50 Shapes and Sizes of Sex Toys

By Isabelle Uren / July 21, 2021

Just some of the weird and wonderful types that are out there for your enjoyment!

by Isabelle Uren & Rachel Worthington

Variety truly is the spice of life, and boy there’s a lot of choice when it comes to sex toys!

From sweet and petite to eye-poppingly enormous and in every shape you can dream of, there’s a sex toy for every taste and mood.

Here are 50 shapes and sizes of sex toys, some conventional and others less so, to help you find your perfect match!


The true OG of sex toys. It seems our fascination with phalluses is as old as we are, with the first dildo possibly dating back to the Ice Age.

Luckily for us, we’ve come a long way since then and now have a truly mind-blowing selection of dildos to choose from.

So, whether you desire something realistic or fantastical, tiny or titanic, or even a food-based phallus, there’s a dildo out there for you!

1. Eggplant


Self Delve Eggplant Silicone Dildo

So we’re kicking off with a fun one. What’s not to love about this emoji-tastic eggplant dildo from Self Delve?

As well as being a universally understood symbol and looking good enough to eat, the bulbed shape of this dildo creates a wonderfully full feeling. And the magic doesn’t stop there! Watch the Eggplant change color with the heat of your body!

2. Curved

njoy pure wand

njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is somewhat of a cult classic and has earned itself the moniker ‘the squirting dildo’ — I guess I don’t need to explain why!

Made from medical-grade steel, the curves and weight of the Pure Wand make it perfect for stimulating the g-spot in people with vaginas and the p-spot in people with penises.

So, if you love deep, intense internal massage or you want to have a go at a prostate or g-spot orgasm, curved dildos are your friends.

3. Double-ended dildo

Doc Johnson Double ended dildo

Doc Johnson Doubled Header Dong

Yeah, one dildo is all well and good, but what if you could buy one and get one free?

Double dildos are among the most versatile sex toys, and can give you all kinds of pleasure if you’re ready to take the plunge.

Use them with a partner for some serious shared satisfaction, or choose one that bends and fulfil your double-penetration fantasies.

This double-ended dildo from Doc Johnson is a huge 18 inches long, extra girthy and covered in realistic veiny textures for even more stimulation.

4. Massive

Doc Johnson Dick Rambone

Speaking of length and girth, sometimes, you can’t settle for anything less than the biggest and best dildo.

The Dick Rambone dildo from Doc Johnson is world-renowned for its 13.5 inches of insertable length and almost 2.5 inch diameter – certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Based on the real-life penis of old-school adult movie star Dick Rambone (yes, really), this dildo can deliver sensations of incredible fulfilment and stretching.

Just be sure to warm up beforehand!

5. Fisting dildo

Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Bitch Fist Realistic Fisting Dildo

This incredibly detailed, ultra-realistic fisting dildo is molded from Belladonna, the adult movie star’s hand.

You can even watch the making-of video!

Whether you are there for the look, feel, or both, fisting dildos can be a great way to explore your fisting fantasies and experience some intensely satisfying stretch.

6. Rocket

Motörhead Bomber Clear and Black Rock Hard Glass Dildo

No, you’re not dreaming – this is indeed an official Motörhead-branded dildo!

Not only that, it’s ready to rock your socks off with its incredible missile shape.

The Bomber is made of chip- and shatter-resistant glass that can be warmed up or cooled down before use for some tantalizing temperature play.

The tapered tip makes it easy and comfy to insert in the vagina and it even has the Motörhead logo and War Pig decal on the glass. All together, it’s truly ready to send you into orgasmic orbit.

7. Balloon

Lovingjoy Silicone Inflatable Dildo

Lovingjoy Silicone Inflatable Dildo

If you crave intense thickness in a dildo, then you might want to consider an inflatable dildo.

This silicone dildo is easy to insert and designed with the contours of your body in mind, but, once inside, can truly surprise.

Use the hand pump to start the inflation and watch it expand from 1.5 inches in diameter to a staggering 3.5 inches!

Once you’ve reached your pleasurable peak, either vaginally or anally, simply turn the valve to deflate it quickly and easily – no fiddly removal here.

8. Glow in the dark moon

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Glow-in-the-Dark Dildo

Who doesn’t want to feel like a magical girl now and then? Whether you’re female, male or neither, this glass dildo is guaranteed to make you feel as powerful as Sailor Moon when you wield it.

The super-strong glass delivers a firm, precise massage to all of your sweet spots, anal or vaginal, whilst the wavy shaft acts like a set of anal beads for thrills every step of the way.

Plus, it glows in the dark, so you’ll never lose your toy in bed again!

9. Hollow strap-on

Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit

Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit

Hollow dildos, like this one from Lovehoney, can be worn by a person with a vagina or a person with a penis, making them the only unisex strap-ons.

The hollow strap-on canal inside the dildo can accommodate a penis or a vibrator if the wearer has a vagina.

As well as being great for all types of strap-on sex, hollow strap-ons are ideal for men with erectile dysfunction or anyone who wants to add a little more size or stamina.

10. Tentacle

Uberrime Teuthida Tentacle Dildo

Uberrime Teuthida Tentacle Dildo

This fantasy dildo is ready to take the dive. These fantastical playthings take you on a magical journey and explore a whole new, playful side of pleasure.

The imagination holds a lot of power when it comes to arousal, and playful dildos that spark the imagination can open up a whole world of fantasy play.

As well as looking incredible, the textural details that run up and down the tentacle create thrilling sensations as you move the dildo.


Vibrators started gaining popularity in the 1960s and haven’t slowed down since.

Now, we have vibrators for every occasion with vibrations ranging from slow and sensual to knock your socks off.

11. Check mark

Lovehoney Posable Strapless Strap-On

Strapless strap-ons — catchy name, I know!

These wearable strap-ons feature a bulb or pony that sits inside the wearer’s vagina, so both partners get a slice of the action.

Some, like this beautiful aquamarine one from Lovehoney, feature vibrations to take the strap-on experience to the next level.

Strapless strap-ons are perfect for penetrative sex between two people with vulvas or for pegging.

12. Bullet vibrator

Rocks Off Rainbow Bullet Vibrator

Ah, the bullet, a staple in any sex toy collection!

These neat and discreet vibrators deliver powerful, targeted stimulation to the clitoris and other sensitive areas, like the nipples or perineum.

As well as being a great solo toy, the small, sleek shape makes them perfect for a buzzy boost during partner sex.

13. Finger vibrator


Wet For Her Double Dildo Vibrator

Another strapless strap-on but with a unique twist. Rather than the usual phallic shape, this vibrating dildo features two fingers.

Developed by Wet For Her, a sex toy store for lesbian sex toys, this is a perfect way to experience hands-free fingering.

Non-phallic dildos are great for opening up penetrative sex toys to people who aren’t turned on by penises.

14. Rabbit vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are a nightstand staple and have been making vagina-owners happy for many, many years.

They usually consist of a dildo that massages the g-spot, and an external stimulator that vibrates or rotates to tickle the clit.

Why is it called a rabbit? Well, don’t those little fingers just happen to look a lot like bunny ears? Just watch out for the rabbits that have three ears!

15. Hammer

Love Hamma Thrusting Vibrator

Stop, hammer time, no wait, don’t stop, keep going! This is a pretty unique shape, and it’s perfect if you want to hide it in your toolbox.

Just hope no one decides to put up any shelves!

Novelty aside, this is a thrusting vibrator, meaning it actually takes the DIY out of masturbating, as the mechanisms mimic a thrusting motion, which is fantastic for g-spot and p-spot pleasure. On top of that, the head features rabbit-like stimulators for clitoral stimulation.

This truly is a whole toolbox of pleasure in one toy.

16. Magic Wand Vibrator

Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator

Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator

Since that first person took the leap and tried this famous ‘massager’ for a different type of massage, wand-style vibrators have been creating magic in bedrooms all around the world.

The smooth, domed tip delivers body shaking vibrations that are perfect for solo fun or during partner play.

And if your muscles are tired after all that fun, give yourself a massage!

Wands come in all shapes and sizes from mini to the sizeable Magic Wands from Hitachi and in a great range of power intensities. There’s also a great selection of waterproof wands for some aquatic adventures.

17. Your own penis

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Own Penis Molding Kit

For all the great things that real-life penises can do, they still can’t vibrate.

That’s where Clone-A-Willy come in. Create the most ultra-realistic dildo ever by making a mould of your own or your partner’s penis.

This kit makes it easy to craft a soft silicone vibrator that looks and feels just like real thing, except with more vibrational oomph.

They even come in all kinds of colors, including three different flesh tones, as well as some wackier ones, too.

18. C-shaped vibrator

We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus

This innovative c-shape vibrator, used in many of We-Vibe’s couples products, allows for internal vaginal and external clitoral stimulation during penis-in-vagina or dildo-in-vagina sex.

Not only does this provide the clitoral stimulation that many women need to orgasm, but the deep, rumbly vibrations can be enjoyed by the penetrating partner too

19. Butterfly vibrator

Venus Butterfly Remote Venus G

Butterfly vibrators are designed to stimulate the whole vulva with wings that stimulate the outer labia and buzzing antennae that deliver intense clitoral stimulation.

Whether worn with a harness or an insertable shaft, like this pastel pink butterfly vibrator from Cal Exotics, butterfly vibrators let you enjoy hands-free stimulation and can even be worn under your clothes for some secret sexy stimulation.

20. Heart

Amour Remote Control Love Egg

Love eggs are g-spot toys with a difference.

They’re wireless, wearable vibrators that deliver deep rumbles direct to where they’re needed most.

This one comes in pretty pink with an adorable heart-shaped remote control that allows you to choose between its 5 vibration speeds and 7 patterns – perfect for date night.

You can even take it out of the bedroom and experiment with some undercover public play with your partner!

Clitoral Stimulators

For many women, the clitoris holds the key to powerful orgasms, and it seems this pleasure powerhouse is finally getting the attention it deserves.

With new information about the physiology of the clitoris, sex toy designers have been able to design innovative clitoral stimulators that stimulate more of the clitoris than ever before and with a greater range of sensations.

21. Tear drop


Womanizer Classic

Womanizer vibrators are famous for their innovative use of air pulse technology that delivers intense but indirect stimulation that stimulates both the external clitoris (the clitoris glans) and the internal parts of the clitoris.

Not only has this amazing technology given vulva owners a whole new way to experience orgasms, but it has also highlighted the importance of clitoral stimulation for female pleasure.

Many Womanizer products feature their signature teardrop shape and oval stimulation head that sits over the clitoris. The classic model offers eight levels of delightfully satisfying stimulation.

23. Tulip tongue vibrator

InBloom Tulipa Flicking Tongue Vibrator

InBloom Tulipa Flicking Tongue Vibrator

Gone are the days where vibrations were the only choice for clitoral stimulation.

This tulip-shaped stimulator that fits neatly in the palm of your hand has a small, silicone tongue that licks and flicks until your heart — or clitoris, is content.

As well as diversifying the type of stimulation available, clitoral stimulators like this have moved away from phallic-shaped designs towards unique, artistic designs that could even pass as ornaments on your nightstand.

23. Cupcake


Lora DiCarlo Baci

The unique shape of the Lora DiCarlo Baci takes air pulse technology and adds another dimension.

The frosting on this cupcake is the smooth ridges that rest against and stimulate the entire labia, adding to the delicious sensations of the air pulse clitoral stimulation.

Another unique feature of the Baci is the hard plastic case that fits over the stimulator, making it easy and discrete to store. Sex toys no longer need to be hidden in a box at the back of the closet but can sit proudly on your bedside table waiting for their next outing.

24. Flame

Red Hot Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator

Red Hot Flickering Tongue Vibrator

Let the flame of passion burn brightly with this red-hot tongue vibrator.

The firm, yet flexible silicone tip is designed to flick against your clitoris for sensations almost indistinguishable from some fantastic oral sex.

Adding lube enhances the experience even more – just close your eyes and imagine a teasing, tantalizing tongue going to town on your sweet spots.

25. Crab

Dame Eva II

Dame Eva II

Yeah, we know, a crab is not the sexiest animal. But how else would you describe this cute little love bug?

The original Eva was the most crowdfunded sex toy ever, and now it’s been upgraded. Its wings fit snugly inside the labia while it vibrates against the clit, meaning it can be worn hands-free during penetrative sex!

Enjoy more satisfying sex together, or use it with a dildo or g-spot vibrator for some great solo sensations.

26. Q-tip

Zumio X

This certainly doesn’t look like a traditional vibrator, and it doesn’t act like one either. Rather than using vibrations or pulses, the Zumio E’s rigid metal stem and teardrop-shaped tip swirl around for targeted clitoral stimulation.

The elliptical rotations mean that the angle you hold it at can completely change the experience.

It’s also pressure-sensitive, creating a personal and responsive experience.

27. Ice Cream

Satisfyer sweet treat

Satisfyer Sweet Treat

Sweet and satisfying! This clitoral stimulator from Satisfyer, who are known for their unique and innovative shapes, has rotating silicone fins that spin around your clitoris, delivering a flickering massage.

This is another great example of a non-realistic sex toy that fits pleasure into the palm of your hand.

Sex Toys For People with Penises

When you think of sex toys for penis owners, no doubt Fleshlight springs to mind, and while they are a classic, we are now seeing more and more penis-pleasing innovation.

From masturbator sleeves and torsos to self-heating blowjob machines, there are plenty of options for people with penises to enjoy.

28. Tenga Egg

TENGA Egg Lovers (1)

TENGA Egg Lovers

Tenga, and their uniquely pleasing eggs, have revolutionized pleasure products for people with penises.

While products like rabbit vibrators barely raise an eyelid, male masturbators still seem to have some stigmas to smash.

Tenga has moved away from representational masturbators to create tantalizing masturbation devices that focus purely on the sensations. Each stretchy egg is filled with intricate patterns to deliver intense stimulation.

29. Cylinder

Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit STU

We couldn’t talk about penis pleasing products without an honorable mention to the geniuses behind Fleshlight, the brand that has become synonymous with male masturbators.

Each fleshlight features unique stimulators throughout the canal designed to mimic the sensations of being inside a real anus or vagina.

On top of that, you can find Fleshlights based on your favorite adult actors and actresses to help bring your fantasies to life.

The product featured here is the extremely popular Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit, but there are endless sleeve designs to choose from that can be slipped into the case.

30. Donut

BlowYo Sensation Swirl Textured Blowjob Stroker

Serving up some delicious sensations that mimic the delights of oral sex, this donut-shaped stroker is perfect for partner and solo play.

The stroker actually features two donut shapes rings, one at either end, joined by a stretchy tube with a swirling pattern that creates a gliding, sucking motion as you grip around it and move it back and forth or twist around.

31. Ring

Hueman Saturn Galactic Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

Hueman Saturn Galactic Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

This stretchy, silicone, space-age-style penis ring sits around the penis and testicles, delivering teasing vibrations and helping to increase your stamina.

Penis rings are designed to gently restrict the flow of blood out of the penis and help maintain longer, harder erections during solo or partner play.

Many penis rings add in vibrations for some buzzing fun for you and your partner. This one from Hueman has three speeds and 7seven patterns to play with.

32. TIE Fighter

Lovehoney Double Date Silicone Vibrating Double Cock Ring (1)

Lovehoney Double Date Vibrating Double Cock Ring

If you want to level up your vibrating cock ring game, why not try something a bit more out of this world?

This double cock ring is made of stretchy silicone and comes with two removable bullet vibrators that stimulate both you and your partner. Simply slide your balls and shaft into the two rings, turn on the vibrations, and be transported to a galaxy far, far away.

33. Cactus

BASICS 2 Extra Inches Clear Textured Penis Extender

BASICS 2 Extra Inches Clear Textured cock sleeve

Want to spice things up Old West style? This penis sleeve adds an extra 2 inches to your natural length when slipped over your erection to add something a little extra to your penetrative play.

The sleeve is covered in bumps and nubs that add even more stimulation for your partner while the bulbous head massages their g-spot or p-spot with ease.

It’s kept on with a loop around the balls that also offers gentle constriction in the style of a cock ring.

34. Butt Shaped

THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator

THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator

Ok, so this one is pretty self-explanatory, but we had to include one realistic ass masturbator toy, as they have come such a long way in terms of design, and we think they are pretty impressive!

This one from the Thrust Pro Elite range features a realistically ribbed vagina and anus and satisfyingly spankable and realistic feeling butt.

Anal Plugs

Whether you’re a first timer to anal or an experienced butt player, there are a whole range of anal toys out there for everybody.

Enjoy them on their own as an accompaniment to foreplay or sex!

35. Anchor

Mood Naughty Pride Rainbow Anal Training Set

These playful and pleasing anal plugs with confetti design feature the classic plug shape with a tapered end for easy insertion and a slim neck to help keep your plug in place while you play.

Anal plugs can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys anal stimulation, and they are perfect for solo and partner play.

Small butt plugs are perfect for people who are new to using anal toys and sets like this one Mood Naughty are great for experimenting with different sizes.

36. Twisted

b-Vibe X Zoë Ligon Swirl Texture Vibrating Butt Plug

This anal plug is twisted but in the best possible way. The swirling texture provides waves of stimulation as it is inserted and removed and even as it vibrates inside you.

The bulbed shape provides a full feeling that emphasizes the stimulation from the twisted texture.

37. Tail butt plug

B-Vibe Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set

We couldn’t talk about butt plugs without mentioning this absolutely magnificent set from B-Vibe.

This limited-edition pack comes with a whole host of unicorn-themed stuff, but the star of the show is the spiral-textured vibrating butt plug with a detachable rainbow tail! The medium plug is perfect for intermediate anal players for fantasy play, or just a bit of colorful fun. Yee haw!

38. T-Shaped

Aneros Trident MGX Prostate Massager

Aneros Trident MGX Prostate Massager

Your prostate deserves some love, and prostate massagers are a great toy to get you there.

The shaft is gently angled and moulded to the contours of your body, but slim enough for beginners to anal play.

What’s truly great about this toy is the twin arms that offer simultaneous stimulation of the perineum and the spot towards the base of your spine, whilst the ribbed base teases your anus – a whole host of sensations!

39. Beads

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Iridescent Anal Beads

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Iridescent Anal Beads

Anal beads come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but these rainbow beauties from Lovehoney have to be among the most beautiful!

The beaded shape maximizes the sensations as the beads are inserted and removed and massage the internal walls of the anal canal as you moved the beads in and out.

Some people find that removing anal beads at the point of orgasm intensifies their pleasure.

40. Extra Large

B-Vibe Rimming Plug XL

For all the size kings and queens, B-vibe has developed an extra-large version of their innovative rimming plug.

These almighty plugs have vibrations as well as rotating beads in the neck that mimic analingus or rimming.

And with a plug of this size, all of the vibrating, rotating motions are emphasized.

Fetish and BDSM

Fetish and BDSM are having a moment in the spotlight and making their way into the mainstream discourse around sex.

Maybe being stuck at home in the pandemic has helped us get in touch with our kinky sides, or maybe society is more open to talking about it.

Either way, there’s an incredible range of products out there to suit all tastes, from the light BDSM of nipple clamps or suckers, all the way up to the more advanced, pleasurably painful (and painfully pleasurable) devices perfect for a sex dungeon.

41. Bird Cage

Bird Cage Chastity Cage

Bird Cage Chastity Cage

Chastity cages have seen a spike in popularity in the past couple of years.

Whether you use one for the thrill of submission, the excitement of denial and anticipation, or control, chastity cages can change your relationship to sex and even become a way of life for some people.

This ornate birdcage chastity device design from The Chain Gang allows for great airflow while restricting the possibility of achieving an erection.

42. PinWheel

Master Series Beginner's Mini Sensation Pinwheel

Master Series Beginner’s Mini Sensation Pinwheel

Based on the Wartenburg Wheel, which is an old medical device, this product is half pizza wheel, half torture device.

The petite but powerful rotating spikes create teasing sensations as they are rolled across your body.

This is a great way to introduce sensory play into your solo or partner sessions, as you can vary the intensity with how much pressure you apply, from a light tickle to a more painful yet pleasing intensity.

43. Rose

ZALO & UPKO Doll Designer Collection Rose Ball Gag

ZALO & UPKO Doll Designer Collection Rose Ball Gag

In the sea of black ball gags, this uniquely beautiful rose ball gag really stands out!

Remove the red rose to reveal a ball gag with a hole in the middle through which you can play with your partner.

Ball gags are great for exploring the thrill of dominance and submission, and they come in a range of sizes, with smaller, softer gags being better suited to first-time users.

The ball on this rose ball gags has a diameter of 1.57 inches, making it a small to medium-sized gag.

44. Handcuff

Lovehoney Black Furry Handcuffs

Lovehoney Black Furry Handcuffs

Bondage cuffs are usually the first restraint most people try. They toy with the role of power and submission and can be combined with other restraint devices for a more intense experience.

This popular pair from Lovehoney feature removable fluffy covers, so you switch up the cuffs to suit your preferences.

45. Nipple Clamp

Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

For many of us, the nipples hold the key to intense arousal and sensitivity. Nipple clamps grip your nips and encourage more blood to flow to them, making them extra sensitive.

These beautiful rose gold clamps to it in style, with adjustable crocodile clips and cushioning that allows you to be as gentle or firm as you please.

The tiered chains add a little extra weight, too, for that little bit of pleasurable pull.

Once they’re super erect and alert, remove the clamps and have your partner tease your nipples with their fingers for almost overwhelming sensations.

46. Dog Bone

Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag

For those who are a little intimidated by the size and girth of ball gags, but still want to try the thrill of submission and restriction, bit-style gags are the way to go.

This flexible dog bone gag is sure to muffle your whimpers and howls, but will do it in comfort and safety.

You could also really lean in to the puppy play with a collar, lead and even a dog tail butt plug!

47. Spanking Paddle

Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle

While you won’t get far upstream with this kind of paddle, it can certainly spice things up in your bedroom.

Spanking paddles are another way to experiment with light to more advanced BDSM, depending on your preferences.

You can experiment with domination and pleasurable pain for an intense sensory experience. This one from Lovehoney has a soft satin side and a lusty leather side to toy with your partner.

Sex Furniture

Having sex toys hanging out in your nightstand is one thing, but what about a piece of statement (or discreet) sex furniture? Sex furniture can allow you to access a whole range of positions that aren’t possible in bed, as well as providing extra support when and where you need it. Some can even hold sex toys for some elevated, hands-free solo sessions.

48. Sex Swing

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

No matter how many positions you’ve tried, a sex swing can open up possibilities you’d never imagine! They’re versatile, exciting and a whole lot of fun.

This one from Whipsmart features detachable padded straps, large stirrups, an overhead bar and a spring, and can be attached to a hook in your ceiling.

It might take a little bit of set up and practice, but could also really elevate your sessions (and your partner!).

49. Saddle Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Whether you want to release your inner cowgirl or cowboy, or you want the most intense hands-free masturbation of your life, this saddle-shaped sex machine from Ride the Cowgirl should be your next ride.

With a whole range of unique stimulators to pop on top of the saddle base designed for people with penises and vulvas, there are plenty of ways to ride this orgasmic machine.

The distinctive saddle shape simulates the on-top riding position and allows for some truly tremendous grinding action.

50. Sex Wedge

Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

All good things come in wedges: cake, cheese, Toblerone, and now sex wedges.

Liberator is known for its unique sex furniture that opens doors to new and wonderful positions for both solo and partner play.

Their sex toy mounts, like this wand mount, allows for completely hands-free masturbation with your favorite toys.

The shapes are designed to fit the curves of your body and also make it easier to incorporate sex toys into partner sex.