When it comes to sex, we’ve all got things we’d love to try!

Things that give us a little thrill of pleasure when they cross our minds.

But, when it comes down to it, we end up sticking to the same old routines.

Having a sexual bucket list of new things to try takes those thoughts from private fantasies enjoyed as fleeting thoughts to an actionable list.

Ready and waiting to be checked off!

101 Ideas For Your Sex Bucket List

This list is jam packed with fresh, fun sex ideas for you try alone or with others!

We’ve got plenty of options for everyone so whether you are looking to create your very own couples sex to do list or you want some sexual things to try solo, you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy!

Take this list of sexual acts and go forth and fulfil your fantasies.

1. Give each other an erotic massage with massage candles

Starting out our sexual bucket list with some luxurious and sensual! Take things up a notch from your regular massage with a massage candle. Let the candle wax melt before dripping it over your partner’s body and giving their muscles a good working over. Make sure to enjoy the massage before getting down to it!

2. Transform your bed into a bondage bed

Get yourself an under bed restraint system (the fit most mattress sizes) and tease every inch of your partner’s body! One of you get’s to play the Dom while the other is at their mercy, tied to the bed ready to be teased and pleased.

3. Do a strip tease

This might sound intimidating but doing a strip tease can be incredibly empowering! Find a sexy tune, put on your sexiest (easy to remove) outfit and unleash you in sex god/goddess! Think sensual swaying movements, eye contact, light brushes, and a slow reveal! You can even tie your lover up with some restraints so they can look but they can’t touch.

4. Get off the ground with a sex swing

Being elevated gives you access to new positions and new depths of pleasure. If you’ve got the space and budget, treat yourselves to a new sex swing, or if you are on a budget or have limited space, you can still have a lot of fun with a door sex swing, plus they are very quick to put up and take down, wherever and whenever the mood takes you!

5. Wear a vibrator on date night

There are so many amazing remote controlled vibrators now that are just perfect for some discreet fun on a date night. The thrill of wearing a sex toy out in public and trying to disguise your pleasure adds an extra layer of excitement and your partner will love knowing they have complete control of your toy.

6. Wear your vibrator around your neck

If you want to make a real statement, pick yourself up the Vesper — a beautiful and surprisingly good vibrating necklace from Crave. Nothing says you know what you want quite like wearing your vibrator around your neck. Plus, only those in the know will have any idea what it is — it’s like a being in a secret and very sexy club!

6. Have sex outside 

There’ll be a few different ideas to get you out of the bedroom in this sexual bucket list and we are starting off in nature! Find a secluded spot, maybe out in the forest or an empty beach and enjoy the breeze brushing over your bodies and the thrill of getting caught!

7. Have a quickie before you head to work 

Have a quickie before heading out the door. You don’t even need to get fully undressed! It’s a great stress buster and if you are few minutes late, just blame it on the traffic! Just make sure you’ve got your pants done up!

8. Watch porn together

If you enjoy watching porn alone, it can be a really hot way to get things going with a partner too! Find some ethical porn that has pleasure for both partners. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try and recreate some scenes, but remember real sex authentic and messy and porn is a performance!

9. Write each other an erotic story detailing a fantasy you would like to try

Saying your fantasy out loud can be intimidating, so why not try writing it down for your partner to read. Not only is super hot to hear your partner describe their fantasy in very sexy detail, they might also want to try it with you after! You might even get some more ideas for your sexual bucket list out of this one!

10. Temperature play 

Temperature play creates a whole lot of sexual anticipation and puts your senses into a state of high alert. Alternate between hot and cold to amplify the effects and keep your partner on their toes. Glass wands and metal dildos can be heated or cooled in water, or you can even get warming vibrators for quick and mess free option.

11. Spank you very much

If you love feeling like a very bad girl or boy, you might enjoy a good spanking! Whether you enjoy a light slap on the bum or the a more intense thwack from a spanking tool, spanking can feel incredibly naughty in the best possible way and it can increase your sensitivity! Switch it up between strokes, spanks, and maybe some sensual kisses for a sensational spanking sesh!

12. Dirty talk 

Many find dirty talk a little scary at first, but once you find your voice, it can really spice things up! If you are new to dirty talk, you can start with a text message or try whispering in your partner’s ear during sex — tell them what feels good and narrate exactly what you are going to do them.

13. Explore anal penetration

Anal play is becoming much more popular but for many, this is still an unexplored pleasure zone! The great thing is anal play can be enjoyed by anyone! If you are a penis owner, you have the added benefit of getting some prostate stimulation and that can be a really treasure chest of pleasure! I recommend starting with a small butt plug or an anal training kit!

14. Only oral 

It’s time to make oral sex the star of the show and not just a mere appetiser! Really savor oral sex, exploring each others sweet spots with sensual kisses, long licks, and nibbles. I recommend the lazy 69 (both lying down on your sides), as won’t get tired out too quickly! Oh and feel free to get your hands in on the action too! If you want to enjoy some oral sex but are flying solo, I recommend a clit sucker or blowjob machine.

Is having sex in a professional kitchen on your sexual bucket list?

15. Get into character with some role play 

Fulfil your fantasies and explore a new side of yourself with some role play! Whether you want to play doctor and patient with some medical role play, explore maid/butler play, or simply pretend to be strangers, role play can add some real fun and help you see each other in a completely different way!

16. Get a new perspective with role reversal

If one of you tends to the more dominant and the other more submissive, swap roles and see what it’s like on the other side. Or if one of you tends to do the penetrating, switch around. No penis? No problem! There are plenty of great strap-ons to choose from!

17. Get loud 

Too often we stifle our moans of pleasure to keep our sex a secret from housemates and neighbours, but letting those moans of pleasure out can actually increase arousal, feel amazingly freeing, and help all that sexual energy travel through your body. It can also help you improve your breathing rather than holding your breath, which can increase pleasure!

18. Have mindful sex

Practicing mindfulness during sex can help you be fully present and tune into your bodily sensations, helping you feel more of the good stuff! Deep breathing, focussing your attention on the small sensations you feel, and eye contact with your partner can all help you feel grounded in the moment.

19. Have a threesome (or more)

Adding an extra person or two can be thrilling — all those extra hands, mouths and genitals mean more to play with! If you aren’t up for bringing another person/people into the bedroom, you can fulfil your fantasies with a sex doll or sex doll torso!

20. Plan a sex weekend

This perfect for a weekend at home or away —hotel sex is always great! Plus it’s a great way to tick off some items on your sexual wish list! Pick your favorite ideas from this sexual bucket list, stock up on supplies and some food to keep your energy up and hunker down for a weekend of fun!

21. Make a sex tape 

Release your inner exhibitionist and create a sexy souvinir with your partner! Not only does making a sex tape feel incredibly exciting in the moment, but you also get to enjoy watching your own personalised porn back together! This is also great for those in long distance relationships!

22. Get dressed up 

Whether you prefer a lacy body and heels or something a little kinkier, like some BDSM lingerie or maybe even a full latex look, find out what makes you feel sexiest and treat yourself to a full look!

23. Have video sex

Technology has come such a long way, and now we can have even better video sex with the help of app-enabled and even interactive sex toys! Set the scene with some soft pillows and low lighting and prop your phone up for some seriously steamy and stimulating video sex! You don’t even need to be in the same country to tick this off your sexual bucket list!

24. Explore power play 

Unleash your inner Dom or surrender into total submission with some power play! One partner takes the role of the Dom and the other becomes their sub, it’s up to you how naughty or nice you make it! If you are the dominant partner, you can start by giving your Sub simple instructions to follow, and if they don’t do it well enough, they must be punished!

25. Fit your room out with some sex furniture

Sex furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and budgets and can help set the scene for some more adventurous sex! From sex pillows to sex chairs and even spanking benches, there’s something out there to help you fulfil every desire!

26. Have a car quickie 

Relive those lust filled moments of your youth by parking up in a secluded spot, putting the seats back and letting those windows get good and steamy!

27. Add anticipation with sensory deprivation 

A simple blindfold or silk tie is a great introduction to sensory deprivation. It leaves you anticipating your partners next move and allows you to focus your full attention on every touch.

28. Play some erotic games

Sex dice, erotic board games and even the classic strip poker are all great ways to build sexual tension and break out of the same old habits!

29. Try double penetration 

Generally we when we think of DP, we think of vaginal and anal penetration, which can feel really amazing for vulva owners, but there’s also double vaginal or double anal penetration, where you have two penises or two dildos dildo in one whole so to speak. And, if you want some extra power, check out these DP sex machines!

30. Have a shockingly good time with electrostimulation

Electrostim can range from a teasing tingle that excites your sensitive nerve endings up to a sharper sting, depending on what you want. And there are so many electrostim accessories to explore, including electric dildos, butt plugs and nipple clamps!

31. Take a sex course to discover new skills

Taking a sex course, either alone or with a partner is a great way to discover new things to explore or learn some new techniques. The ‘homework’ isn’t so bad either! Beducated covers everything from brushing up on your fingering or oral sex right up to Tantra and kink! I reviewed Beducated’s courses and was pretty impressed! You might even find more inspiration for your sexual bucket list in their courses!

32. Get the blood pumping with a play fight

Sex can get a bit too serious sometimes but it’s the perfect time to get playful with your partner. Play fighting is a great way to get some rougher body contact, get your hearts pumping and it’s a great stress buster!

33. Have a long, drawn out build up 

I’m not just talking about your usual foreplay! I mean stolen kisses, wandering hands, and sexy messages throughout the day kind of build up! By the time actually comes, you’ll be ripping each other’s clothes off, which leads me to my next idea…

34. Rip each other’s clothes off

Choose some clothes you don’t mind saying goodbye too, spend some time getting all worked and then literally rip each other’s clothes off.

35. Try prostate milking

If you were assigned male at birth, you are lucky enough to possess a prostate (a.k.a. the male g-spot). This pleasure packed gland can be accessed externally by massaging the perineum (taint) or more through anal penetration, which will be more intense. Prostate milking is having a prostate orgasm, which many penis owners describe as being a more intense and full body orgasm than a penis orgasm. Fingers, prostate massagers and anal dildos are all great tools for the job!

36. See if you can have nipple-gasm

Yes! Some people can have nipple orgasms! You can try your hand at a nipple-gasm alone using a bullet vibrator or clit sucker or have a partner lavish them with stimulation. Even if you don’t have a nipple-gasm, I’m sure it will lead to something fun! Nipple clamps and nipple suckers can also help increase sensitivity before stimulation.

37. Get crafty with Clone-a-Willy or Clone-a-Pussy

Because what else says true lust like a silicone copy of your genitals! The Clone-a-Willy kits make for a fun evening in getting a little messy together and at the end of it your have your very own personalised sex toys!

38. Sensation play 

Explore each other’s bodies with new sensations to awaken the senses and find those hidden sensitive spots. Feather ticklers, and pinwheels are great for alternating between soft tickles and spiky tingles.

39. Mutual masturbation

Sit back and get intimate with yourselves together. You get to watch your partner lost in their own pleasure while giving yourself exactly what you want! Throw in your favorite vibrator or masturbator for added fun!

40. Let your partner watch you masturbate

Give your partner a sex show by letting them watch you pleasure yourself however you want. You might need some restraints to keep their hands of you though! Or, if the idea of being a secret voyeur gets them going, let them peek from behind the curtain or in the closet!

41. Sex in front of a mirror 

Continuing the exhibitionist streak with having sex or masturbating in front of a mirror. Being able to watch yourself and your partner caught up in the passion will definitely spur you on! This sexual bucket list item takes a bit of confidence but it’s well worth it!

42. Christen every room/garden

Sex isn’t only for the bedroom, set yourself a challenge to have sex or masturbate in every space in the house… rooms, sheds, closets, anything goes!

43. Try a pump for souped up sensations

Amplify your sensitivity or engage in some power play with pussy pump or penis pump, depending on what equipment you’re working with! Combine this with other activities on your sexual bucket list for double the fun!

44. Queening or kinging

Also known as face sitting, this is an empowering position for some serious oral pleasure! Kneel over your partner’s face while they pleasure you or get yourself a queening chair for added support!

45. Pleasure mapping

Take a detour from your usual erogenous zones and explore uncharted territory! Take your time to explore each other’s whole bodies with different types of touch and hunt out hidden sweet spots of sensitivity. Areas with soft, thin skin are a good bet!

46. Post workout sex

Channel that post workout high into some pumped up sex! Bonus points if you have some home gym equipment that can double as bondage furniture! There’s nothing like getting PR and ticking something off your sexual bucket list in one afternoon!

47. Get wet and wild 

Sex in water can be slippery and sensual. The bath, the shower, the sea or even a hot tub — take your pick, just be careful not to slip! Throw in some shower safe sex toys for even more fun!

48. Keep your clothes on

Sometimes more is more! Keeping your clothes on aside from a few necessary adjustments can give an urgency to sex that feels passionate and exciting! Lift up your skirt, undo your pants and go for it!

49. Muffle your groans with a gag

Not only does wearing a gag help silence those noisy moans of pleasure, it enhances feelings of submission and can be great for drooling if you are into that!

50. Play with ice 

Ah so much can be done with a simple ice cube! Slide it over your partner’s body, pop it in your mouth for some chilly oral, or let the drips slowly drop onto their clit or penis! Always make sure it’s a little melted first to prevent any sticking though! Want to take it further? Make your very own ice dildo!

51. Incorporate deep breathing 

Instead of letting your breath get short and shallow as you reach the big O, take deep breaths down into your belly and pelvis to help the ripples of pleasure spread throughout your body.

52. Food play 

Engage your senses of touch, taste and smell with some food play! Drizzle chocolate sauce over your partner’s body before licking it all off or eat fruit off of each other’s bodies. Make sure to keep the food away from your genitals though!

53. Shop for a new sex toy together

Shopping in a brick and morter shop or online our favorite sex toy stores for new sex toys is a great way to introduce sex toys into the relationship or get some new additions for your collection and you’ll both be looking out for the delivery! Lovehoney has an amazing selection of toys for couples and solo play!

54. Send sexy polaroids 

Go old school with some hard copies! Take some sexy polaroids to send to a partner to give them a taster for what’s to come!

55. Get handsy in public

Slip your partner a secret handjob or fingering under a blanket somewhere public. Just hope they can keep a straight face!

56. Festival sex

It’s definitely not going to be the cleanest or most glamorous sex you’ve ever had, but it sure is fun!

57. Go out without underwear

Heading out on a date night? Why not go commando! Bonus points for sending your partner a sneak peak pic!

58. Wear a butt plug to work 

Love the idea of sexy secret to keep you in a constant state of teasing arousal? Maybe you should try wearing a butt plug to work or anywhere else that takes your fancy! Just look for a comfortable, wearable butt plug!

59. Try rimming

The sensitive nerves around your anus respond to all sorts of touch and the soft, sensual touch of a tongue can be truly blissful. No partner? No problem! Experience the sweet sensations of rimming solo with the b-Vibe Rimming Plug.

60. Take a history lesson with some Kama Sutra sex positions 

Many of the positions we know and love today are classics from the Kama Sutra! For incredibly intimate sex, try the lotus or for something more energetic, look up congress of the cow!

61. Sneak off at a party 

Find an empty bedroom or dark, hidden space and do your thing!

62. Try Edging 

Edging is a great way to extend your pleasure and can even give you bigger stronger orgasms! Take yourself or your partner almost to the edge of an orgasm, decrease the stimulation so the orgasm subsides and then build it up all over again. Repeat a few times before going for an explosive finish!

63. Orgasm torture

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve got orgasm torture! Consensual forced orgasms push your body to the limits of how much pleasure it can take! This works best for vulva owners as it’s more difficult for penis owners to experience multiple orgasms in a short amount of time! A wand vibrator is a fantastic tool for this!

64. Have sex in a room with other people having sex 

If you don’t like the idea of group sex but love the idea of getting off with others, this is a great way to do it! All that sexual energy in one place can be very powerful!

65. Have sex in some kind of public transport

Whether you want to join the mile high club or or railed on the railway, a quickie on the go comes with the thrill of getting caught and is a great way to combat any long journey boredom!

66. Give or receive a facial

No, I’m not talking about a fancy sheet mask! Many penis will have getting to ejaculate onto their partner’s face on their sexual bucket list, and it can be incredibly hot for the receiver too, especially if you are into semen play. Just make sure to get consent first, and please try and avoid the hair! It could be the time to try out ‘the Spider Man!’

67. Give a yoni or lingam massage

Slow down and get sensual with a yoni (vulva) or lingam (penis) massage. This tantric technique can help you feel more relaxed and in tune with your bodily sensations and is a great way to show your partner some love. Beducated has some great courses on how to do it!

68. Sex in a night club 

Start the foreplay on the dance floor and then sneak off for a quickie! You can make it more exciting with a bit of role play — pretend you’re complete strangers meeting at the bar for the very first time.

69. Well there was only one thing it could be… 69

Indulge in some slow, sensual oral sex with the lazy 69. Instead of one partner being on top, you both lie on your sides so you don’t get tired and keep going for longer.

70. Have sex on the stairs

Yes, we were always told not to play on the stairs but we are adults now and we can do what we want! The bottom of the stairs is a great place to explore standing sex positions, as you can use the steps and handrail for support.

72. Share the vibes 

Try out a couple’s vibrator that lets you both enjoy the vibrations at the same time! Vibrating cock rings, c-shape vibrators, or strapless strap-ons are all great options add some extra pleasing power to your partnered sex.

73. Sex under the stars

We getting more romantic for this one! Grab some blankets and cushions and find a quiet spot to get sexy under the stars.

74. Sex in a ski lift or cable car 

What’s better than floating through the air and enjoying the views… all that plus some sexy time! Just make sure you are ready to jump off at the other end. One of the more risqué items on this sexual bucket list, especially if it’s an all glass cable car!

75. Watch some VR porn with a VR capable sex toy

Have your most immersive, realistic solo session yet with a VR compatible sex toy that stimulates you in time with your favorite VR porn!

76. Try some CBD lube

As well as creating the perfect slip and slide for sex, CBD lube can aid relaxation, leading to more pleasure. Plus, it can have an anti-inflammatory effect and pain killing effect which might be beneficial for people who experience pain with sex (although you should always see a doctor to find the cause of the pain).

77. Have sex high (only if this is legal in your state, of course!)

Getting high can make you feel relaxed and more in tune with your body, leading to more intense sensations that make your whole body tingle with every touch! A less is more approach is good here, just a gentle buzz is all you need to amplify all the pleasurable sensations. NOTE: We do not condone breaking any laws for the sake of your sexual bucket list

78. Up your oral game with some Flintts mints

You won’t have to worry about dry mouth when you’ve got a pack of Flintts mints in your bedside drawer! These flavour packed little mints are designed to make you salivate and your whole mouth tingle for even better oral sex! There’s a whole range of flavors and salivation strengths, from sweet watermelon to super strong lemon or even fiery cinnamon and ginger. The cute tins are also a definite plus!

79. Try a sex machine 

Ride the rodeo of your dreams on a saddle sex machine or enjoy the relentless thrusting of a sex machine. Whatever you go for, be prepared for the most intense ride of your life!

80. Go to sex club

Whether you want to explore your voyeuristic side or enjoy some public play, sex clubs can be a great way to discover your kinks and have fun with others.

81. Get kinky with clamps

Nipple clamps and pussy clamps can look and feel fantastic when they are on but the real fun comes when you take them off and your senses are heightened!

82. Have period sex 

Having sex on your period has many amazing benefits! Many vulva owners find they are more sensitive and hornier during their period, so why not make the most of that! It can also help with cramps! If you are worried about the mess, move it to the shower or use a menstrual disc that can be worn during sex.

83. Sex on a boat

Any boat counts — row boat, yacht, cruise, just take your pic and let the gentle rocking give you a helping hand!

83. Make a sexy playlist, or use one of ours

Curate your very own sexy playlist or check out Bedbible’s Spotify, where we’ve got something to accompany any sexual bucket list activity, from make up sex to deep throat!

84. Try chastity & play some chastity games

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and the same can be said for sex. Chastity belts and chastity cages are a fantastic way to keep your partner locked up and longing to be let out at your will. And if that isn’t enough anticipation, you can play some terribly teasing chastity games!

85. Enjoy a slippery, sexy nuru massage

Cover each other in slippery nuru gel and enjoy full body contact as you slide your body over your partner’s with a nuru massage.

86. Have slow sensual sex 

Slow things down and see how long you can make sex last. Think lots of passionate kissing and long sensual touches. If things get too carried away, slow it down, take some deep breaths and then keep going. Playing the long game can lead to an explosive finish!

87. See if you can squirt

One for the vulva owners here! While being able to squirt (or not) has no standing on your sexual prowess, it can be fun to try! Grab yourself a powerful vibrator or the njoy Pure Wand, which is also known as the squirting dildo, and have a go at squirting!

88. Get handsy and master hand jobs/ fingering

Some say fingering is a dying art but it doesn’t have to be! Grab some lube and let your hands do the talking! Accessorize with a finger vibrator for an extra boost!

89. Get tied up with some Shibari

Shibari is type of rope bondage that uses ornate knots to create amazing patterns that hold the body in complex shapes. Grab yourself some Shibari rope and have a go. This guide to breast bondage has some ideas to get you started.

90. Try a fantasy sex toy 

Why limit your sex life to realms of reality? There are so many incredibly designed fantasy sex toys out there to bring a touch of the fantastical to your sex life, from fantasy dildos all the way up to alien sex dolls!

91. Go big or go home with an XL sex toy

If you crave being stretched to limit and love the feeling of being completely full up, treat yourself to an extra large dildo or huge butt plug. Don’t forget to warm up first!

92. Explore the medical fetish

If the forbidden doctor-patient relationship gets you hot and bothered, there are plenty of medical sex toys to help you bring that medial fantasy to life!

93. Have sex with a robot 

Sex and tech go hand in hand. As technology advances, we will find a way to have sex with it and robotics are becoming more common place in sex toys, with vibrators that use micro-robotics to deliver lifelike sensations and even robotic sex dolls.

94. Give the taint and testicles some attention

These highly sensitive erogenous zones are often overlooked but can provide a whole lot of pleasure. Plus, massaging the taint can stimulate the prostate gland!

95. Explore multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms are easier for vulva owners but that doesn’t mean they are out of reach for penis owners too — it might just take a bit more practice.

96. Build your very own sex space!

If you have an extra room, you can create your very own sex den in any style that suits you — BDSM dungeon, luxurious lovers lounge, whatever takes your fancy! Deck it out with all the toys and furniture you need to fulfil all the fun sex ideas you can think of!

97. Wear a sound activated vibrator to a concert or festival

A lot of wearable app-controlled vibrators, like the We-Vibe Moxie or Lovense Hush, have a vibe to music function allowing the vibrator to buzz (or rumble) along to whatever is playing in the background. The bassier the better!

98. Try CBT — cock and ball torture

This sexy idea is perfect if you like your pleasure with a side of pain! There are plenty of torturous cock and ball toys out there to inflict some intoxicatingly pleasurable pain!

99. Have sex up against the window or on a balcony

Another one for the exhibitionists out there! Look out over they city while you and your partner enjoy the thrill of getting caught!

100. Make a sexy masterpiece

We’ve got a more artistic sexual idea now. Cover yourself in non-toxic paints, throw down a canvas sheet and get wild on it! The paints will make things extra slippery and fun and you’ve got a real statement piece to hang on the wall after!

101. Have sex at a wedding with both the bride and groom

Thought I would go out with a bang and finish off with a crazy sex idea! Consider it extra credit! Sleeping with the bridesmaid/best man is old news! Take wedding sex to the extreme with the ultimate wedding threesome! For the right people, it could be the ultimate wedding present!

20 New Things to Try in Bed

We are creatures of habit, and our sex lives are no different.

Don’t get me wrong, getting to the point where you and your partner know exactly what moves will leave you weak at the knees and ready for a post-sex nap is great, but we all crave a little excitement every now and then.

If you find it difficult to tell your partner what you’d like to try, you can try reading this list together and each writing down which numbers you’d like to try.

You can turn it into a sexy guessing game by trying to guess each other’s selection.

Once you’ve got your combined selection, the only thing left to do is choose where to start!

1. Masturbate in Front of Your Partner


Put on a sexy show for your partner to really get them turned on and desperate to join in the fun. You can take things further by instating a touching ban or even tying them to a chair while they watch you. Not only will this drive your partner wild but it will show them exactly where and how you love to be touched. Add in some sex toys for even more excitement for you both.

2. Excite Your Senses

Sensation play

Think of ways to excite your senses. Experiment with soft or colored lighting and fill the air with sensual scents using candles or an air diffuser. Props such as feather ticklers, floggers, or paddles are popular in BDSM play, but they don’t always have to be used to cause pain, although a little of that can be fun too! Start with soft, gentle sensations all over your partner’s body to awaken their senses and get them craving more. Adding in a blindfold can intensify the sensory experience, allowing you to focus on your other senses.

3. Experiment With Power Play

Power play

Have you ever wanted to dominate your partner or be dominated? Power play requires a lot of trust in a partner and can, in return, enhance trust and intimacy. It also gives both of you a safe space to explore other sides of yourselves. Be sure to talk about what you both feel comfortable within advance.

4. Enjoy a Sensual Massage


Break out the massage oil and warm up with a slow sensual massage. Treat your partner’s body to a top-to-toe rub down, allowing your hands to explore every part of their body. Be sure not to rush to the finish line and spend time working on each part of your partner’s body to help them fully relax and build anticipation.

Don’t forget:

  • If you plan to use the oil in intimate areas, make sure the is safe for intimate use or switch to lube,
  • Many oils and some gels are not compatible with latex condoms.

5. Try Edging


Of course, orgasms feel amazing, but we often focus on reaching an orgasm rather than savoring all of the other delicious sensations involved in sex. Edging involves stopping stimulation just before you reach orgasm, giving you more time to enjoy all of the pre-orgasm sensations. Some people also find this makes their orgasms more intense. Doing this with a partner can help you learn to read your partner’s body language and know exactly when they’re approaching the big O.

6. Explore Threesome or Group Sex Fantasies


This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and finding another person into the bedroom straight away unless you are both up for that. You can start by fantasizing with your partner about what you’d like to do and who you’d like to do it with. If you decide that bringing another person into the bedroom isn’t for you, you can experiment with sex toys to simulate a threesome. A realistic masturbator torso is a great option.

7. Slow Sensual Sex

slow sex

Try slowing everything down and seeing how long you can make it last. Try gazing into your partner’s eyes and taking long, slow synchronized breaths to create a strong sense of connection. Then moving onto foreplay, make each touch last with long, slow strokes, licks, and kisses. Try to keep this going as long as you can before you give in and get carried away.

8. Write Erotic Stories for Each Other

Erotic fiction

Writing an erotic story for your partner can be a great way to let them into your fantasies without having to say them out loud. You could write about something completely fictional that will only ever be a reality on paper. Maybe there’s a place you’ve always wanted to have sex or something you’ve dreamed of doing together. Let your imagination do the talking and take your partner on a sexy adventure. You can even send them your writing piece by piece throughout the day, leaving them on edge, needing to know what comes next.

9. Experiment With Temperature Play

Temperature play

Turn up the heat or give your partner tingles with temperature play. Ice and massage candles are a perfect place to start. Alternating between warm and cold can enhance the excitative effect. Glass and stainless steel dildos can also be heated or cooled to take things to the next level and enjoy internal temperature play.

10. Treat Yourselves to Some New Sex Toys

Sex toys

Start by shopping for sex toys together. Just looking at all the exciting options and talking about how you can use them together will get the excitement rolling, and you’ll both be watching the post with anticipation. Lovehoney.com and Adameve.com have an incredible range of sex toys to choose from.

11. Explore Anal Stimulation


Anyone can enjoy anal stimulation, and it doesn’t have to involve anal penetration. If you are new to anal play, use a finger or a sex toy to massage the anus and perineum, both of which are dense with sensitive nerve endings. If you enjoy this sensation and are comfortable with it, you can also try rimming, also known as analingus. If you want to explore anal penetration, start with something small like a finder or butt plug and you work your way up to a penis or dildo. If you have a prostate, you might even experience a prostate orgasm! Anal training kits are a great way to explore different sizes and sensations to find out what works best for you. Take a look at this review of the best anal training kits to help you get started.

12. Try a Remote Control Vibrator

app controlled sex toy in a restaurant

A remote control vibrator is perfect for giving your partner full control over your pleasure. You can also start the fun before you get home if you are brave enough to wear it out in public. A restaurant on date night is the perfect place to try it out. The thrill of having to hide your sexy secret will certainly add to the excitement of the night. These panty vibrators are sure to add a buzz to your night out and have you eager to get home.

13. Keep Your Clothes on for a Quickie


While slow and sensual can be great, sometimes a passionate quickie really hits the spot. Try leaving your clothes on – hitch your dress up, undo your trousers, pull down your pantaloons, whatever it is you are wearing, and get lost in the moment. This is the perfect excuse to be a few minutes late to that event you just got dressed up for, and the post-sex glow will finish off your look!

14. Have Sex Somewhere Public


Get your pulses racing with excitement by having sex in a public place. Now, of course, I’m not suggesting the town square or the local supermarket, but somewhere just out of sight, like a forest, in your car, or a quiet rooftop garden. You can even enjoy the thrill from your own home if you’ve got a garden or balcony — just find a hidden spot or wait until it’s dark.

15. Try Out Bondage


Bondage can be a great way to play with the power dynamics in a relationship. The bound person sacrifices control to their partner, showing complete trust, and their partner can choose how to tease and pleasure them. Silk ties or bondage tape are a great introduction to bondage. They are perfect for tying your partner’s wrist together or even tying them to the bed. If you enjoy restraint play, you can take things up a notch with some under-bed sex restraints or door restraints (or even a door sex swing).

16. Focus On One Person’s Pleasure

On partner's pleasure

Focus solely on one person’s pleasure, allowing them to really enjoy each small sensation. Lavish your partner in your attention and use your hands, mouth, and sex toys to explore a range of sensations and get to know what your partner really enjoys. Next time, swap places. The anticipation of knowing you’re up next will leave you feeling excited for your turn!

17.Give Your Partner a Sexy Wake-Up

Sexy wake up

A sexy wake-up is a common fantasy, but it’s important to discuss this with your partner beforehand. Be sure to get your partner’s consent and figure out boundaries, such as how they want to be touched and when. This is perfect for a slow Sunday morning. What better way to wake up! Bonus points for coffee in bed after!

18. Play a sexy game

Sex games

Sexy games are a great way to get out of the same routines. Leave it up the sexy dice to decide how you should touch and tease your partner or build some sexual tension with a lust-filled board game.

19. Try out some sex furniture

Sportsheets door jam sex swing

A sex pillow or wedge can be a great way to add some support in more physically demanding positions or getting a new angle on some classic positions. You can even buy sex toy mounts with pockets to hold your favorite dildo or vibrator, leaving your hands free to pleasure yourself or your partner. The fun doesn’t stop there, you can also try a sex chair to take your oral sex to a whole new level or hook a sex swing over your bedroom door for some high-flying fun. Sex furniture opens up a whole world of positions that were previously reserved for Olympic gymnasts!

For more inspiration on sex furniture check out these amazing sex swings and sex chairs.

20. Get out of the bedroom

Bath sex

Yes, I know the title is new things to try in bed, and your bed is warm and comfy, but getting adventurous around the house can element of naughtiness that really adds to the excitement. There’s something incredibly thrilling about getting bent over a desk or worktop and the bathroom is always great for some hot and steamy sex. If you want to add a little more spice, find a big mirror to watch yourselves in. Once you start looking, you’ll see new opportunities everywhere you look!

How can I tell my partner I want to try something new in bed?

couple talking

Okay, so you are feeling inspired to get a little adventurous in the bedroom, but you’re not sure how to bring it up with your partner. Here are some top tips on how to start a conversation with your partner about trying new things in bed, and how to discuss the topic with sensitivity and openness.

  1. Start the conversation when you are both feeling comfortable and relaxed. Think cozy evening on the sofa or a slow weekend morning.
  2. Use positive language. Here are some ways to start the conversation using positive language. Piggyback off another time you tried something new — ‘You know, I loved it when we (insert sexual adventure here), and I would love to try out some other new things together.’ Reassure your partner — “I really love our sex life and have been thinking of some ways we could make it even better.”
  3. Be patient and understanding if your partner is unsure about your suggestions and respect their boundaries.
  4. If you are both on board, use this list or watch some ethical porn to get inspiration together and pick out ideas you both want to try to make your own sex bucket list.
  5. Remember that consent changes over time and just because someone says they are up for doing something now, it doesn’t mean they will always want to do it. This is a great reason to talk openly and often about sex in your relationship.
  6. Keep it playful and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your partner. Sure some things will lead to the hottest sex you’ve ever had and others just won’t be your cup of tea and that’s ok.

Why should I make a sexual bucket list?

  • Getting stuck in the same old sexual routines can become tired and boring, but having a list means you always have new sex ideas ready to go
  • You will discover new ways to feel pleasure
  • Trying new sexual stuff can increase your confidence in the bedroom (or wherever you choose to get it on)
  • It can be a great way to increase intimacy with yourself or a partner
  • It’s the only to-do list that’s actually any fun
  • Who doesn’t love ticking off a to do list!