yes and no. The reason being is that sex toys have age restrictions, are illegal in some places and go against many cultures and religious beliefs.

So, let’s take a look at the burning question and talk about the reasons why sex toys may or may not be the right choice for you.

sex toys for everyone who are sex toys for
Are Sex Toys for Everyone?

Who Aren’t Sex Toys For?

It is a great deal easier to describe who sex toys aren’t for that explaining the opposite. Therefore, the easy answer would be children. And I am speaking specifically about the little one who explores your night stand and, in doing so, discovers a treasure that looks like a pink, jiggly rocket. Then, they walk into your dinner party gleefully displaying what they’ve found.

Other than that humiliating scenario, sex toys aren’t for people who have cultural and religious rules that deem sex toys as either illegal or a detriment to their soul (more on that below). Additionally, sex toys aren’t for young people under the legal age to purchase a sex toy. Granted, there are teenagers that would stay out of a lot of trouble if they had an adult toy. However, bringing the subject up to their parents isn’t a comfortable thing in most cases.

Are Sex Toys Right for Me?

In order to discover if sex toys are right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you the proud owner of a penis or vagina?
  • Do you oftentimes get aroused or “horny” and aren’t partnered?
  • Are you at or above the age to legally purchase a sex toy?
  • Are your fingers or hands exhausted and unable take another solo session?
  • Are you interested in exploring your body, sexuality and different orgasmic options?
  • Do you enjoy the stress-relief and health benefits of orgasm?
  • Do you NOT have any irrational fears of things that make buzzing sounds?

Did you answer yes to all of these questions? Then, the answer is a resounding yes, sex toys are right for you. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to shop for an adult plaything. But, if you’re not quite sure where or how to get started, read on till the end and I’ll provide you with some beginner’s sex toy tips.

Who Should Not Buy Sex Toys?

Stop sign with the word NO, Who shouldn't buy sex toys?
Who Shouldn’t Buy Sex Toys?

We briefly touched on the subject above but I will go into a little more detail and explain who should not buy sex toys. First and foremost, no one should ever buy a sex toy as a surprise for a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse. That is, unless you have had a conversation with your significant other and they are agreeable and are open to try adult products.

Imagine this, your partner suddenly presents you with a beautifully wrapped box. Immediately, your heart races in anticipation of a piece of jewelry or the collection of miniature crystal cats you’ve always wanted. Instead, you unwrap the gift only to find a frightening, 12-inch-long dildo with more speeds and settings than a kitchen blender.

So, you can understand how that may be off-putting, to say the least. In addition, here are some others who should not buy sex toys and the reasons why.

You’re Too Young

Sex toys aren’t for you and you shouldn’t purchase adult products if you are under the legal age to do so. The age to purchase sex toys in the United States is 18. That is, if you are in an area where sex toys are actually legal. Please keep in mind that you’ll likely have to present ID if you attempt to enter an adult store or try to purchase a sex toy at a novelty shop.

You’re in a Country Where Sex Toys Are Illegal

Red heart shaped as the world. Are sex toys illegal in your country? Are sex toys for everyone
Are Sex Toys Illegal In Your Country?

A majority of the countries in which sex toys are illegal are also those that practice Islamic law. Those countries are Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Malaysia, Maldives and Indonesia. Plus, the sales, purchase and possession of sex toys are illegal in India, Vietnam and Thailand. And although sex toys are also illegal in Cambodia, there are ways of getting hooked up.

For example, this Vice article describes how the subjects met with a back-ally sex toy dealer in order to obtain a battery-operated playmate. So, grab your trench coat and sunglasses and get ready to shop for illegal sex toys out of someone’s trunk. Or, a better idea may be to simply not break the law and end up imprisoned for owning a sexually explicit item.

Sex Toys Are Illegal in Some Areas of the USA Too

Okay, so it may not be illegal to own a sex toy, but it is illegal to sell any item in Alabama that is “primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs” in order to protect public morality according to the 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act. So, in a pinch, you may get by with a massager, electric toothbrush or various items of produce.

Further, in the states of Alabama and Georgia as well as parts of Texas, Maine and New Mexico, it is illegal to sell any products that fall under the category of obscene. Honestly, I believe items considered obscene are going to vary from person to person, therefore isn’t something that is cut and dry nor should be enforceable by law.

But, Georgia folks and travelers, there is hope. There is an exception to the law that states you can purchase a sex toy if it’s primarily used medically or scientifically, educationally, legislatively or for a law enforcement purpose. Law enforcement? Imagine being beaten into submission by a dildo as you are out protesting on behalf of a civil matter.

However, a sex toy being utilized legislatively, maybe I can understand. After all, it seems with taxes, laws and government not always being on the side of the average person, we oftentimes feel as if we are being screwed. So, it’s important that you know your local laws and if your state is a sex toy dry area.

Religious Beliefs and Sex Toys

Sky photograph with human outlines facing one another with religious symbols. Do your religious beliefs allow sex toys? Are sex toys for everyone
Do Your Religious Beliefs Allow Sex Toys?

While some religious beliefs are strictly against sex toys for example, Baptist and Muslim, some religions have stepped out from behind the pulpit and tried to bring sex toys into the mainstream. For example, an entire line of sex toys has been created around religious symbols, just in case you don’t feel comfortable confessing last night’s solo session in the shower and need to feel closer to your creator.

Further, one Christian woman has created a sex toy website for married couples whom want to add a little spice to their relationship. But, as I searched in vain for a Kosher sex toy site I read about, I was met with a “Forbidden” error, like someone just knew I had been a naughty girl. Additionally, I found more Orthodox Jewish, Christian and even a Muslim site that had been abandoned. Or, have they been banished and forbidden by a greater power?

Either way, if you feel comfortable in your sexuality and believe that what you do behind closed doors isn’t a non-stop ticket into the hell-fires, it’s more than okay to use an adult plaything. However, if you have any doubts whatsoever, that’s okay too. Your personal and spiritual comfort is what is important.

Who Should Buy Sex Toys?

Now that we have thoroughly covered who shouldn’t buy sex toys, let’s talk about who should and why. But again, this is a personal decision and nothing I say should sway your choices or preferences either way. That being said, here are my suggestions as to who should buy sex toys.

Single Men and Women

Let’s face it, dating isn’t easy. Therefore, if you are alone and seeking the comfort of human companionship, by all means, seek out your soulmate. But, if you are looking for the stress relief of orgasm, owning a sex toy will keep you safe from sexually transmitted infections, dating site weirdos and that one person who refuses to leave your apartment the morning after.

Singles also benefit from buying sex toys as it saves money on bad dates, allows you to keep any New Year vows of celibacy and enables you to learn about your own body and what is pleasurable to you. After all, you can’t have a fulfilling intimate relationship with someone else if you have no idea what gets your motor running.

Fizzling Couples

If you’re in a committed relationship and find that your weekends consist of watching Netflix and engaging in monotonous, vanilla sex, maybe it’s time to add a third party to your bedroom activities. And, no, I am not referring to another human being but a sex toy. Even the simple act of discussing your sexual fantasies with your partner can stoke a fizzling fire.

Therefore, sit down, grab a glass of wine and a laptop and discuss the things you’d like to try together while taking a peek through some sex toy websites. Or, search for lingerie or sex toy shops in your area and embark on an exciting shopping trip together. That way, you can actually see and touch the products and determine if the item or product is desirable to you both.

Divorcees, Widowers and Mature Folks

Marriage license and yellow rose being cut with scissors. Sex toys are a must for divorcees. Are sex toys for everyone
Sex Toys Are A Must For Divorcees

Sex toys aren’t designed strictly for the younger crowd nor do they have an age limit. So, if you find yourself single again after a lengthy marriage or you’re perpetually single, you should definitely buy sex toys. For instance, there are climax creams that benefit post-menopausal women and go perfect with clitoral stimulators and other sex toys.

Plus, you can find vibrators and dildos for penetration as well as a variety of masturbation toys for men like sleeves, Fleshlights and even lifelike dolls. And ladies, they make male dolls for our pleasure too! So, just because you’re older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reap the heart healthy and blood pressure lowering benefits of a good, old fashioned orgasm.

I Want to Buy a Sex Toy, Where Do I Start?

If you want to buy a sex toy and have no idea where to start, simply use your computer and search for the best sex toy shops online. My personal suggestions would be Lovehoney or Screaming O, however, you may run across articles from mainstream magazines life Self, Men’s Health and others that have incredible suggestions for places to buy sex toys.

Or, ask your close friends if they have any suggestions as to where they shop for adult products. Finally, many lingerie shops and adult product boutiques exist in states all over the country. And contrary to popular belief, not all of them are triple-X rated and frequented by men in trench coats and hats slinking into back rooms for $5 peep shows.

Sex Toys for Beginners

Photo of a bullet vibrator. Bullet vibrators are great for massages and erogenous zones. Are sex toys for everyone
Bullet Vibrators Are Great For Massages and Erogenous Zones

Once you find a place to shop for sex toys, you may ask for suggestions of the best sex toys for beginners. And, I happen to have some suggestions for you. First, if you are a female wanting to purchase your first sex toy, I would suggest a simple bullet vibrator, clitoral stimulator or modest vibrator for penetration.

If you are a male and wanting to find the best sex toy for a beginner, try a male masturbating sleeve. They come in all shapes and sizes, are textured inside and mimic the feel of intercourse and oral sex. However, for both men and women, don’t forget to purchase a water-based lubricant to use with your sex toy.

Finally, if you are a couple looking to spice things up between the sheets, you can start with an edible lotion, a fun, adult game or a simple massager or bullet vibrator. Or, you can try a pleasure ring, also known as a cock ring, which helps him obtain a firmer, more sensitive erection and prolongs lovemaking as it delays his climax.

So, no matter if you’re single, divorced, widowed, young or old, sex toys can be for everyone! Just be sure it’s legal in your country and state and jives well with your cultural and religious beliefs.