21 Sexy Gifts for Her That She’ll Actually Like!

Buying your partner a sexy gift is a great way to show you prioritize their pleasure and value your sex life! Not to mention, it’s can really spice things up and give your sex life a boost!

The world of sex toys is magical place, but with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t use the products yourself.

You might find yourself asking what makes a great vibrator or wtf is a clitoral suction stimulator?

Fear not! I have gathered my top sex toys and sexy accessories so you can amaze your wife, girlfriend, or general partner in crime with your sexpertise!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

21 Sexy Gifts for Her

Whether you are looking for a present for your wife, girlfriend, or fwb, we’ve got all the best sexy gifts that will definitely put a smile on their face!

Before we dive into my top picks, I want to clarify that this post is about gifts for all women, regardless of what anatomy they have. Here you will find my favorite sexy gifts for cis women and trans women alike. Remember folks, anatomy doesn’t define gender!

1. A wand vibrator

Wand vibrators are super versatile and can be used to stimulate any sweet spot you like or even to massage achey muscles!

The powerful, rumbly vibrations are great for both cis women and trans women, and can even be enjoyed through clothes!

The Lovense Domi is a compact wand vibrator that is smaller in size but big in power! It’s also app-enabled, so you can use it long distance and waterproof!

2. A clitoral suction stimulator

There’s good reason the Satisfyer Pro 2 has become sex toy royalty! This clit pleaser provides incredible indirect stimulation using pulses of air. And unlike many clitoral suction stimulators on the market, it’s super affordable. If the vulva owner in your life hasn’t tried clitoral suction, this is an amazing place to start!

Looking for something more luxurious? Check out the Lora DiCarlo Baci.

3. A bullet vibrator

Bullet vibrators make great gifts as they are non-intimidating and very versatile!

It’s no secret that the We-Vibe Tango X is one of, if not the best bullet vibrator on the market! It’s vibrations are strong and rumbly and it has a beautiful sleek design.

4. A Sex Course

Go back to school but make it sexy! Taking a course together is amazing for expanding your sexual horizons!

Beducated has a wide range of short video courses covering everything from vanilla sex to BDSM and kink.

For female focussed pleasure, I can’t recommend OMGYES enough! It’s a great course for vulva owners and their partners to discover new heights of pleasure and access accurate, research-backed information!

5. Some seriously sexy jewellery

Jewellery is a classic gift, but what about jewellery that’s also a sex toy — mind blown!

The Vesper Crave is elegant necklace that is also a vibrator! They can wear it on a date as a sexy statement and then when you get home, you can put it to the test!

The thin vibrator is great for stroking their erogenous zones or providing pinpoint stimulation.

6. A book all about female pleasure

There’s so much misinformation about female pleasure out there that can end up leaving vulva owners in doubt if there is something wrong with them.

Emily Nagoski’s fun and informative book, Come as You Are, is here to change that! Based on scientific research, this book explores the many aspects of vulva-based pleasure and looks at pleasure from a holistic perspective.

Bonus points if you read it too!

Alu Aloe Lube by Dame

7. Some luxury lube

Lube is a great sexy gift for anyone! It makes everything feel so much better. Gifting your partner some luxury lube shows you are genuinely interested in making sex better for them and making sex feel extra special!

Dame’s Aloe Lube is moisturising and pH-balanced and it’s compatible with condoms and sex toys! Not to mention, it comes in a beautiful blue bottle.

8. A massage candle (massage included)

Dedicate an evening to their pleasure add give your partner a sexy massage with a sensual massage candle. Heat the wax until it turns to a warm oil that you can drizzle over their skin — happy ending optional!

This massage candle from Maude is full of skin nourishing oils that will leave their skin silky smooth and there are 4 erotic scents to choose from!

9. A sex toy mount

If your partner has a sex toy you know they love, show them you’ve been listening by getting them a matching sex toy mount so they can enjoy their favorite toy hands free!

The Liberator BonBon can be used with any dildo or vibrator, even if it doesn’t have a flared base, turning their favorite toy into a ride on!

The high density foam keeps it shape and the micro velvet cover feels sensually soft!

10. A flexible, versatile vibrator

Buying a versatile, flexible, non-gendered vibrator means your partner can use it in anyway that feels good to them and with any anatomy!

The Enby 2 from Wild Flower can be used a grinder, penis stroker, or inside a harness or underwear for pleasure how they want it!

Lovehoney All Tied Up Bondage Play Kit (8 Piece) no bg

11. A bondage kit

This gift comes with a massive caveat! Only buy a bondage kit if your partner has explicitly expressed a want to try bondage!

If you know your partner loves the idea of bondage or they’ve been dropping not so subtle hints about how hot it would be to give it a go, this bondage kit from Lovehoney could make for one hot gift!

The All Tied Up Kit comes with a range of ways to tie and tease your partner and is perfect for BDSM beginners!

12. A sex position pillow

A sex position pillow can take their pleasure to another level! Simply adjusting the angle of their hips can make it easier to hit their sweet spots during penetrative or oral play. Plus they are great for added support in all kinds of positions!

The Liberator Jaz is one of the smaller, more affordable options from the Liberator range

13. A warming vibrator

Have a woman in your life that’s always cold? Heated sexy toys are sensual treat that can increase sensitivity and relaxation.

The Lora DiCarlo Sway is a double-ended vibrator that also heats up. Plus, it can be used vaginally, anally, and externally so there are plenty of ways to enjoy it!

14. A sex toy gift set

If you really want to get a luxurious gift for your lover, wow them with this beautifully presented sex toy gift set from JeJoue.

This set from Je Joue contains a limited edition black & rose gold Mimi vibrator, a ylang ylang & mandarin massage candle, satin blindfold and restraints, and some sexy truth or dare cards!

15. A wearable vibrator

Wearable vibrators are the perfect answer to hands-free vibrations!

The Lovense Ferri is held in place by a strong magnet so your partner can enjoy powerful stimulation at home or on the go. Plus it’s app-enabled, meaning they can control it on their phone or even let you control it long distance!

16. A sexy robe

Buying the right style and size lingerie is tricky business, but a sexy robe is much easier to get right!

The Flaunt Me Floral Lace Robe from Lovehoney combines seductive lace and sensual satin for a look that will have them feeling like kinds of hot! It’s available in three sizes to fit dress sizes 2 to 24.

17. A wax play candle

This isn’t just a candle celebrating beautiful bodies. This Torso Form candle is also body safe for some tantalizing wax play.

Let your partner lie back and revel in pleasure as you drip the hot wax on their skin!

18. A couples vibrator

Share the vibes with a couple’s vibrator! The We-Vibe Chorus is designed to be worn during penetrative sex and deliver deep rumbly vibrations to the wearer’s g-spot and clitoris as well as the penetrating partner’s penis!

Although it’s marketed as a toy for cis-het couples’ the flexibility means it can work for different bodies.

19. Interactive sex toys

If you and your lover are often apart, a set of long distance, interactive sex toys can help keep the spark alive!

The Lovense Max 2, Calor, and Nora can all be synced so that they respond to each other’s movements making long-distance sex feel more intimate! We’ve even got a post on how to sync your Lovense toys!

20. A sexy game

It can be easy to fall into a sexual rut, especially in long-term relationships. Sex board games can help keep things exciting by prompting you to try something new!

Oral Fun is one for the oral lovers out there! This flirty game gives you new ways to work your oral skills!

21. Edible body paint

Dip the brush in the paint and run it over their body, giving them tingles of pleasure before slowly licking every inch of them clean!

This edible chocolate body paint from Shunga makes for deliciously sensual night to remember!

Questions to Ask Before Buying Her a Sexy Gift

Buying a sexy gift for your wife, girlfriend, or sexual partner is very intimate. While it can be an amazing way to show how your love and dedication to your sex life, it does require some discernment and tact! It Here are some things to ask yourself before surprising your partner with a brand new vibrator!

  • Do I know this person and their sexual desires well enough to buy a sexy gift? The better you know the person and their sexual preferences, the more adventurous you can be with your gift.
  • Are they the type of person to enjoy receiving a sexy gift? Giving gifts is about bringing joy to the other person, not making them feel awkward or pressured into something they don’t want. Only ever give a gift of a sexual nature if you have a strong indication they will be excited to receive it!
  • What type of sexual activity or stimulation do they usually enjoy? Think about what they enjoy the most and find a product to enhance that experience!
  • Does the present need to be discreet? If they live with other people, go for a present that is quiet and easy to store.
  • When is an appropriate time to give it to them? Definitely do not leave it under the Christmas tree at a family Christmas!

Still not sure? Check out Edwina’s post that has 5 reasons you should and shouldn’t buy your partner a vibrator.

What To Avoid When Buying Her a Sexy Gift

When it comes down to it, only you can be the judge of what’s appropriate between you and your partner. However, if you are in any way unsure, here are some general guidelines for things to avoid when buying sexy gifts.

  • I generally recommend avoiding insertable sex toys, like dildos or butt plugs, as it’s very difficult to know what size and style someone would enjoy. Unless they have specifically hinted at a product they want, stick to more versatile external toys like clit vibrators, finger vibrators, or wand vibrators.
  • Avoid buying a sexy gift that could trigger any body or sexual insecurities.
  • Don’t buy a sexy present as a way of trying to fix other issues in your relationship.
  • Don’t buy them a sexy gift that is actually something for you. Just because you think it would be hot doesn’t mean they will. A gift should be about their pleasure or a sexy gift you can enjoy together.
  • If you are buying a sex toy, avoid buying porous or toxic materials and always go for body-safe materials, like silicone, glass, stainless steel, or ABS plastic.

5 BONUS gift ideas for her

Although it’s always best to make sure she’s okay with surprise sex toys, buying sexy gifts for her is something that will make her happy and will benefit you as well!

After all, studies have shown that the more a woman experiences orgasm, the more sex she desires.

Therefore, check out the following 5 sexy gifts for her and see just how exciting you can make Christmas, her birthday or your anniversary!

Plus, most of these sexy gifts can be used together!

#1 An Out-Of-This-World Mini Vibrator

Sexy gifts for him, sexy gifts for her Tri-it Changed Vibrator

Mini vibrators are the quintessential bedside must-have for all people, but especially as one of the best sexy gifts for her. These small but powerful little sex toys are great for her me-time as well as the perfect little tool that can be used by the two of you!

Mini vibrators can be used to stimulate all of her girly-parts but can also be used for massages, perineum stimulation and pressed between two bodies during intercourse!

  • The We-Vibe Touch is a luxury mini vibrator that’s exquisitely silky, incredibly powerful and super-quiet. Plus, it’s unique shape and size make it the right vibrator to slip between you while you’re enjoy the horizontal bop! Read my written review or go check out my video review and see just how fantastic this little beauty is.
  • The Tri-It Charged vibrator is a uniquely sculpted mini vibe with low, rumbly sensations that will have her begging for more! The trio of clitoral stimulating nubs wrap her clitoris in thrilling, rumbling vibrations and this thing goes forever (it seems) on a single charge. It’s made from smooth silicone and can be used solo or held in place during penetrative sex.

#2 The Baci

Sexy gifts for her The Baci

Clitoral stimulators with air-pulse technology are all the rage and my number 2 suggestion on our list of the best sexy gifts for her. The Baci, created by Lora DiCarlo, is a luxury sex toy for vulva-owners who only want the best. You can find our round-up reviews of other luxury brands like LELO, We-Vibe, Womanizer, and even about luxury sex machines or luxury bondage toys. Lora DiCarlo sex toys are made with the finest, medical-grade silicone and have won countless awards for their robotics. Plus, they are patented, so you won’t find a sex toy like this anywhere else.

The Baci is sculpted to engulf her clitoris and the surrounding, nerve-rich tissue in phenomenal puffs of air and rumbly thrumming. Plus, the raised face of this small wonder sends those vibrations throughout the labia for an orgasm that will make her want to return the favor. This is my absolute favorite sex toy of all time and I’m sure she will love it. You can read all about the Baci in my written review or by watching my YouTube video.

However, if you need more budget-friendly options for sexy gifts for her, the Rose Queen vibrator will give her all of the oral sex sensations of the high-end suckers plus a vibrating wand that you both can share! Plus, this sex toy is extremely affordable. I enjoyed reviewing the Rose Queen and even made a video review, for those who don’t enjoy reading reviews.

#3 Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator by 50 Shades of Grey

Sexy gifts for her Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators make wonderfully sexy gifts for her. The Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey franchise is a sex toy that not only looks sexy but will give her the blended orgasms she’s only dreamed of. Best yet, you can use this incredible vibrator on her and have complete and total control of her without even breaking a sweat!

This vibrator combines a sensually curved, insertable, g-spot vibrator with a mind-boggling number of settings, along with clitoris stimulating bunny ears that hug her clit with wow. The easy-to-use buttons make solo time a breeze whether she’s putting on a show for you or enjoying a warm bubble bath or shower.

Yes, it’s waterproof!

You can read my review of the Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator on the review section of our site or hop on over to YouTube and watch the video review.

#4 12 Days of Play Advent Calendar for Her

Sexy gifts for her 12 Days of Play Advent Calendar by Lovehoney

One of the best sexy gifts for her packs 12 sexy gifts into a single, beautiful package. The 12 Days of Play Advent Calendar for Her by Lovehoney saves you $110, if you were to buy these gifts individually. This gorgeous gift set includes a sensual card game, blindfold, butt toys, a clitoral sucker, nipple clamps and much more. This is definitely the perfect gift as it gives her plenty of exciting sex toys to try alone and with you!

What a way to destress and have some fun during the holidays!

#5 Sexy Lingerie Advent Calendar

Sexy gifts for her Sexy Lingerie Advent Calendar by Lovehoney

So, what if that lady in your life just isn’t the sex toy type, yet would still love to receive sexy gifts? Lovehoney also has a Sexy Lingerie Advent Calendar for Her that spoils her with 7, beautiful lingerie pieces that will light your fire while making her feel glamorous and desirable.

These Advent calendars are available in 2 sizes – up to 12 and curvy sizes from 14-20 – and include gorgeous, exclusive pieces of lingerie created with comfortable, floral lace specifically for Lovehoney shoppers. This is one of those sexy gifts for her that will turn you on for 7 consecutive nights.

Sexy Gifts for Couples

If you’re in search of the perfect sexy gifts for couples, whether for yourself or a couple you know, here are some sensuous ideas for gifts.

These gifts will keep on giving while keeping that relationship sizzling hot for years to come!

#1 Adult Advent Calendar

Sexy gifts for him, sexy gifts for her and couples too Adult Advent Calendar

While Lovehoney offers sexy gifts for him and her in the way of Advent calendars, they have gone above and beyond with their exclusive, Adult Advent Calendar.

This collection of desirable goodies is beautifully boxed and includes sexy gifts for couples for a full 24 nights! This gift set includes items like sexy games, massage products, tasty, edible creams, a blindfold and other exciting toys as well as a Womanizer Classic worth a whopping $129.99!

Talking about more bang for your buck! This sexy gift should be at the top of every couple’s wish list this holiday season! Or, you could buy it now and put it away for an upcoming anniversary.

#2 Fulfill Fantasies

Sexy gifts for him, sexy gifts for her and couples too Vibrating Panties

We all have sexual fantasies we cannot wait to fulfill with our significant others. But what types of sexy gifts for couples would fit that description? So many! Here are the perfect sexy gifts to help you fulfill those public sex fantasies.

The most discreet way to enjoy some public sexual thrills is by using vibrating panties. But not just any vibrating panties, panties with a secret remote-control you can keep in your pocket! From the one-size-fits-all, soft, stretchy, tie-side panties to the silky, flat, ergonomic panty vibrator, these gift-worthy vibrating panties from The Screaming O are absolute perfection.

And even the box speaks to class, beauty and sophistication!

But hold on! What about him? Why does he get to have all the fun controlling her vibrator?

No worries! The Screaming O also has a vibrating cock ring with a secret remote-control ring, so she can control his public pleasure too! The cock ring is soft, silicone and isn’t made to fit tight like most erection rings. Therefore, it’s perfect for wearing underneath clothing. And with a tiny but powerful bullet with several settings of low, rumbly vibrations, he won’t be able to sit still.

With this set of secret vibrators, dinner out will never be the same again! So if you’re seeking two of the best, sexy gifts for couples, The Screaming O has got this fantasy covered.

#3 Near or Far, Try Virtual Sex!

Sexy gifts for him, sexy gifts for her and couples too Lovense Lush 2

The internet has made it possible to have a relationship with someone across the world. We can keep in touch through email, text and even video chat! But we miss the human touch. Well, you can reach out and touch your lover, whether they live across town or on the other side of the planet with one of the best sexy gifts for couples.

The Lovense Lush 2 is a dual vibrator, worn by her, that features Bluetooth connectivity and can be run via app. Made from lush silicone, the Lush 2 by Lovense provides internal stimulation along with a light clitoral sensation from the attached tail. You decide the vibration level via the app or, listen to your favorite songs and the Lush 2 will vibrate to the beat!

According to Isabelle, it’s an amazing toy, as long as you don’t play the song “Macarena”.

Next, grab the Lovense Max 2 male masturbator, sync it with the Lush 2, using the app, and not only can you stimulate one another, long distance, the two, high-tech sex toys, react to one another! The perfect sexy gifts for long-distance lovers!

#4 Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

Sexy gifts for him, sexy gifts for her and couples too Kama Sutra Weekend Getaway Kit

Not everyone loves sex toys, and that’s okay! Some just love sexy gifts for couples that are a little more on the tame side. The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit is perfect for those who love a little romance and fun, without the vibrating toys. Plus, this kit is so incredibly popular, it’s been around since I started selling adult products 30 years ago!

The kit comes in a beautiful, zipper pouch and includes everything you need for a night of sensual massage, touch and relaxation. The Treasure of the Sea bath salts are pure Heaven and will have her feeling relaxed, restored, sexy and ready for some “we time.” Or, light the included candle and join your partner for a luxurious, scented soak.

Use the warming, delectable massage oil, delicious, edible, shimmering honey dust (spread on the body with a feather applicator) and savor the touch of your lover’s hands and lips. No special occasion required!

#5 Jealousy-Free Threesome

Sexy gifts for him, sexy gifts for her and couples too Sex Doll

Give your lover the gift they’ve been craving: a threesome! No, you need not swipe left and right to find your third person, you can order your perfect playmate anytime. Whether you are looking for a male sex doll or female sex doll, a curvy body or petite, ordering a custom sex doll is extremely easy and will allow you both to explore your most thrilling fantasies…. With zero jealousy.

This probably isn’t one of the best sexy gifts you give as a surprise, but if you’ve talked about having a third party join you in the bedroom, why not discuss the gift of a sex doll? Sure, they can be pricy, but the dolls last a lifetime, don’t ask for dinner first and never say no to a night of thrilling sexcapades!